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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Clairvoyant Response During A Conversation

This morning Chris and I were talking about a variety of subjects. He teased me about the "casual" reading (knowing for me it wasn't casual at all and would be better called studying) I was doing as I drank my morning cuppa tea ~ Sylvia Browne's, "Adventures Of A Psychic." Apparently he didn't think Sylvia's book was a usual book choice to wake up by. Well, maybe it's not everybody's morning reading, but for me there's nothing better these days than reading books about and by legit psychics and mediums! I've never read any of Sylvia's books prior, nor have I seen her on TV, but I KNOW she's the real deal and I'm already loving this book.

Last night I had finally finished devouring Henry Reed's , "Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self," and while it wasn't hard reading per se, it did require concentration and a fair amount of re-reading on my part. I just can't recommend this book enough. If I ever teach a class on channeling, it would be required reading. I'd like to meet Mr. Reed in person someday, and believe me, it's not every author I feel the need to meet.

Back to Chris' and my conversation...Today found us discussing, as we often do, how things happen for a reason and when the timing and situation is right, all will fall into place, especially if we don't sit idle expecting it (whatever "it" is) to fall into our laps without any effort on our part. We talked about this and that, keying back and forth into both of our life choices, especially regarding careers, but also about each others hopes and desires.

I told him how, upon reading the first 20 or so pages of Sylvia's book, I had a light bulb moment of sorts which has finally answered a question I've wondered about: Why now, in the mid portion of my life, am I increasingly psychic, clairvoyant, and not only interested in healing but doing hands on healing myself? Why didn't this happen when I was younger? The answer is that I couldn't have taken it physically nor emotionally when I was younger. The answer is that my life required grounding before I could embrace my gifts. It wasn't that I didn't have the gift. It's just that the timing had to be correct or...without trying to be maudlin...the gift would destroy me. If I had been a full-blown psychic, chances are Chris would have not touched me with two ten-foot poles (he would have found it all too freaky) and my life would have been very different. Chris IS my soul mate, we were meant to be together in this lifetime, and we had to be married nearly 30 years for him to...albeit, slowly...accept what was happening psychically to me. I also realize now that I NEEDED to be a fiber artist first, because it grounded and prepared me for what was to come and has come. This is my story in-the-making and the book hasn't been written...yet.

Chris and I went on to discuss how if there's anything we've begun to understand, it's that our thoughts, imagination, and intentions DO have a bearing on our life as we live it. We spoke of how not to put a "capper" on any situation, especially a negative capper, and instead allow a situation to play out with the possibility of a good outcome rather than not. This is a hard lesson to learn. I have a feeling I'll have to keep re-learning it the rest of my lives.

I used to like my favorite knitting author's quote about how so far we can think perfectly hellish thoughts and not worry that anyone can read our minds. Now I know that we're linked as one by our subconscious thoughts and it's the better road to keep them as positive and loving as one can.

Anyways, Chris got up after our lengthy discussion and I told him, "You know, I think I don't see as much stuff clairvoyantly these last few weeks as I have been because I'm in a related "learn about healing" mode and my conscious mind knows I must buckle down (ground!) because I have a book, "Spinning Around," to get ready for printing. I told Chris I know that the clairvoyance hasn't left me or anything. JUST as I said this, a large ball of white light rose from Chris' head. I sat there with my mouth open as he agreed with me. This light was similar to the ellipse of light that rose above the man who received an award for good work in a poor public school district in Connecticut, as written on the past post, Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience. I told Chris what I was seeing and he said he "felt" it. When I had seen this light emanating from the man in CT, I knew he was a good man. Regarding Chris, the message is the same...GOOD MAN!!!

It was as if in response to saying, "the clairvoyance hasn't left me," that I had immediate validation. Humbling, to say the least.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chris' Healing

Yesterday Chris and I headed first to Concord, MA and next to Newport, RI. Chris had a meeting in Concord and a society gig in Newport. Me? I came along for the ride. 'twas a bit of a vacation day form me because I planned to find a nice park to read in and do a bit of crocheting.

After the meeting, we were on the road again, heading to Newport. Within a few minutes of driving, Chris reached up and held his neck. I knew his old, chronic, literal, pain-in-the-neck was back aggravating him. He said that he must have been tense during the meeting and probably held his body in a strange way. Strapped in my my seat belt, I attempted to lay two hands on his neck area. Immediately both hands heated up. But the angle I was at was not comfortable so I only kept the hands on his neck for 5 minutes or so. Chris said it helped, but a while later his hand was back up on his neck and he was clearly in pain.

