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Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Tarot Thoughts

Am presently not reading Tarot at a shop just now (am waiting 'til my spinning/dyeing book is done and in print, knowing that when this occurs my time for more shop reading will present itself) but am still reading via phone and e-mail. I recently had a phone reading and it struck me that the longer/more I read, the more psychic my readings have become. How do I know this? Well, when I'm nudged to say something that for me seems a bit off the wall to a querent, what I've said gets affirmed by a gasp or the querent literally telling me how spot-on what I said was. Also, I get what feels like an electrical surge (kundalini) going up my spine at various times during the reading, especially when what I'm saying is coming from my higher self and/or spirit guides. This got me thinking on the various many books available to Tarot enthusiasts and readers.

There are many excellent books out there which deal with Tarot. I've read several such books myself and know I want to continue my studies by reading more. But what's come to me as a reader is that just as important as Tarot book-learning, is life-learning. Readings are informed by our own experiences. A Tarot book is informed by the author's life experiences and studies. The more we've experienced, the more we bring to the Tarot table. In my case, my whole life has become more psychic over the last few years, so it's no wonder my readings are psychically informed. I mention this combination of book-learning with life-learning because I've encountered readers who wonder if they're "good enough" to read for folks other than themselves. My response would be, "Have you been living life?" If so, then coupled with some basic Tarot knowledge (book-learning) and a familiarity of the cards in your deck(s) (gained by using the cards), adding your life-knowledge and the ability to have a non-judgemental conversation would lend itself to giving good readings.

More advice for the reader who is considering reading for others: 1) Practice reading regularly for yourself. 2) Jump in without fear and read for family and friends. Repeat 1 and 2 from here on out and you'll surely gain confidence in your readings. Continue studying Tarot books that look interesting to you. Some of these books will speak to you and others won't. Pick books that your gut tells you are right for you at this time. A book that's not right now may be fine later on...or not.

One last thought for today is the sentiment I've heard some Tarot readers say: "I can't give a good reading to myself because I know what answer I want and can't accept what the cards offer me." Sounds like an ego that's gotten in the way! I've got to admit I've not had personal issues with this as apparently some others do. I'm not sure what to say about this problem except to keep working on trying to give unbiased readings to yourself. Practicing this seems to me to be the main way to overcome the problem. Any advice for readers who can't read for themselves?

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