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Monday, December 17, 2012

What If?

Now I'm not proposing to have any answers whatsoever, but I do have questions that I've been pondering of late. What if, in any given 'tragic' scenario, be it a natural or people-made disaster, the souls who are involved have collectively made a pact before coming to earth to be part of a teaching moment for humanity? What if...young and old alike...perpetrator and victim alike... mentally and/or physically ill or not...irregardless of what they believed in on the earth plane or not...irregardless of their part in any given situation...WHAT IF ALL THE SOULS INVOLVED ARE TEACHING SOULS? And if that was so, what could we learn from that which they have shown us? Would we move beyond our own pig-headed, stuck-in-the-mud, not-budging-stances in order to debate, with an open heart and mind, the lessons that the teaching souls have laid before us? Would we take a fresh look at those people-made laws/rules we cling to so righteously, with the aim that humankind go forward in positive, unconditional LIGHT and LOVE? What if? WHAT IF???


  1. Jenny, I was thinking the same thoughts Saturday night. Meditating before I went to sleep I asked what am I to learn from this tragedy. When I woke up, a voice told me to make a prayer tree. I'm making a colorful baby blanket, so I took many Kristin Nicholas colors and hung 28 strands on one of my trees - the one I could reach. I had cut 27 strands, but my gut told me that wasn't correct, I had to cut 28. As I was praying and hanging these strands a message to me emphasized that all these souls needed love sent to them. Love was the huge message for me. The shooter's spirit especially needed love.

  2. What a beautiful, vibration-raising, positive way to honor and send love to 28 souls, Patti. Truly heart-warming and profound. Thank you for sharing.