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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Healing An Elbow That Plays Tennis

Chris has been playing a lot of tennis these days. This is wonderful and healthy for many reasons. The tennis sessions are also not so good in that he keeps aggravating his racket-holding elbow. Diagnosis - tendinitis. A friend of his (actually the jazz poet he plays tennis with) is a homeopathic doctor: Dr. Namaya. Chris was given a homeopathic remedy that helped a lot and he bought a topical homeopathic remedy, Traumeel, that works really well, too...for awhile. But Chris keeps playing tennis, which although fabulous in most respects, keeps bringing back the elbow pain.

Enter wife/spider/spiritual healer thanks to Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel, who I ask for healing and guidance from regularly. What I've been doing of late is a combo of Reiki and Echo Bodine healing techniques. Please see past posts: Summer Solstice; Reiki I Initiation, and Inner Child. Also, A Medical Intuitive Reading With Sue Singleton, describes how at least 100 of my past lives were spent as a healer.

Like Echo, I generally use hankies between my hands and the body being worked on. I did just that for the first session that I worked on Chris' elbow and more. Chris reported complete elbow recovery after that session...until he played tennis again.

Last night, right before we were about to sleep, I asked how Chris how his elbow was? He said it's "not bad" but there is pain. The elbow that hurt was on the opposite side of his body from where I was. I could have crawled over him but this confuses our cat, Chloe and heaven forbid we confuse the cat. I thought I'd try some "distance healing"...or maybe it's called another thing (not-so-far-distance-healing? lol!) in that I put my hand (no hankies) on Chris' healthy elbow, asking that healing go to the elbow that was injured. After just a few minutes, my hand tingled and was definitely emitting heat. I asked Chris, "What do you feel?" He said, "My hurt elbow is pulsating!" Now please keep in mind, this is the elbow I wasn't touching! We both began to fall asleep and eventually I'm sure I simply rolled over and called it a night.

Chris left early this morning for work so I have yet to ask him how his elbow feels. Will find out tonight and report here: I asked Chris when he came home last night and he said his elbow was far less "tender."

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