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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


For those who aren't familiar with pendulums at all, they are a small weight of some sort, be it metal or wood or stone/crystal, that's suspended from a chain or string or line, often with a smaller bead or decorative charm on the opposite end of the chain. Pendulums are personal tools that are used for personal divination. I mention "personal" because once you've acquired a pendulum please do consider not allowing anyone else to use it except have your own vibrations and the bond between you and your pendulum is important to establish and maintain. Pendulum divination works particularly well with yes/no-type questions...the kinds of questions that don't work quite so well with Tarot.

I was first instructed how to use my pendulum from friend, Shirma, past owner of "Kindred Spirits" where I read Tarot until it closed. Shirma had a nice selection of pendulums at the store and I took my time deciding which one I felt most comfortable with and was drawn to. I chose a metal version, a little on the heavy side (as compared to some of the crystal types that hung lightly). It was as if a whole new world opened up to me when I saw how easy it was to access information via a pendulum.

Here's some information regarding pendulums that I recently wrote on the Psychic group on
I use my pendulum quite a bit. After establishing for myself that yes swings forward and backward (like a nod) and no swings from side to side (like someone motioning no with their head), I never asked for it to show me this again. When it stands still after I ask it a question, I know that I’m not meant to know this answer at this time. When it circles, I know that there could be more than one answer that would solve whatever I’m asking (sometimes in this case I do further, more in-depth questioning). When I bring out my pendulum, I do always ask if the answers are coming from the Light (I’m not interested in mischievous or negative spirits who wish to speak through my pendulum). I also ask if the answers tell the truth. That way, I always know that I’m being helped by a high vibrational being or my own Higher Self. I often call whoever answers via my pendulum, my “Pendulum Angel,” but I know that there are more than one high vibrational beings that answer at any given time…sometimes one of my Guides, an Angel, etc…
I keep my pendulum in a little zippered silk case along with some rose quartz. I often carry it in my pocket to be ready whenever I need it. That said I don’t over-use it and am not addicted to asking it for every Tom-Dick-Harry thing.
I always say thank you after an answer is given. I try not to ask the same question more than once, but sometimes I rephrase a question if I think I didn’t ask it clearly to begin with.
It's important to note that each person will have to establish for themselves how their pendulum answers yes or no. In other words, just because my pendulum swings in a particular way for yes, doesn't mean your pendulum will swing the same for yes, etc.

Another tip I can give is to lock your elbow next to your side so that your arm isn't inadvertently moving the pendulum. Interesting tho', there are times I find my whole body acts like a pendulum to answer a question...hmmm. Additionally, I can often feel the answer in my solar plexus area, whether I have a pendulum in hand or not.

When using the pendulum, I don't generally hold the chain right at the opposite end of the pendulum weight (i.e. I tend not to hold the small bead or charm itself), but instead hold the chain about an inch or so after the small bead or charm, letting the chain drape over my pointer finger.

I would love to hear from more of you who use pendulums. It would be great to add your tips and various uses here for easy reference. Additionally, if you have any questions on pendulums we'll do our best to help. Thanks.


  1. How did I miss this? I came here via your other blog - I love this! I have a pendulum, but it was made by someone else that I don't know, and honestly, it doesn't feel personal enough to me to entice me to use it. I think I need to go back home to Wyoming and take it with me, to deconstruct it and personalize it so we can work together.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Kathleen. I'm glad you found and like "The Spiritual Spider." Wishing you all the best with getting your pendulum to be just the way you want it.

  3. This is kind of an old post to respond to, but I enjoy your blog so much I decided to read all of your entries! (I came here from Rav, I'm 'westofthemoon' on there) Anyway, my pendulum is a piece of plain white quartz hung by a piece of Berroco. It's about 90% accurate. I sometimes make a 'spirit board' and ask the pendulum to spell things out for me--should I make a circle before I do this, do you think? To make sure I don't attract negative spirits?

  4. Hello beggarmaid,
    I am thrilled that you are enjoying my posts. Thank you for telling me.

    I believe protection is very important, especially in any divination work. As mentioned in this post you commented on, making sure "who" you are working with, is important. There's some protection ideas in this past post, as well:

    So yes, making a protective "circle" would be a very good practice for keeping negativity and negative spirits away. I'd be interested to learn how you, personally, go about this, if you'd care to share. Thanks.

    BTW, I have very recently removed most of my profile (jennyspider) from Rav and am awaiting permanent removal from the administrators. It was time for me to move on. When something doesn't work in my life anymore, it's healthier for me to simply walk away.

    All the best, Jenny