As he told me he was in pain, I could FEEL the energy coming of my hands in my lap. I asked if I could help again but Chris said not to worry and to just rest. I said, "No way, my hands are hot and the healing energy can be put to good use." This time, I just put one hand on his neck, which was far more comfortable for me. I wasn't sure this one-hand technique would work well tho'. Heat was also coming off my other hand in my lap but I just kept it there. Eventually, the hand in my lap became cool, as if it negotiated it wasn't needed to help Chris.

Chris said the heat off my hand was INTENSE, like a hot pad turned up on high. He said it felt great, but was strong. I settled in and had a nudge to keep my hand on his neck as long as possible. The energy didn't let up until we got to Newport. The energy did, however, go through waves of change that both Chris and I could feel. At one point my palm was pulsating. At other times the whole hand had a prickling sensation. At another time, it was if I could feel a laser point of energy going directly where Chris needed it.

When I finally took my hand off of Chris' neck, the pain he was feeling was completely gone. After the gig, I asked him how he was. He said, "No pain at all...not during the gig and not now."

I suggested that Chris be sure to say "thank you" to God, the Angels, my Spirit Guides, my Higher Self, the Universe...whoever was responsible for this healing. Chris immediately said a word of sincere thanks out loud. And I said thank you, too!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Echo's Healing Pen Pals

Being a fan of Echo Bodine, I visit her website more than occasionally. I want to let readers of this blog know about a service she offers for FREE that I just signed up for myself: Healing Penpals.

Echo trains many people each year to be spiritual healers. Since there are a lot of folks not living in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and they can't come to Echo's Healing Center in person but are still very much in need of healing, the healing "pen pals" program was formed. On request, a kind and giving spiritual healer will send 15 days worth of absentee healing to anyone in need. The only thing they ask for in return is to let them know how things go at the end of the 15 days. Also, the one receiving the healing is advised to find a quiet time each day in order for the healing energy to surround them.

I wrote an e-mail requesting help for my stomach aches that come when I'm overwhelmed and filled with anxiety, fear, etc. In one day, I was e-mailed that a healer is now sending absentee healing for the next 15 days. WOW! That was fast and very much appreciated!

Please let me know if you, too, sign up for this program. I'll write again about it after my 15 days are up.

Thank you Echo and your team of Healing Pen-pals!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

An Eye Opening Afternoon of Reading

In the summer, when Chris is off from teaching and I'm flexible because I'm working from home, we like to take our respective reading choices and escape to nearby Lake Raponda. This summer it's been a little difficult dodging the gray clouds and resulting raindrops, but even if it's partly cloudy, we often take our chances at the beach.

Today Chris was reading a biography about a jazz musician and I went back to reading "Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self," by Henry Reed. If I own a book, like I do this one, it sometimes gets put to the side when an inter-library loan book that I've ordered from Librarian Leslie comes in. But now I'm back to reading this most excellent book (that I purchased for 1 cent on shipping!) and I nearly jumped off the blanket when I came to a chapter that I'd like to share here.

The chapter is "Meditation and the Book of Revelation." Now I was raised Catholic and at the time I was in parochial school, let's face it, we didn't study and memorize the Bible like other Christian religions. True, we were given some information, but when all is said and done, I cannot claim to have read through the Bible even once. That said, I have an idea of what's in the Book of Revelation. Much of this chapter goes on to explain things I didn't know...for instance, how the Book of Revelation "contained important information about the human body." Reed writes, "The Book of Revelation, according to Cayce, is a symbolic description of what happens in the body of a meditator. Specifically, it describes what happens in the endocrine system, the network of our body's glands." Now all this is very interesting and warrants further investigation, but what caught my eye later in the chapter literally took my breath away.

First let me explain that I'm trying to get a grasp on why, at this time in my life as a 51 year old, I am experiencing Kundalini energy, am able to give psychic readings using Tarot, have been seeing spirits with my own eyes, touched fire and didn't get burned, etc. For more on all these experiences, please go back to the May and June '09 posts on this blog.

Given this quest to understand what's been happening to me psychically, I think anyone would understand why the following got me so excited:

Reed writes, "Cayce explains that what happened to John (ie. St. John) during his revelation experience is a prophecy of what will happen to any meditator. Specifically, as John held in meditation the ideal of Christ Consciousness, the pattern of psychic energy in that ideal began operating on John's endocrine system to create a pattern of physical effects."

