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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Crystal Book Source; Thoughts On Hand Positions For Spiritual Healing

In handspinning, the BIG compendium is Alden Amos', "The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning: Being a Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinion on the Noble Art and Craft." Knitters who covet BIG books most likely have June Hemmons Hiatt's, "The Principles of Knitting Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting." Crystal enthusiast have, among a few other BIG books, "The Book of Stones ~ Who They Are and What They Teach," by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

Now I think it's fair to say that I'm not a huge fan of most BIG books on anything. I think I'm a lot like my youngest son, Alexander, who when presented with too much on his plate when he was little would eat none of it. Maybe we're both skeptical that ALL that food or ALL that information is good for us. Or maybe we're worried that it's too good for us. Whatever the reason, I generally like my info in small, easy to read, friendly, doses. Regarding my food, depends what it is...I can never seem to get enough potatoes.

"The Book of Stones ~ Who They Are and What They Teach," by Simmons and Ahsian does have a probably permanent place on my bookshelf. For one thing, the pics are rather nice. For another, there are crystal offerings that I've not seen in many other books. But the main reason I like this book is that both authors contribute very different takes/opinions on a crystal. It's simply nice to get two different points of view! Included in each crystal's write-up are: keywords, element, chakra(s), spiritual attributes, emotional attributes, physical attributes, and an affirmation that deals directly with the crystal at hand. There's also two dandy reference indexes at the back of the book. One index deals with physical correspondences. So, for instance, if you want to know the crystals to consider when dealing with "bone marrow," you'll find they are bixbite, bloodstone, goethite, hematite, magnetite, and petrified wood. The other index deals with spiritual/emotional correspondences. If you want to "slow aging," look to jasper and mook. All and all, this is a good BIG book to consider for your crystal library.


Teacher, Janice, has given me so much incredibly wonderful and helpful spiritual healing information that I've put it into a binder, with plastic sheets to protect the pages. In the past post, Beginning Healing, I spoke of doing healing sessions on my husband, Chris', neck and shoulder pain...stress related. I was puzzled how the pain moved deeper and below the original site after one healing. A few nights ago I read the following in Janice's "binder": "When a person has a long-term imbalance, there is usually not enough energy to trigger a higher immune response, and the 'condition' seems stuck and on-going. But, when additional energy is introduced, then the immune system can draw upon it, kicking the body's defense mechanism into a higher level of healing, and the condition will begin to change/mutate, the purification process is triggered, and the body regains balance and homeostasis."
Janice goes on to explain that by doing "specific hand positions, a practitioner cangive the "fastest" charge to the glands that are responsible for maintaining 'health,' and accelerating the healing process."

From reading Janice's advice, it occurred to me why healers learn the various hand positions for whatever healing modalities they are using. One could just use intuition on where to lay hands, or one could use intuition with known-to-help hand positions. I've got some studying to do! Thank you, Janice.

Any advice/opinions from spiritual healers on this subject? Thanks.

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