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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Five; A Throat Chakra Buzz

Alfred's last past life installment featured below (regarding the lives that he's found out about thus far) was channeled by a guy at a psychic faire in Berkeley. Alfred does not know the channeler's name in this case. Thank you so much, Alfred, for your generosity in sharing this and your previous channeled experiences.

7) I asked the channeler about any lives in Japan. He told me that in the early 700's I had been a serf on the estate of a nobleman near the city of Asuka (near Nara). He said I worked very hard and was very loyal, but was severely mistreated by my master during my short life there and died
at a young age from the effects of starvation and trauma. He also said that one person who is now a good friend is the soul who was the abusive master, and she now unconsciously feels the need to be supportive and encouraging and tends to feel compelled to feed me whenever I'm around - and that she shares my interests in Japan. Right away I realized it was a friend of mine, and who it was in particular. Wow...


Regarding the wonderful posts on Alfred's past lives, a reader wrote, "Absolutely incredible! Thank you for showing that to me. I have not talked to anyone who has had a past life regression, but your experiences validate mine. The smells, touch, taste and memories we experience are undeniable as “experienced” but we can’t convince anyone else unless they have one as well. Perhaps I will write my experiences and post them somewhere. I can’t tell you how much your post helped me with my own belief systems."

And Alfred himself wrote, "I was just reading your blog and got to your recent post (My Son Can See Earthbound Spirits; Truth Tingles) about David seeing discarnate people and also the part when you mention the kundalini tingle you get when you know you're delivering the truth that someone needs. I have to say that there have been moments in my life, which always took courage, when someone asked me for information and once I imparted it, I got a strong buzzing sensation in what I now recognize as my throat chakra. It would come from the base of the spine and rise, like a geyser, to the throat chakra and I'd get this buzzing feeling. The first time I felt I knew instantly that I had been just functioning as a conduit for information coming from the Universe for the person who had approached me. It's such an amazing feeling to set aside the 'me' of myself to make room for the 'All-is' of the Universe - not quite sure how to put that into words, but I have perfect confidence that you know exactly what I mean!

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