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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alfred's Clairvoyant Flash

Alfred, friend and fellow spinner, graciously shared this incredible clairvoyant experience:

A couple of months after graduating from college, I was cat-sitting for a former professor in her apartment while she was on a concert tour in Germany. One day after lunch on one of those near-tropically muggy Vermont summer days, I decided to take a nap after lunch. I didn't fall asleep, but while I lay there resting I had a clairvoyant flash that was as strong as if someone had just momentarily turned on a TV in my head. It lasted all of about a thousandth of a second, but during that micro-slice of time a great deal of very sharp detail and information was given, though I wasn't sure why. In the vision I saw a small room painted pale yellow, with a gurney against one wall.

On the gurney was a sheet-covered human body, deceased, but a feeling of absolutely radiant joy and peace everywhere in the room. In that split second I saw detail so sharply that I could even see the distinctive knobs on the side of the gurney where the level could be raised and lowered, saw the tiles on the floor of the room, and a sink and a kind of long metal bed-table type thing. I also had this kind of super-vision so that I could see (this will probably sound nutty) *the underside* of the gurney as well as the top, and I could also see underneath the floor tiles where there was plumbing. I saw the whole thing from a vantage point that seemed to be near the ceiling of the room. Right away I was flashed information that it was my oldest sister's father-in-law. Weird, I thought.

I didn't really even remember having met him more than once and couldn't even recall his name. I got out of bed and called my oldest sister, intending to tell her about this vision, but before I could tell her she told me that her husband's father had just died moments ago in the hospital two miles away, and she was on her way there to meet her husband. I hadn't known that he had even been ill, since I had just recently arrived from spending June in Washington D.C., and had been out of touch with the family.

I didn't understand why I had such a strong vision about someone I really had zero emotional connection with at all. Years later, the answer 'popped' into my head, and the answer was that although we were not really connected during life, on the Astral Plane we *did* know
each other, and the rest of the message was for me to understand that even during life we do a lot of our work on the Astral plane, much or all of which might be totally unknown to the conscious personality here on the physical plane, and that we can have 'working relationships'
with others on the Astral that might not be reflected in the relationship we have with the living person while incarnate. That is, there are people we know only peripherally or perhaps not even at all, here in life, but that we might just the same have connections on the Astral that are very engaging, like friendships or work partners, and to be completely unaware of this while in ordinary 'waking' time.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this experience of yours, and I'd like to add that it comes at the perfect time in my life as I have been (for the past few weeks) in a depressive state brought on by my pondering, questioning, and feeble attempts at trying to "figure out" existence. I've felt like I have been groping around in darkness for a life raft of sorts, something to pull me out of this terrible place I've been in, and your experience gives me a feeling of purpose. Thank you.

  2. Hello Joshua. I'm so glad that by reading my friend, Alfred's, clairvoyant experience, it has given you peace and comfort. Thank you for commenting and stopping by the blog. May Love and Light surround you now and always. Bright Blessings, Jenny