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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tarot Philosophy of Sorts

A little while ago a member on the "KniTarot" Ravelry group was very upset because her friends kept asking her for readings at "inopportune" times and were too demanding for readings. I'm not here to judge her, or anyone else, for that matter. What bothered me tho' is that some of the folks who responded to this post had what I felt were negative suggestions. Some suggested that the reader basically lie and say they charge a whole lot for that, in my opinion, don't go hand in hand with the beauty of Tarot readings. What's wrong with just saying, "No"?

I have to say, that given the responses to the thread on KniTarot above, I would never want any of those folks to read for me and am scratching my head as to why anyone else would want a reading from them.

Here's how I responded to the post: I have a little different take on this whole subject than some others. Because I read professionally online and have read professionally in shops…in other words, I charge…I decided right from the start that I’d give free readings whenever I intuited that I should or when I sense that $ are tight for someone. I love to give free readings to someone who doesn’t expect it. That makes my day. I’ve not had anyone take advantage of me with this policy. In addition, I don’t tack on extra money if I need extra time to perform a reading where the time was set up front by the querent. If someone e-mails me and needs a reading but I’m too busy with work, I let them know I’ll either get back to them later that week, or at the latest, the week after. I always consider it an honor if someone requests a reading from me.

I don't mean to be smug. I don't think I'm better in any way, including at reading, than the person who originally started the thread on the group, nor the folks who responded on the KniTarot thread. But I do know that if I wanted a reading done for me, I'd not want someone who felt like "screaming" whenever someone wanted a reading because they knew he/she read cards. Nor would I want a reading from a reader who "wanted to hit" a person because it felt like the only time the person ever talked to the reader was when they were having problems and needed some insight. Folks who are having problems and need insight can sometimes be desperate people...we've ALL been there...and a little understanding can go a long way. I can guarantee, if I ever felt like screaming or wanted to hit someone because they requested a reading...ever...I wouldn't be reading anymore.

One last thought regarding another response on the KniTarot thread: One person was dismayed to read for anyone who didn't listen to her "advice" on earlier readings. This opens up a whole 'nother ball of wax. Since when do folks have to take a Tarot reader's advice anyway? Tarot readers are Tarot readers, not dictators nor All-Knowing. Everyone has free will and the success or failure of a reading or reader does NOT have to do with whether someone takes our advice or not. Just my 2 cents.

How do you folks feel about this whole can 'o worms? No offense to the worms...

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