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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Archangel Uriel; Forgotten Dreams

I was telling my friend and teacher, ravenstar, about how Archangel Gabriel (see past post ~ The Archangel Gabriel; Two More Guidance Dreams ) helps me with writing my book, "Spinning Around." Especially now, in the text editing phase, things can be very frustrating and sometimes confusing, so all Angels and Guides who are willing to assist are most welcome to do so.

Ravenstar mentioned that the Archangel Uriel would be another to pray to regarding my book-work because he provides much needed clarity.

Once again, I went to Doreen Virtue's, "Guidebook for the Archangel Oracle Cards," and found the following,"Working with Archangel Uriel: Uriel's name means "The Light of God." He's known for his ability to enlighten our minds with Divine inspiration. Anytime you need answers or insights, call upon Uriel. He answers anyone who calls upon him. You'll know that Uriel has answered when you have repetitive thoughts or ideas that are positive, loving, and helpful. If you need facts in a hurry (such as during a test or important meeting), Uriel will supply you with the information. After you ask him for help, the answer will pop into your mind. Trust the information that he supplies." Doreen goes on to say, "Uriel's energy is pale yellow, like a candle's glow. Whenever you need ideas or intellectual guidance, contact Uriel. His energy is aligned with the amber crystal."

Please recommend your favorite Angel books, please. Thank you.


Last night I had two, very, very vivid dreams. I remembered both on waking and didn't stir from bed 'til I got them set in my conscious. BUT, I made a mistake by not having my journal and pen (an old fashioned cartridge pen I like to use) next to the bed last night. In the time it took to walk across the hallway and into my spinning room, I forgot both dreams completely. Live and learn. It was as if I was told, "You want to remember dreams? You have to show intention by keeping the pen and journal ready to use while still in bed." Geesh.


  1. try sitting with your journal, writing whatever comes to mind and you may find that the dream reappears


  2. Thank you so much for your oh-so-good advice, Lesley! Much appreciated! Will do!!