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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Moon In Capricorn

On January 11th, the first New Moon of 2013 will take place. For me, this has become a time when I set in place positive intentions that will carry me through the New Year and beyond. This is an especially powerful New Moon for me because my natal Moon is in Capricorn. As I continue to learn more about astrology, I'm very grateful to have my Moon in Capricorn because it has helped encourage patient completion and/or continuation of projects and endeavors that achieved initial 'lift-off' due to the enthusiasm and passion I generate with a Sun in Sagittarius and an Ascendant in more-than-eccentric Aquarius. If not for this Cappy Moon, I wonder if I'd ever get anything done at all!

This year's positive intentions include:
  • To replace negativity and negative-thinking/acting with that which is positive. 
  • To acknowledge, but not chastise myself, if/when I slip into negativity, and to 'catch' it as quickly as possible, and reverse it to positivity.
  • To not judge others, particularly when they are negative. After all, they have their own road to travel and it's none of my business.
  • To understand that all situations have a Light and a Shadow side, irregardless of whether such situations be deemed as 'good' or 'bad' by me or anyone else.
A 'do-able' list, me thinks, but nonetheless quite challenging. I plan to write this list out and place it on the fridge, where I'll see it and recite it daily, as a gentle reminder of how I intend to move forward in a positive manner with my life.  

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