Reed explains, "One effect is the stimulating of the Kundalini energy. The term, Kundalini, is an ancient Hindu word for the body's psychic energy. A coiled snake at the base of the spine has often been it's symbol. The Christian concept of the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the dove, is the Western equivalent of Kundalini." (the spider notes: Let me tell you, in no religion class I ever took was THAT discussed. Chances are I would have listened closer to the teacher if it had!)

Reed goes on to talk about the chakras and their associated glands for each "wheel." Reed says, "Eastern tradition has always pointed to the endocrine glands as somehow being the physical counterparts to these psychic centers." Reed continues,"Different psychic centers control different psychic abilities. The pineal gland, corresponding to the third eye, gives clairvoyant vision. The adrenals activate mediumship, or channeling spirits of the dead. Eastern tradition warns about not opening any one of these centers in isolation. Instead, the most common approach is to allow, not force, the center at the base of the spine, where the snake is coiled, to awaken. The snake then rised, works it's way up through the centers, finally reaching the crown center, associated with the pituitary, the master gland."

Now very exciting for me was the following, especially because I've always loved the Rosary, even as a kid, and because I'm drawn to saying the Rosary especially before I give a Tarot reading to anyone, which of course, contains the Lord's prayer. Reed writes, "Cayce reveals that the Lord's Prayer, taught by Jesus, is actually a formula for patterning the opening of the psychic centers." Reed goes on to write how this works, making for more fascinating reading.

I may not have found all the reasons that I'm more psychically attuned now than I ever was at any earlier date, but I am amazed at finding in this book the description of WHAT I've been experiencing, and at least in some ways, a glimmer of WHY. Prior to these last two years, I hadn't said the Rosary (despite having a love for it...WHAT/WHO nudged me to find my Rosary in my crowded jewelry drawer?) for over 20 years or more. Prior to this year I had NEVER felt the electrical surge of the Kundalini (at least not the strong, distinctive feeling I get now).

The more I learn the more I want to know. I do feel and know in my heart that this psychic energy is obviously not just for Christians or Catholics. Psychics, Mystics, Mediums, Channelers, etc. can be found around the globe, each practicing their own religion and/or spiritual beliefs. But it IS interesting that many of today's Western psychics/mediums who are well known (John Edward, Sonia Choquette, Sylvia Browne, James Van Praagh) come from a Catholic background (tho' some are not necessarily practicing Catholics now). This was surprising to me, without a doubt.

Do YOU have any thoughts on any of this? Any good reading you can recommend to further such study?

One more thing...when I had a past life regression done in '08 (which cured my migraines!) I was asked by the therapist whilst under hypnosis what was necessary that I do to continue to see the visions I've been seeing, etc. I said, "ground and center." Which means ~ ground oneself to the earth, gleaning only light and goodness from it. And center one's chakras, making sure they all are operating well and are in optimum health. To see more on my past life regression, go to posts: Past Life Regression Part 1, Past Life Regression Part 2, Past Life Regression Part 3, and Past Life Regression Part 4.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Dyeing Dream

The phrase I chose (phrase focusing) to see if I could get more information regarding the red, Tibetan beads featured in my dream the night before was "Tibetan beads health past lives." I did have two, distinctly different dreams last night, but I'm not sure either of them addressed the Tibetan red beads.

The first dream I had is now sketchy in my mind. The main character in it, besides myself, was my youngest son, Alex's, high school girlfriend, Courtney. In real life, Alex and Courtney had gone together for several years before they broke up and are now each engaged to someone else. Also in real life, Courtney was going to school, at one point, to be a nurse so maybe there's a health connection in this dream. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of any of the dream to record it, except for her walking away after all sorts of stuff was set out by her on our front lawn.

The second dream was much more involved and had a "fiber" bend. I was taking a natural dyeing class from a stern Russian woman with a heavy accent. The class was held in a huge warehouse, with many tables set up around us, filled with all sorts of dyeing paraphernalia. Friend, Librarian Leslie, was taking the class, too. I remember I had to go to the restroom and when I came back, Leslie and other class participants were taking dyed silk fibers and dyed silk yarns and forcefully throwing them on the floor. As they threw the items, they'd change the original position where they would fall. I asked, "What's going on?" Leslie said, "We are being taught that nothing is so precious and dear that it can't be changed." Leslie added, "Also, when you are somewhat rough with silk, the luster is brought out better." Then the teacher came up to me and picked up my personal dye notebook. She asked about the mention of using copper piping combined with vinegar to get a copper tea mordant. She said, "Are you planning to use this technique in the class?" I said, "Yes, I've already prepared the copper tea in advance." The teacher seemed satisfied with my answer and the dream ended.

