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Friday, June 12, 2009

Beginning Healing

Several days ago Chris was holding his neck/shoulder and I knew that once again he was feeling intense pain due to stress overload. The area Chris was holding is a chronic problem area for him. Even if I don't know Chris is worrying or stressed, soon enough I can tell because of his wince when he moves his head.

As previously mentioned in posts, over the last months I have devoured many of the books by spiritual healer, Echo Bodine. Also, via my friendship and regular e-mails with ravenstar, I have been taught an enormous amount of "healing" information. 'course it will take me eons to absorb it all! And there's many more books...and eventual study and look forward to. But watching Chris in pain revved me into action...

I asked Chris if he'd like me to try laying my hands on him? Happily, and a bit surprisingly to me, he said, "Yes!" I explained that I'd be just a conduit for the healing. The actual healing would be done by spiritual entities of a much higher vibrational level than a human. He seemed relieved that something could be done for his pain right away.

The first time I attempted a healing I had Chris lie down on our bed, but I soon found it was hard to get around him and quite uncomfortable for me. The second and subsequent times, I had him lie down on the floor with his head on a cushion. This worked much better all around, but I can see that a standing healing table will be something that I'll hanker for in the future.

I said a few quick prayers and gathered a white sage smudge stick, a copper bowl with sand, some matches, and two, white hankies (a la Echo). Instead of lighting the smudge stick directly, I chose to break off a few pieces of the white sage and put them in the bowl with sand. Once lit and on fire, I blew out the flame and allowed the smoke to envelop Chris. He loved the smell and immediately started to relax.

I put the hankies on Chris' body where I intuited he needed help. In her books, Echo speaks of how she was told by her Spirit Guides/Angels to put the hankies on a person's body and to put her hands on top of the hankies. Practically speaking, I can understand at least one reason for this...the hands can emit LOTS of heat! But I'm sure there's a spiritual reason for the hankies, as well, even if I don't understand it all at present.

It was only a few seconds before I felt tingling, not unlike an electrical current, traveling through the palms of my hands. I asked Chris if he felt something and he said, "Electricity! It's shooting out the bottom of my feet!" Nearly the entire time I held my hands on Chris' body, this energy continued. Chris also said he felt intense heat radiating from my hands. Interestingly, I couldn't feel the same heat...a little bit...but not a lot. He said the heat coming off my hands was INTENSE.

The whole first session lasted about 10-15 minutes, with subsequent sessions over the following days lasting a little longer. After the first session, Chris felt much relief. The next day, he said the pain had moved down his back and seemed deeper. In my mind, I could see the stress/pain insidiously going deeper because it was "found out" the first time round. It was if the stress had to hide in order to survive. Does this make sense? In any case, it was as if the stress/pain was alive with its own emotions and they weren't nice emotions, I might add.

During the last session before Chris left to travel out-of-state on business, an interesting thing happened. I had him turn over on his back and something was nudging me to put my hands on his upper stomach. But before I could do so, Chris pointed directly to the spot I was going to go to...and I hadn't said a word about this to him! When I told him that that was where I was directed to go, we looked at each other with big, amazed eyes.

These first sessions were successful all the way 'round. There's much more work to do, such as figuring out what organs may be triggering the pain due to Chris' stress. And then there's that whole problem about how to get rid of the stress in the first place.

Any healers out there with advice? Thank you! Much appreciated!!

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