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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oracle Card Decks

Over the past few years I've acquired several oracle card decks. These differ from many of my Tarot decks, especially those in the Rider-Waite tradition, in that they don't adhere to any Tarot-specific formula, such as including Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and a typical, set number of cards in the deck. But like Tarot decks, oracles are offered in a wide variety of themes. Animals, astrology, Angels, Avatars, plants, and faeries are just some of the many types of oracle decks available today.

Among other definitions, The Free Dictionary lists an oracle as being:
a. A person considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions.
b. An authoritative or wise statement or prediction.

While one could definitely use and/or develop spreads for using multiple cards together, I find I'm most likely to pull a-card-a-day from an oracle deck. I sometimes pull such a card on waking. Other times I pull it during the day, especially if I have a question about something. But another neat use of an oracle deck is for dreamwork, where you pull a card, meditate on it just before bed, and see what dream(s) occur in relationship to the card's message(s).

Here's a list of my current oracle decks, in no particular order:
"Archangel Oracle Cards," by Doreen Virtue;
"Ascended Masters Oracle Cards," by Doreen Virtue;
"Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards," by Sonia Choquette;
"Easy Astrology Oracle Cards," by Maya White;
"Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards," by Susan Seddon Boulet;
"Goddess Knowledge Cards," by Susan Seddon Boulet;
"Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals," by Jamie Sams and David Carson (Note: Not sure why on the box of the cards that David's name is Carlson and not Carson);
"The Goddess Oracle," by Amy Sophia Marashinsky;
"Mythic Astrology," by Liz Greene";
"The Druid Animal Oracle," by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

While I've not had the chance to delve completely into the beauty of each deck, I have to say that I've not regretted purchasing any of my oracle decks. What are your favorite oracle decks and why?

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