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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Fiberish Dream

Last night I had a vivid dream that I journaled about this morning. First, it's important to note that I was physically coughing throughout this dream and I knew it (consciously?), but could not stop the coughs. Equally important is the fact that upon waking I did not cough, nor have I coughed all day since (ruling out the onset of a cold or respiratory illness).

In the dream I had made a handspun, handknit piece that was decorated with Tibetan, red beads. I can't say what the piece was exactly. In my sleep I coughed, and at the same time in the dream, all the beads flew off and scattered. Each time I looked for the beads, I coughed.

Upon waking, I told Chris about this dream. He suggested I check Google for the health significance of Tibetan, red beads. Here's what I found on a site called Beads For Health:
"Red crystal amber - improve heart function, increase blood circulation."

Also discussed are dzi beads ~
"dZi beads are one of the most treasured and mysterious beads known today. The oldest dZi beads, which date as far back as 4,000 years ago, came from the Mesopotamia area (Iraq, Middle East), Afganistan, India, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. But the most important and valuable dZi beads originated in Tibet about the time that Buddhism spread to Tibet during the Tang Dynasty (approximately 1,300 years ago)."
"Although there are several types of dZi beads, the most important type is of etched agate and appears to have a dark brown background with a white pattern, but actually the white color is the background. Other varieties of dZi beads include Chungzi and etched/unetched carnelian (spiritual spider adds - carnelian is orange/red!)."
From a health standpoint ~ "dZi beads can help dissipate excessive body heat (also known as “sick wind” in Chinese medicine), which is one of the main causes of illness. They may also help calm the wearer’s mental state and promote physical and spiritual harmony. dZi beads made in ancient times contain more healing properties than modern-made beads, because ancient materials contain more energy and can become even more powerful the more they are worn. Larger beads have a stronger energy field and more healing effects than smaller beads, but the value of some small beads are higher than beads of larger sizes."

This informative website goes on to talk about Master Randy K. Li ~
"Master Li has been an avid Chinese archaic jade collector for over 37 years and regularly contributes his knowledge to an increasingly popular Internet jade forum at He became especially interested in amber over 10 years ago and has studied the history and uses of dZi beads for over 4 years. He was previously a member of the Gemological Association of Great Britain."

"Master Li will be writing a book and/or producing a video teaching the wearers how to apply dZi beads for healing, health keeping, beautification, and pain-relieving, and also the correct way to wear and maintain the beads to keep them working for the owners. In the meantime, if you have questions about the benefits of our dZi beads, please feel free to e-mail Master Li.

I will do some pondering about the symbolic significance of this interesting dream. Tonight I'll also do some "phrase focusing" to see if another dream can shed more light on last night's dream. See the past post, Dreams Of Guidance, for more on phrase focusing.

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