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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Too Much?

I'm a huge fan of Rob Brezsny, astrologer and author of Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia. I love to get his weekly horoscope in my e-mail inbox. This is NOT your average Sun sign horoscope. Not by a long shot. Consider doing yourself a favor and sign up for this wonderful, free horoscope service. 

In this week's horoscope for Sagittarius, a profound-to-me quote was shared. I loved it so much I shared it on my Facebook wall, as well. 

 "You will always be too much of something for someone - too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. But that's exactly as it should be. It would be a mistake to 'round out your edges,' because then you would 'lose your edge.'" ~Danielle LaPorte

Sag Suns, especially folks with quirky Aquarius Rising like me, often have the tendency to be the subject of another person's opinion of what constitutes "too much." Speaking only for myself, however, I can say that over the years I learned specifically how I can be over-the-top when my Ma would repeatedly let it be known that I was "too much." Too enthusiastic. Too emotional. Too deep. Too intense. Too scattered. Too high-pitched. Too boy-crazy. Too trying-to-be-my-own-person which didn't mirror my Ma. Too, too, too. But then there were also the looks and actions of a few others that let me know I was too much of something for them, as well. What I've learned over time was that this "too much" sentiment, where it concerned me as the case-in-point, often was coupled with the other person's own negative baggage, with jealousy being especially noteworthy.

Here's a true story from my teen years: I attended an all-girls Catholic high school. In order to get home I had to walk over to one of the first malls built in Detroit and catch a city bus. There were a few classmates from my school who also took the same bus home. One afternoon, after I found a seat on the bus, I took out my hairbrush and attempted to get the knots out of my windblown hair. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a classmate mocking me as I brushed my hair. She pretend-brushed her hair acting like she was a conceited Rapunzel, snickering meanly as she did so. Now the interesting thing is, I may have been a lot of things back then but conceited was not one of them. I'm pretty sure she didn't know I caught her cruel display. I tucked my brush back into my purse, red with embarrassment, extremely hurt, and beyond confused. The confusion rose in me because I had thought this girl and I were becoming sorta-friends, even though on thinking back, it never seemed like we were on anything but shaky ground when we were in the vicinity of each other. Clearly, she found me "too much" on one level or another. Still, I had been optimistic up to that point that we could at least be friendly to each other. What became crystal clear on that bus ride home was that our personal vibes were not a match for each other. We "rubbed each other the wrong way." It had nothing to do with one person's vibes being better than another person's vibes. It's just that our vibrations and the drums we danced to were drastically different from each other. Perhaps now more than ever I'd still be "too much" for a person like this gal. That's OK by me. I am grateful for those who accept me in all my "too much" husband, Chris, leading the pack. After all, what's too much for one person is the perfect fit for another!


  1. Your 'too much' was, no doubt, just the beauty of spirit which has no boundaries because the Divine is infinite. Your reflection of it was and is a wonderful thing!

  2. You're a sweetheart, dear Nancy! Thank you! Same back at'cha!!! xoxoxo

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