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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tarot Musings

I've been a Tarot reader for about 7 years now. As a Psychic Medium, I offer to clients either Psychic Mediumship readings (without the use of cards or tools) and Tarot readings (a psychic reading using cards). Sometimes, if I'm nudged, I offer clients a combo of the two, but this usually is done for 'in-person' readings.

During the day I am a substitute teacher at a few different area schools. This day-job puts me in touch with all sorts of neat and interesting teachers and students. Not long ago I was with some older students and overheard a conversation where two girls were talking about Tarot cards. Actually, the word 'Tarot' was never said. The one gal talked about how her sister had cards with pictures on them and that she didn't understand how they 'worked,' but seemed very interested in them. Because I was right next to these students I piped up and asked, "Are you speaking about Tarot cards?" The one gal said, "Yes." The other, looking somewhat horrified, said, "My mom told me never to touch cards like that." Now I'm no fool. I realize that it's not my place to discuss that which I am and that which I do with kids in a school setting, but I felt it was safe and kosher to at least ask, "Why not?", regarding what the girl's mother had said. The girl just hunched her shoulders and said she didn't know why. The subject was then dropped, but later the gal who was interested in her sister's Tarot cards came looking in the board game closet for something. She asked me, "Do they have Tarot cards in here?" I said, "I doubt that very much." She looked further and then drifted off to do something else. Obviously I didn't share that I had a deck of Tarot cards in my purse!

The above scenario got me thinking about my own childhood. I would have NEVER felt safe to gravitate towards Tarot cards when I was a kid. For one thing, they seemed 'off limits' for a Catholic kid like me, whose mother would have banned such 'tools.' I don't think Ma would have gone so far as calling them 'tools of the devil,' but she may have come close. For another thing, I didn't know a single soul who used Tarot cards when I was a child. The cards simply weren't included in my world perspective as a child. In retrospect, back then neither my Ma nor I knew anything about what Tarot cards really are: a deck of cards with pictures on them that represent archetypal symbols and scenes dealing with all aspects of life, philosophy, myths, and more. No hocus-pocus. Certainly nothing that was dangerous in any way. However, since all in the world is connected to each other, above and below, it's no coincidence and no mistake the way the cards fall...

Then I got to thinking about how I had not long ago met a Minister/Psychic Medium who had developed her own oracle deck because she said that Tarot cards were too dark and negative to use with her clients. I didn't say anything outright to this woman but I thought, "WHAT on earth is she talking about?" Dark? For goodness sakes, did this Reverend and Psychic Medium ever actually study about Tarot cards at all? Did she not realize there are literally 1000's of decks to choose from and she could stay away from any theme deck that did not resonate with her? I have no issue that she wanted to develop her own oracle fact I think it's really cool...but the reason for why she stayed away from other Tarot cards boggles my mind. What cards is she talking about? The Death card? The Devil? The Ten of Swords? The Three of Swords? The Five of Cups? Does she not like (nor understand) when Pentacles is used as a suit because the symbol of Pentacles is not something she relates to in her life? These aren't 'bad' or 'negative' cards. They are addressing issues, just like all the Tarot cards...sometimes lifetime(s) issues and sometimes more mundane, day-to-day issues...that each one of us have dealt with or have to deal with. Would this 'reader' prefer that such issues get shoved under the covers, or pushed down deep inside the gut, where they are never talked about or released? Geesh. I, personally, would not want to go to a Psychic Medium/Tarot Reader who sugarcoats my readings. What would be the point of that? I would, however, want the 'reader' to ethically, compassionately, and honestly relay messages that were for my highest and best good.

Well, nuff said. I'll get off my Tarot soapbox for now. I do realize that not all of us are ready to deal with things that are difficult, not to mention hard (or even not hard!) to understand. Not all of us are at the same learning level and that's perfectly fine and dandy. In a nutshell, that's OK.  I'm not better than someone just because I do not have fears about Tarot and see the cards as tools for learning. I'm just glad that today I have worked to learn one or more things that I didn't know yesterday. Daily learning is a goal that I plan to incorporate the rest of my life.

However, all that said, I do believe that...speaking only for myself...the following quote is important to remember:

"The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about." ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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