I told Chris the second dream this morning and he said, "Sounds like you are adamant that the natural dyeing component be included in your book." Spot-on, Chris! Maybe Chris should consider dream work as a sideline, eh?

I see the "change" that Leslie is talking about as a universal theme, appropriate for fibers and beyond. It's that whole "don't be so attached that you can't see room for improvement" sort of thing.

And while I probably wouldn't throw silk on the floor, I do "thwack" it whilst it's still wet. Also, I temporarily tightly twist a handspun silk skein as it's partially drying to release and bring out the luster.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Fiberish Dream

Last night I had a vivid dream that I journaled about this morning. First, it's important to note that I was physically coughing throughout this dream and I knew it (consciously?), but could not stop the coughs. Equally important is the fact that upon waking I did not cough, nor have I coughed all day since (ruling out the onset of a cold or respiratory illness).

In the dream I had made a handspun, handknit piece that was decorated with Tibetan, red beads. I can't say what the piece was exactly. In my sleep I coughed, and at the same time in the dream, all the beads flew off and scattered. Each time I looked for the beads, I coughed.

Upon waking, I told Chris about this dream. He suggested I check Google for the health significance of Tibetan, red beads. Here's what I found on a site called Beads For Health:
"Red crystal amber - improve heart function, increase blood circulation."

Also discussed are dzi beads ~
"dZi beads are one of the most treasured and mysterious beads known today. The oldest dZi beads, which date as far back as 4,000 years ago, came from the Mesopotamia area (Iraq, Middle East), Afganistan, India, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. But the most important and valuable dZi beads originated in Tibet about the time that Buddhism spread to Tibet during the Tang Dynasty (approximately 1,300 years ago)."
"Although there are several types of dZi beads, the most important type is of etched agate and appears to have a dark brown background with a white pattern, but actually the white color is the background. Other varieties of dZi beads include Chungzi and etched/unetched carnelian (spiritual spider adds - carnelian is orange/red!)."
From a health standpoint ~ "dZi beads can help dissipate excessive body heat (also known as “sick wind” in Chinese medicine), which is one of the main causes of illness. They may also help calm the wearer’s mental state and promote physical and spiritual harmony. dZi beads made in ancient times contain more healing properties than modern-made beads, because ancient materials contain more energy and can become even more powerful the more they are worn. Larger beads have a stronger energy field and more healing effects than smaller beads, but the value of some small beads are higher than beads of larger sizes."

This informative website goes on to talk about Master Randy K. Li ~
"Master Li has been an avid Chinese archaic jade collector for over 37 years and regularly contributes his knowledge to an increasingly popular Internet jade forum at He became especially interested in amber over 10 years ago and has studied the history and uses of dZi beads for over 4 years. He was previously a member of the Gemological Association of Great Britain."

"Master Li will be writing a book and/or producing a video teaching the wearers how to apply dZi beads for healing, health keeping, beautification, and pain-relieving, and also the correct way to wear and maintain the beads to keep them working for the owners. In the meantime, if you have questions about the benefits of our dZi beads, please feel free to e-mail Master Li.

I will do some pondering about the symbolic significance of this interesting dream. Tonight I'll also do some "phrase focusing" to see if another dream can shed more light on last night's dream. See the past post, Dreams Of Guidance, for more on phrase focusing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Tarot Thoughts

Am presently not reading Tarot at a shop just now (am waiting 'til my spinning/dyeing book is done and in print, knowing that when this occurs my time for more shop reading will present itself) but am still reading via phone and e-mail. I recently had a phone reading and it struck me that the longer/more I read, the more psychic my readings have become. How do I know this? Well, when I'm nudged to say something that for me seems a bit off the wall to a querent, what I've said gets affirmed by a gasp or the querent literally telling me how spot-on what I said was. Also, I get what feels like an electrical surge (kundalini) going up my spine at various times during the reading, especially when what I'm saying is coming from my higher self and/or spirit guides. This got me thinking on the various many books available to Tarot enthusiasts and readers.

