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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice; Reiki I Initiation

Happy Summer Solstice!!!! Even tho' clouds covered the sky for much of the day here in southern Vermont, it was a beautiful day, nonetheless. Our oldest, David, is here with us from NYC for a few days. David is a jazz and classical violinist and Chris is a pianist/composer. Tomorrow they will be recording their first duo CD based on original compositions inspired by Matisse's "Jazz" paper cutouts. 'tis a very beautiful and memorable collaboration between father and son in and around Father's Day.

Another highlight of this Summer Solstice time is that I was officially initiated by teacher, Janice, in Reiki I. Janice, a Reiki Master who has taught many people in Canada, asked her Spirit Guides if she could initiate me since I lived in Vermont and she in the Toronto area? They said unequivocally, "Yes." Janice has been giving me Reiki information for my healing binder for weeks now and I've been reading/studying as much as I can. I first asked Janice if I could announce my initiation to others (including on this blog), telling her I was bursting with excitement. She said, "Of course you can silly! Go for it and be proud ot it!!!" Thank you, dear Janice, for taking me under your wing.

The only one around the house after I was Reiki I initiated was Chloe, our most excellent black cat. I asked her if she'd like Reiki? She responded by purring and sitting on my lap. She loves Reiki! She has hardly let me out of her sight since her first treatment. She has a weak stomach and one drippy eye that I'm hoping will be helped. Over 10 years ago Chloe was brought into the Humane Society with her brother (who I so wish we could have taken home, as well). Both kittens were found with their mother by a Congregational Church on Main Street in Brattleboro. They had been on the street for a few months already and by the time we chose Chloe to be our cat, she had developed Feline Upper Respiratory Disease. The vet treated her with antibiotics but one eye's tear duct was already scarred and causing the dripping. Her throwing up and weepy eye aside, she's is a magnificent cat and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I'm so glad that healing is possible. I know she certainly likes the extra attention!

Of you healers out there, do any of you specialize in animal healing? If so, please tell us about it. Thanks!


  1. Congratulations, Jenny! This seems like a great route for you and your gift especially after your experience of healing Chris.

    Much love,