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Monday, November 11, 2013

Positive Facebook Posting

A few years back I was not yet a presence on Facebook. In fact, I cringed just thinking about adding another internet site to my roster of things to keep track of. At various times different friends would proclaim, "Jenny, you really should be on Facebook." I would always come up with at least a few excuses why that was not so. Then one fine day a friend said, "NO SERIOUSLY JENNY, YOU REALLY NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK!!!!!" When I asked why I was finally ready to listen. She said, among other things, that I already had an online presence through my blogs and Facebook would be a place I could let folks know when I post on the blogs. She said I had a son who lived in Japan with his wife and that Facebook would allow me to stay in better touch with them, not to mention to do so easily. She said I was a published author and Facebook was a place to promote that which I do. OK, OK, OK...I got the picture, I told her.

As I got myself settled on Facebook, it wasn't long before I realized there were more reasons why Facebook would be a good place to be. For one thing, I'm a quote geek and my Facebook "wall" was a place I could put up quotes to my heart's content...quotes that made me think and might inspire others, as well. Neat! 

A real joy that I've found which makes me feel very thankful for and rather indebted to Facebook is that I've been able to reconnect with friends I've met at all the different times and places of my life: in Catholic grade school and Catholic high school; at Jesuit university; whilst attending Spiritualist seminary; with folks I worked with at all sorts of jobs; with all the people I know through being involved for many years in the fiber arts, through teaching, writing, and simply going to sheep and wool fests,etc.; and currently, with clients and other interested folks who connect with me since I am a Psychic Medium and Ordained Spiritualist Minister. In fact, what's so delightful is that Facebook has allowed me to meet and become friends with folks I've never actually met in person. WOW, was I ever wrong about not jumping on the Facebook wagon sooner! Reminds me of a quote I put up today on my Facebook wall: 
"Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in." ~Alan Alda

One of the things naysayers proclaim regarding Facebook is that some folks can be so negative. My response to that is to turn your head away from that which is negative and put up your own positive, inspiring posts. If I don't want to read unsettling news or opinions, I don't read them and I certainly don't buy in and respond to them. Simple as that. Others complain that they get irritated when those who like to play video-type games on Facebook bug them for this 'n that for things having to do with those games. I simply don't respond to such requests, never let the requests bother me, and wish the folks who send them well. Hey, I am happy if the people who play such games enjoy them and are unable to unwind from the day-to-day anxieties of the world. IMHO, everyone has a right to relax in a way that suits them best, as long as it does not cause harm to anyone or anything. 
"Whatever gets you through the night. It's alright, alright." ~John Lennon

And just for the record, I LOVE reading about the goings-on of each and every one of my friends on Facebook. I learn many things from them, including seeing points-of-view that I had not considered previously. A blessing!!!!

What follows are some posts that I've put up on my own Facebook wall. I often share inspiring posts from others, but the following group are my own musings:

When I write and share my day-to-day stuff about me, my family, friends, work and situations related to work, creative endeavors, spirituality, etc., I do so because I know that even though I'm not famous or rich, I matter. My life and the lives of those around me matter. Many would-be writers are afraid that their lives are not interesting enough to write about. EVERYONE'S lives are of the utmost importance and worthy of putting down in writing, singing about, talking about, and whatever other way a person wants to express themselves. Everyone matters. Some of the best books and songs are about simple things we can relate to. My lifelong favorite writer, Elizabeth Zimmermann, who wrote my all-time favorite book, "Knitter's Almanac," wrote about how her husband went fishing and she brought her knitting along. It's brilliantly, amazingly, simply, from-the-heart writing, and EZ has served as a role model for me and my own writing ever since. What you think about, what you care about, what you do, what you love, what you desire, what you believe, what you like/dislike, ALL OF IT, is writable and will be interesting to someone...perhaps many someones. Depending on how you deal with the subject matter, the very simple can be a masterpiece, especially if you write from the heart and write what you know. Really.