There are many excellent books out there which deal with Tarot. I've read several such books myself and know I want to continue my studies by reading more. But what's come to me as a reader is that just as important as Tarot book-learning, is life-learning. Readings are informed by our own experiences. A Tarot book is informed by the author's life experiences and studies. The more we've experienced, the more we bring to the Tarot table. In my case, my whole life has become more psychic over the last few years, so it's no wonder my readings are psychically informed. I mention this combination of book-learning with life-learning because I've encountered readers who wonder if they're "good enough" to read for folks other than themselves. My response would be, "Have you been living life?" If so, then coupled with some basic Tarot knowledge (book-learning) and a familiarity of the cards in your deck(s) (gained by using the cards), adding your life-knowledge and the ability to have a non-judgemental conversation would lend itself to giving good readings.

More advice for the reader who is considering reading for others: 1) Practice reading regularly for yourself. 2) Jump in without fear and read for family and friends. Repeat 1 and 2 from here on out and you'll surely gain confidence in your readings. Continue studying Tarot books that look interesting to you. Some of these books will speak to you and others won't. Pick books that your gut tells you are right for you at this time. A book that's not right now may be fine later on...or not.

One last thought for today is the sentiment I've heard some Tarot readers say: "I can't give a good reading to myself because I know what answer I want and can't accept what the cards offer me." Sounds like an ego that's gotten in the way! I've got to admit I've not had personal issues with this as apparently some others do. I'm not sure what to say about this problem except to keep working on trying to give unbiased readings to yourself. Practicing this seems to me to be the main way to overcome the problem. Any advice for readers who can't read for themselves?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inner Child

Am currently reading "My Big Book of Healing ~ restore your body, renew your mind, and heal your soul," by Echo Bodine. As with all of Echo's books, it's wonderful. Am on chapter 6 ~ The Inner Child. If there was one chapter I'd recommend for everyone, it would be this one as we all can relate to the content in some form or another.

As I was reading I was reminded of having gone to a mini "Inner Child" workshop in Northampton, MA a few years ago. I had attended that year's Whole Health Expo held in the spring. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the psychotherapist who gave the workshop, but I do know what happened during the hour we were together will never be forgotten.

The room was packed with folks and the air uncomfortably still. I had no idea what to expect when I chose this workshop over a few others. The speaker began by telling us we all have an inner child within us. Some of these inner children are wounded and the results of this pain are carried over into adulthood. She went on to explain that she was going to lead us on a visual journey where we would meet our inner child. I remember the journey took us on a forest path that led to a beautiful garden. It was in the garden that we'd be able to speak to our inner child.

Once in the garden, immediately I saw myself as a 4 or 5 year old. I saw a scene from when I had lived in Maryland, with me riding my tricycle along with several "older" kids on two-wheelers. A boy bully teased me that I was riding the little tricycle and called me names. The hurt I felt was intense but not as intense as what happened next. I went home crying to my Ma and told her about the incident. Rather than comforting me she coldly told me to stop being a crybaby. No hugs were offered whatsoever. I saw her saying something like, "What are you going to do, go and cry when bad things happen to you in life?" I'm sure my Ma was trying to toughen me up, but instead I felt unprotected, abandoned, and unloved.

As I was reliving this scene from my childhood, streams of tears came gushing out. My face became wet, my nose started running, and the front of my shirt became increasingly damp. The tears wouldn't stop. There was a conscious part of me that was embarrassed about this, worrying about what others in the room would think. I fumbled for my purse (whilst still in a meditative state), groping for tissues and finding a sorry, partially shredded, no doubt used, piece of Kleenex. A whole lotta good that did me!

Finally, we were told to embrace and hug our inner child if this seemed acceptable for both adult and child, say goodbye, and we were led out of the garden, onto the path through the woods and back into the workshop room. When brought back fully, I just sat there, wet and exhausted. I dared not look at anyone around me. Once most had left the room, I got up to make an exit, too. The psychotherapist asked if I was OK and said perhaps I should do more "work" such as this.

Perhaps, indeed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Automatic Writing

Alfred, generous friend and handspinner/dyer/weaver/knitter, e-mailed me the following about his exciting automatic writing experiences. Thank you dear Alfred. Your account encourages me to have a go at automatic writing, too. Any other readers out there who have tried it?

