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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part Two

Here are two more incredible past lives of my friend, Alfred. The first account was written in the past post, The Past Lives of Alfred ~ Part One.

2) I told her (Karen Murphy ~channeler) that my mother had told me that once when I was almost three (I don't remember this incident myself) there was a brief segment of Cambodian court musicians on the mother had said I instantly stood up with wide eyes, and began to dance in front of the TV, trying to imitate the motions of the dancers on the screen. The channeler told me that this was connected to a life in the twelfth century when I had been born female in Sumatra but had been taken as a very young child to a temple inside the palace of the Khmer king in what is now Cambodia/Kampuchea and trained as a royal temple dancer. She added that it was a pleasant life with few demands beyond practicing the dances, which I loved, and teaching young students brought to the temple when I grew older, but that it was a very lonely life otherwise.
3) I asked her (Karen Murphy ~channeler) if I had ever lived in Ancient Egypt. She told me that I had lived in Alexandria as a Greek-speaking Egyptian during the period somewhat before the most famous of the Ptolemies, Cleopatra (I think there were several rulers named Cleopatra, but it was before the time of THE Cleopatra). She said I lived and trained in one of the "Alexandria Mystery Schools" and that the now-deceased lover of a boyfriend of mind from the late 1980's had been my study partner there and a very good friend. Interestingly, I had not ever mentioned to her about my former boyfriend L. whom I was with for half a year in 1987. L. was older and had had a longtime partner, A., who had died of leukemia in 1985. Once L. decided to give me a beautiful antique Russian malachite egg which A. had handed to him before he passed away, saying 'give it to the right person, and you'll know who he is when you meet him...'. L. said that the moment he met me he knew I was the guy who was getting the malachite egg (which I still have) and that a few weeks later he dreamed of A. waving the malachite egg and smiling at him. How tangled and rich are our relationships with other souls over time!! She also mentioned that I had lived several lives throughout the history of Egypt, but that one in particular had bearing on my life now, and that was in '*Very* ancient Egypt!', approximately two thousand years before the life lived in Alexandria, when I had been a priest in a temple during the Old Kingdom period. I asked her if she had any fun details, and she said 'yes, there are many fun details, but Michael (the name of the entity she was channeling) had laughingly told her that I was perfectly capable of re-remembering the fun details myself, and that I would be left to discover them on my own, and that to reveal them to me would take away the sense of delight I would have about re-discovering them myself. One clue, though, said the channel: it had something to do with something mentioned in The Seth Material, when the entity Seth told Jane Roberts that in ancient Egypt, during the Old Kingdom, there were people who were known as Speakers, and that I - and the soul who had in the present life incarnated as my mother- had been Speakers.


  1. Very interesting read. Have you read any work by
    Earlyne Chaney? Her book Initiation in the Great Pyramid is wonderful as she recounts a past life as a girl training in the magical arts. It has been such a long time since I read the book, I may have dig it out and read again. Very nice site, I linked to it from Ravelry.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Ed. Am glad you're finding the posts interesting. I've not read Chaney's book...sounds wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation!!