Chris has pointed out that everything I studied and worked on in the fiber arts field over the course of not only my adulthood but my entire life, was in preparation for the work I do today in the metaphysical field...even unto the Psychic Mediumship and Tarot readings I facilitate. Chris is adamant that by practicing spinning, etc. for over 30 years, I was meditating all along. It's all connected. Clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning energy transcends the making of yarn and is powerful energy on many, many levels. And while I have no want to go back to teaching spinning ever again, and no want to write books and articles in the fiber field (Chris reminds me never to say, I can and have come full circle by moving forward to learn other creative disciplines on which I can apply my spinning-knowing (or G-knowing, as Sig Lonegren of my fave FOTS teachers). Learning about spinning has served as a sound foundation for all that I'm doing now and all that I'll do in the future. WOW! That's amazing, if I say so myself!

(And just as I was putting the above post up on FB, my dear friend and teacher, Janice, sent me an e-mail saying:  "Hi Jenny, Thanks for the link to your new blog. As I was reading through it, it was like a deja vu of about 3 or 4 years ago when you were spinning spider. Even the writings and pictures are similar. Not only that, your facebook musings have changed too. It too reflects the past where you spoke openly about your daily life. Something has definitely shifted, it's like you've come full circle though the spin is an octave higher. I'm not quite sure if I'm explaining myself properly but it's like you've come home from a sabbatical or a sojourn and all you've been through has been a catalyst for inner growth.") 

 For years Chris used to complain and say, "Geez Jen, Chloe takes up a third of our bed." Interestingly, Cami...a much smaller kitten...takes up about 7/8 of the bed and now it's Chris who whispers to me, "Be careful not to roll onto Cami. She's between us." And can I just mention that Chris NEVER allowed Chloe to sleep between us! Either he's mellowing or a certain little ginger-girl has him wrapped around her paws. Perhaps both.

 Chris recently commented that after all these years he's always surprised by just how much a woman of routine I can be when I set my mind to it. Never mind that my type of routine probably would not fit into some other person's idea of routine. Or maybe it's WHAT I surround in routine that wouldn't be everybody's cuppa tea. For me, however, routine does tend to help me get things done. For instance, I know it's important for me to settle into some type of routine in order to get my second book done. It's not that I don't love working on it, it's just that other interests tug at my heartstrings, as well. So, my Capricornian Moon proclamation is to work 1-hour a day on the book from here on out. On most more, no less. I'd love to say I'll always work in the morning, but obviously if I'm sub-teaching, that's not possible, so flexibility along those lines is a must. As time gets closer to the finish line (my one-year book-wrap-up goal), I may up that level of time commitment. But for now my Capricorn goat should be able to head up the mountain at a comfortable pace if I keep to my routine. So there. Hear/feel/know that, Ms. Jenny B.? Are ya listening, Jeannine Bakriges? Geesh...

There's a child in the elementary school that I sub at who is teaching me how to whistle properly. Every time he sees me we discuss my progress. You see, I can whistle "in" but have never mastered...yet...whistling "out." He gives me practical tips so that I can practice for homework. He whistles when he's around me so that I can learn by example. Wise friend and teacher.

 I have a cream-colored, knit 'n purl diamond-patterned afghan folded and draped over the back of our couch. I had knitted it back in the 80's for my Ma. The pattern came from an old Knitting World magazine. When Ma crossed over, the afghan came back to me. Chris and I sat back and watched as our Cami, our new little ginger kitten, did a most extraordinary thing. First, she scooped a portion of the afghan up in her paws, and whilst simply sitting, buried her face into it. She did this for a minute or two. Next, she maneuvered under it as she climbed to the back of the couch, ending up with the afghan over half of her body, tail and all, as if she was just tucked in nice and neatly. She took a nap in this fashion as both Chris' and my jaw dropped open at the wonder of it all.

And the beat goes on... 

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