Alfred wrote: Starting about three months ago I tried my hand at automatic writing. First I tried using the Ouija board, with some success, but it's very slow going and it arouses my impatience. Also my arms get tired and numb. I also noticed that the full answer to a question would usually come instantly into my head, so while I was waiting for the board to spell it out, I usually already knew it, as it would flash into my mind (and it always has a distinctly different 'energy signature' than my own Alfred thoughts). So I just started by asking the questions aloud and then POP they could flash into my head. Or not, as sometimes it seems that the 'line is down'. But almost always they do. I started to try automatic writing, and though it was quite tricky at first to try and quiet my mind and then distract it enough so that the writing would flow, but I seem to have gotten better at it through practice.

What is so interesting is that the answers come through, very strongly, no fragmentary material at all (though sometimes there will be a momentary lull in the writing and in the 'transmission'), always in tidy and complete sentences, and with a writing style that noticeably differs from my own. When writing on my own I tend to be pretty wordy, sort of painting emotional pictures through descriptive writing, but the automatic writing stuff is very concise, much more than my 'own' writing, and with a style all its own. It is very no-nonsense, very intellectual, with little emotional component to it.

And I've found it's much easier to write for someone who isn't me rather than writing for myself! The writing will usually end suddenly, though always with a 'closing' note, and then I get a momentary wave of nausea, just for a moment, and am dizzy for a moment. I find that I can minimize the nausea and dizziness, and seemingly to improve the connection, if I drink sips of warm or room-temperature water occasionally through the session.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alfred's Clairvoyant Flash

Alfred, friend and fellow spinner, graciously shared this incredible clairvoyant experience:

A couple of months after graduating from college, I was cat-sitting for a former professor in her apartment while she was on a concert tour in Germany. One day after lunch on one of those near-tropically muggy Vermont summer days, I decided to take a nap after lunch. I didn't fall asleep, but while I lay there resting I had a clairvoyant flash that was as strong as if someone had just momentarily turned on a TV in my head. It lasted all of about a thousandth of a second, but during that micro-slice of time a great deal of very sharp detail and information was given, though I wasn't sure why. In the vision I saw a small room painted pale yellow, with a gurney against one wall.

On the gurney was a sheet-covered human body, deceased, but a feeling of absolutely radiant joy and peace everywhere in the room. In that split second I saw detail so sharply that I could even see the distinctive knobs on the side of the gurney where the level could be raised and lowered, saw the tiles on the floor of the room, and a sink and a kind of long metal bed-table type thing. I also had this kind of super-vision so that I could see (this will probably sound nutty) *the underside* of the gurney as well as the top, and I could also see underneath the floor tiles where there was plumbing. I saw the whole thing from a vantage point that seemed to be near the ceiling of the room. Right away I was flashed information that it was my oldest sister's father-in-law. Weird, I thought.

I didn't really even remember having met him more than once and couldn't even recall his name. I got out of bed and called my oldest sister, intending to tell her about this vision, but before I could tell her she told me that her husband's father had just died moments ago in the hospital two miles away, and she was on her way there to meet her husband. I hadn't known that he had even been ill, since I had just recently arrived from spending June in Washington D.C., and had been out of touch with the family.

I didn't understand why I had such a strong vision about someone I really had zero emotional connection with at all. Years later, the answer 'popped' into my head, and the answer was that although we were not really connected during life, on the Astral Plane we *did* know
each other, and the rest of the message was for me to understand that even during life we do a lot of our work on the Astral plane, much or all of which might be totally unknown to the conscious personality here on the physical plane, and that we can have 'working relationships'
with others on the Astral that might not be reflected in the relationship we have with the living person while incarnate. That is, there are people we know only peripherally or perhaps not even at all, here in life, but that we might just the same have connections on the Astral that are very engaging, like friendships or work partners, and to be completely unaware of this while in ordinary 'waking' time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fragrant Associations With Past Lives And More

Alfred, who so kindly shared his channeled past lives in the recent past posts, also wrote the following fascinating account about fragrances that trigger past life and other memories:

Did I mention to you that I have been studying natural perfumery for the past three years? That is, all natural stuff, no synthetics at all, only things that were available all through the history of perfumery until the advent of synthetics in the 19th century. There are still only seven perfumes that I've concocted that turned out to be really good. Mostly it's done by very laborious mixing and testing and note-taking, but the first one, which ties into intuition and psychic information transmission, happened this way...

