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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chris' Healing

Yesterday Chris and I headed first to Concord, MA and next to Newport, RI. Chris had a meeting in Concord and a society gig in Newport. Me? I came along for the ride. 'twas a bit of a vacation day form me because I planned to find a nice park to read in and do a bit of crocheting.

After the meeting, we were on the road again, heading to Newport. Within a few minutes of driving, Chris reached up and held his neck. I knew his old, chronic, literal, pain-in-the-neck was back aggravating him. He said that he must have been tense during the meeting and probably held his body in a strange way. Strapped in my my seat belt, I attempted to lay two hands on his neck area. Immediately both hands heated up. But the angle I was at was not comfortable so I only kept the hands on his neck for 5 minutes or so. Chris said it helped, but a while later his hand was back up on his neck and he was clearly in pain.

As he told me he was in pain, I could FEEL the energy coming of my hands in my lap. I asked if I could help again but Chris said not to worry and to just rest. I said, "No way, my hands are hot and the healing energy can be put to good use." This time, I just put one hand on his neck, which was far more comfortable for me. I wasn't sure this one-hand technique would work well tho'. Heat was also coming off my other hand in my lap but I just kept it there. Eventually, the hand in my lap became cool, as if it negotiated it wasn't needed to help Chris.

Chris said the heat off my hand was INTENSE, like a hot pad turned up on high. He said it felt great, but was strong. I settled in and had a nudge to keep my hand on his neck as long as possible. The energy didn't let up until we got to Newport. The energy did, however, go through waves of change that both Chris and I could feel. At one point my palm was pulsating. At other times the whole hand had a prickling sensation. At another time, it was if I could feel a laser point of energy going directly where Chris needed it.

When I finally took my hand off of Chris' neck, the pain he was feeling was completely gone. After the gig, I asked him how he was. He said, "No pain at all...not during the gig and not now."

I suggested that Chris be sure to say "thank you" to God, the Angels, my Spirit Guides, my Higher Self, the Universe...whoever was responsible for this healing. Chris immediately said a word of sincere thanks out loud. And I said thank you, too!