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Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Lost My Dyepot" Dream

I woke up this morning from an incredibly vivid dream that hit me over the head with its intense symbolism. This was no regular dream and I knew I needed to record it. Chris was bringing up my morning cuppa tea as I woke, so the dream tumbled out of me as I relayed it to him. Even he said I had better get the dream down on

I was in some large city like NYC when Chris dropped me off next to a sidewalk so I could do "something." I soon acquired a metal shopping cart, the wire kind one finds in grocery stores, to carry a bunch of stuff. The only item I remember clearly in the cart was an antique, black iron pot with handle...just like the late 1800's dyepot I use when I want to impart iron into my dyebath via the pot (i.e. pot-as-mordant).

As I walked, I stopped and rearranged the stuff in the cart. At one point I put the iron dyepot on the sidewalk and accidentally left it there. Hmmm.

I found myself next to the door of an old and rundown upper flat apartment. Once let in to the apartment I tried to maneuver my shopping cart through the narrow hallways, knocking things off shelves as I did so. The fine-boned woman in the flat, with her dark, but graying, hair pulled back off her forehead, seemed unruffled by this and asked me to sit down on an old velvet couch. The woman was going to give me a psychic reading but I was embarrassed that I had no $ to give her for her services. She said her name was Madame Blavatsky (note: In awake, conscious life I have never read anything by this woman, nor do I really know anything about her. Just now I Googled the name and have linked what I've found here). I asked for her card, which was a little rectangle of paper that contained all her pertinent information along with a background drawing of a grove of leafless trees, that somehow I knew was significant. How the trees are significant, I do not know.

Even tho' I had no $, she did a reading for me. I told her how my eyes changed color to everything but brown (note: my eyes really do change color!). She validated that I was psychic (note: but now I can't remember the's almost as if I was not supposed to remember these details now...on purpose). I began to get worried that I had left the dyepot on the street and wanted to leave the apartment flat to retrieve it, afraid that it might be gone by now.

Then I woke up.


  1. Wow! spida'

    Hum perhaps, the dye pot being left behind is a suggestion for the waking life?and away she goes into her now life- adventure.
    luv, SageDyer

  2. Ravenstar e-mailed me that she was having problems commenting here...kept saying her url was wrong! Other folks having the same problems? Wonder what's up?!!

    Ravenstar kindly sent the following comment via e-mail:
    Interesting dream, Jenny! What could all the symbolism mean?

    Is it you are entering a new territory, searching for 'something,' something to get you started with a combination of essential elements (powers and talents, shopping cart) that make up and comprise who you are? Within the antiquity of your being lies the ingredients of truth. The cauldron could represent you, body, mind and soul...and was left behind for the 'moment' as a way of stripping away the inner layers and outer shell (narrow hallway) to push you through to another dimention (out of body experience). You were utterly out of 'your depth' (no money).

    Perhaps some of your current beliefs/thoughts/emotions have prevented you from seeing the truth. Blavatsky would say something like, "eyes can change color according to strong changes in one's moods/emotions. The eyes can also mask the soul with a thousand guises"...they are the windows of the soul, perhaps a siutation you are pursuing outwardly needs to be turned around. Did you know the starfish is the only being that can turn itself inside out? 'the way out in' see beyond your current boundaries?

    Madame Blavatsky gave you a reading you said you couldn't remember. It is possible that as you said, you are to physically, mentally, and spiritually discover this 'purpose' for yourself? Re-membering your cauldron was your soul returning to your physical body, to you waking state...perhaps?


  3. Thank you, ravenstar and Jenna, you always give me much to ponder.