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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tarot Cyber-Pal

As a kid I was thrilled when a teacher handed out a form for us to fill out so that we each could get a pen-pal from another country. The whole idea of writing to someone I didn't know who lived far away made me giddy with excitement.

As a young-ish adult I still loved the whole idea of much so that I asked for a spinning and knitting penfriend in the classifieds of a British knitting journal. Many folks from England wrote to me but one person, Lorry, stood out with her wit, intelligence, and friendliness. To this day, Lorry and I more so via phone or internet than snailmail. In fact, she's one of the talented fiber artists who spun and knitted projects for my upcoming book, "Spinning Around."

Fast forward to a few years ago. As mentioned in earlier posts, I found Aeclectic Tarot quite by accident. Among the wonderful possibilities this site has to offer is the "forum" section, where folks can chat about all sorts of Tarot or metaphysical topics. On a "welcome" group in the forum, a kind person by the name of "tink27" not only caught my eye, but was sincerely friendlier than all the rest who were posting. Being an intuitive myself, I usually get a reading on a person when I'm near them in a matter of seconds. But since energy IS energy, it's not surprising when one can get a reading on a person via the internet as well. Well, if I could describe tink27's aura, I'd say it was brilliant and sparkling with love and beauty.

The long and short of it is that tink27 is ravenstar is my friend and teacher, Janice. Yes, she's the wonderful blog author of The Healing Room. I highly suggest you skedaddle over to Janice's blog just as soon as you can. Be sure to go back into her archives for a wealth of spiritual and healing information.

Janice has generously share SO MUCH with me, I can't begin to tell you it all. We've exchanged Tarot readings. She introduced me to the amazing Sabian Symbols. She introduced me to crystal healing. She's hipped me to many excellent books. She's shared her incredible experiences and knowledge of the 4 healing modes she's trained in: Reiki, massage, Therapeutic Touch and Touch for Health. Janice is one of the most gifted and giving people I've ever met. That said, we've NEVER met (yet) in person! Thank you, dear Janice, for ALL you do.


  1. Whoa! I zipped over here to of course read more of Jenny's interesting posts and by geez (blush) this one talked of me.

    I am humbled by this post Jenny. Life is so much more than a heartbeat or the ability to breathe, eat, see or feel. Our life rotates around our relationships with other people. And it isn't so much what they do for you as what you do for them and what you give each other. This IS our friendship!

    Let me tell you, Jenny has a heart of gold, I've never met another like her. Her openness and generous nature has helped me beyond measure. My astrological sign is in Cancer and if you know a Cancer you'll know we keep our emotions and feelings very tightly around us.

    Jenny taught me how to open and express myself. It was Jenny who encouraged me to start my own blog.

    In the words of Emerson, "Friendship should be surrounded by ceremonies and respects and not crushed in to corners. [this fits quite nicely with Jenny's last blog "Tarot Philosophy of Sorts"] Friendship requires more time than poor busy men [women] can usually command." This is what I thnk Jenny was trying to convey.

    Jenny is authentic! She does not deny how she feels and she doesn't hold it back. When doing a Tarot Reading, Jenny 'feels' the cards. With her guides, angels, the Divine, she unveils the twisting turning plot of your own story. And if you're willing, she'll help you change the script.

    Jenny and I may not have never met in person but I'm 'know' we've met in Spirit.

    ravenstar xoxo

  2. You're a love, ravenstar. Thank you. If I'm authentic, then you're AUTHENTIC. Am raising a glass to all the lifetimes and 'tween lifetimes we've spent together!