One evening I had randomly picked out a few essential oils and some absolutes to combine. I had three different vials going, intending them to be three different 'intuitive' perfumes. But then, when I smelled them all together, I 'recognized' the scent immediately as unmistakeably being something I had smelled *a lot* in ancient Egypt. Of course you will understand very well the 'instant recognition' sensation, I suspect! It was an Ahah! moment. It came to me in a flash, much like a vision, though the initial combinations in the three separate vials had clearly, in retrospect, been part of the 'download' even before I realized what I was concocting, though when I was first formulating them I thought of them as three different fragrances unrelated to each other. I had combined cinnamon, frankincense, rock rose resin, spikenard (known in the Bible as 'nard'), sandalwood, Blue Nile Lotus (a kind of lily rather than a true lotus), cardamom, myrrh, and aloes (aguillaria aguillocha, known as agarwood or aloeswood, a totally different species of plant from what we call aloe vera). I had no idea how the mixtures would come out, but when I smelled them holding the three vials to my nose all together, it smelled so familiar and old that I almost fainted with delight and shock. First I was going to call it 'Mummy' but it was a bit weird and Halloweeny, and then into my head popped the name 'Old Kingdom' and it stuck.
Months later I saw an article on the perfumery materials used in ancient Egypt, and the ingredients were: frankincense, myrrh, rock rose resin, sandalwood, aloes, cinnamon or cassia, spikenard, cardamom (the ancient Egyptians had very well-established trading routes - spikenard, cardamom, sandalwood, and cinnamon all came from the very far East, via trade!), and others. Found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (who was actually a New Kingdom pharaoh) were various perfumes, among them a wonderfully earthy mixture of frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, and cinnamon. Clearly I had been operating out of an ancient memory. One friend sniffed it and said right away "Yup, people in ancient Egypt wore this, but it was also poured over mummies once the wrapping had been completed, because the Egyptians knew that in addition to smelling good, these materials would discourage insects (and bacteria, though I don't know if the ancients knew of such things). In fact, poured ritually over the mummy of Tutankhamun at the 'opening of the mouth' ceremony, which took place at the tomb once the funeral procession had gotten there, was a mixture of wine, rock rose resin (if you've ever smelled Halston Z-14, or any of the Aramis men's fragrances, rock rose resin is one of the main base notes), frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon. It was still powerfully fragrant when the innermost coffin was opened in the 1920's by the archaeology team.

We all know how certain smells will awake an association with something long ago in our present lives - for instance, the smell of Solo detergent sends me right back to October day in 1984 when I first met Peter in the laundry room under Commons at college - but then I think that somehow, within ourselves, we remember smells that go back much further than our present incarnations - somewhere within our being the memory is held - and one whiff and we're reminded of this. It is especially powerful when it seems to be associated with an emotion. Sometimes I think it is a sort of half-knowing - a smell of this or that will evoke something powerful and long-ago, although *what* or *where* specifically may lie too remotely to retrieve, perhaps. The sight and smell of an oryx at the SF Zoo a couple of weeks ago reminded me *instantly* of having lived a life a very long time ago - like 30,000 years ago or so - in Africa, and I dimly recalled having herded a domestic version of it or something like it. (I later learned that the oryx shares a common ancestor with cattle). The impression just 'flashed' for a moment, but in it was contained such a rich, powerful memory - just a whiff of it.
As you can imagine, the smell of some of the natural dyes - particularly that of madder - does something similar to me.
Alfred asked me, "Do you have any fragrant associations with past lives?"

I responded: As a kid, I would sit at my mirrored "vanity," a dressing table with a flouncy skirt around it. My Ma made the skirt out of pink, gauzy, organza. Anyways, I had a lot of cheap perfumes on it, both some that were given to me and some that my Ma no longer wanted. I'd pour a bit of one into another and then add a dash of another. Eventually, all the bottles were my own "signature" blend. Ha! I used to pretend I was on a TV show demonstrating my perfumery skills.

Also, when Ma and I would go to one of the more upscale department stores, we used to have fun spritzing one perfume/cologne after another on ourselves. Eventually, we must have reeked, but it was all great fun. I did this many, many times as a kid with Ma.

A few years ago I stumbled on to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. When I looked at their offerings, I felt "at home." I most certainly must have done this in a past life or even past lives.

I love Rose Geranium anything. And I'm very attracted to Kuumba Made Tunisian Amber. That smell takes me back to ancient times. Also, lavender calms me like no other fragrance.

Readers, do you have fragrances that "take you back?" If so, please share. Thank you.