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Sunday, August 23, 2009


At two different times when shopping at our local used-items store, "Experienced Goods" in Brattleboro, VT, I found products by Louise Hay. Louise is founder and owner of one of my favorite publishing houses, Hay House. It always feels as if I've struck gold when I find books/DVDs or other neat stuff at stores selling used items, garage/tag sales, etc., and the "Hay" finds were no exception.

The first thing I purchased quite a few weeks ago for a whopping $1 was Louise's, "Heal Your Body ~ The Mental Causes For Physical Illness And The Metaphysical Way To Overcome Them." The book was copyrighted in 1982 but the edition I found was revised and expanded in 1988, Hay House Inc., Carlsbad, CA. This is a little book (83 pages) packed with A LOT of wisdom. Basically, there's a whole slew of health ailments listed that are followed by their probable cause and accompanied by a new thought pattern. The "new thought pattern" is an affirmation that one can say to change the way one thinks.

In the book's intro Louise writes, "... I want to share with you one of the reasons I KNOW that dis-ease can be reversed by simply reversing mental patterns." She goes on to tell how she was diagnosed with cancer of the vagina. After the initial panic of finding out about the cancer, Louise found herself not surprised by the diagnosis given the fact that she was raped at 5 years old and battered physically and mentally as a child. Louise writes, "Being aware that cancer comes from a pattern of deep resentment that is held for a long time, until it literally eats away at the body, I knew I had a lot of mental work to do." Louise goes on to say, "I immediately began to work with my own teacher to clear old patterns of resentment. Up to that time, I had not acknowledged that I harbored deep resentment." She went on to explain how she also went to a nutritionist to start detoxifying her body. Louise writes, "So between the mental and physical cleansing, in six months I was able to get the medical profession to agree with what I already knew; that I no longer had any form of cancer."

Because I suffer from stomach aches, especially when under stress and anxiety, I was anxious to try Louise's affirmations for this problem. Louise writes that the stomach "Holds nourishment. Digests ideas." The probable cause for stomach problems is "Dread. Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate the new." I have now posted a note on my bathroom mirror with the following, recommended by Louise Hay:

I digest life with ease.
Life agrees with me.
I assimilate the new every moment of every day.
All is well.

In addition, I suffer from allergies (mold, tree pollen). The probable cause for allergies is "Who are you allergic to? Denying your own power." (Please see the past post, A Past Life Regression Helps To Reveal "Why Allerg...). In addition, "hay fever's" probable cause is "Emotional congestion. Fear of the calendar. A belief in persecution. Guilt." I have also posted on my bathroom mirror the following, recommended by Louise Hay:

The world is safe and friendly.
I am safe.
I am at peace with life.
I am one with ALL OF LIFE.
I am safe at all times.
My plan is to say these positive affirmations whenever I'm in the bathroom and, once memorized, whenever I think of them. My plan is to say them until they become a permanent part of my thought patterns. It's interesting that one does not, especially at first, have to wholeheartedly agree with these positive affirmations. But if one keeps saying them, the change of mind WILL occur.

The other Hay "find" I purchased just the other day, again for $1, is Louise's 2-DVD set, "You Can Heal Your Life," 2007, Hay House Inc., CA. Chris and I just watched the first DVD of the set last night. WOW!!!!! Lots of positive input from other popular Hay House authors, as well as the sage wisdom of Louise herself. I can't wait to watch the second DVD of the set.

One of the things I learned from the DVD is that it's important to word personal affirmations in a way that miracles can follow. Those of you who follow my other blog, Spinning Spider Jenny, and know me, know that I'm still in the throws of getting a spinning, dyeing, and knitting book ready for printing. But rather than say, "I want the BOOK done," I am saying, "The BOOK is done!"...which it is, since I have written it and now it's simply being edited. So, also on my bathroom wall is the following (Geez, wonderful affirmations are taking over the mirror. So be it!!):

The BOOK is done.
The BOOK is about spinning, dyeing, and knitting.
The BOOK is excellent and beautifully clear.
The BOOK helps people.
Many people buy the BOOK.

Whoever donated the Louise Hay items to "Experienced Goods", a sincere Thank YOU!!!!! Do consider seeing if your library has a copy of anything written or published/produced by Louise Hay.