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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Psychic Reading For Me

A few days ago I was given a psychic phone reading by Tina Zion. I've never met Tina, who is located in Indiana, but a good friend recommended her services to me. 'tis always good to choose a psychic who comes highly recommended rather than a street-side psychic you don't know...the chance for scamming is just too great.

It's my opinion that "energy is energy" and getting and/or giving an excellent phone reading is just as relevant and potent as getting and/or giving an excellent reading in person. Tina taped our 1-hour session and before the day was over, I had a copy of it in my inbox, which I figured out how to burn to CD.

For ever important validation reasons, Tina did not know anything about me at the beginning of our session. I did have questions, but we saved them for after her initial report of what she saw/felt/heard around me. She first asked me to relax and if I was a prayerful person, which I am, to say a little prayer to open me up and help me to receive. I did so and in a minute or two Tina saw a beautiful, bright, rosy pink/red light around me, turning to purple. She said she saw a beam of energy heading into my heart. She mentioned this was important because she often sees people depleted, with energy leaving them, but not so with me.

Tina saw many, many children all playing around me. The children trusted and listened to me as their teacher. Tina saw me eventually writing a series of children's books that would make Spirit and metaphysical topics non-scary for them.

Tina saw a fairy by/with me...named "Bells or Bella," who was my Joy Guide. The fairy had lovely slanted eyes and suggested I get out in nature more often and walk on earthen paths, not on cement. This practice will cleanse a heaviness that rises through my feet and centers in my back. Tina called the heaviness "gunk." Such gunk came from past experiences and disappointments and was necessary to remove for optimum health.

Tina also verified my Guides: Joshua and Ayala...both coming from high spiritual realms. She said that Yeshue is not Joshua, as I had thought, but a separate Spirit Guide/Adviser (she saw a line between them).

Tina "saw" my eyes squinting, with thick glasses on them, not unlike "Mr. Magoo" glasses. She said this represented me trying to see too hard; working too hard. She said what instead was necessary was to relax and to receive. I was to open my heart and accept what was coming, which included the abundance and financial stability I had been praying for, not to mention the clairaudience and increased clairvoyance that I knew was around the corner. Patience!

I asked Tina if I was a medium? She said yes, matter of factly, and reminded me that all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. She suggested I look into Lily Dale. I confided I had already learned about Lily Dale from the same friend who recommended me to her. In fact, I had prayed that if we were to move, could it be near Lily Dale...then I realized I had just prayed to move to Buffalo! LOL!! Geez, they have more snow than we do in Vermont!!! Perhaps just having enough money to allow me to go to school and take workshops at Lily Dale would suffice, eh?!

I asked if I was on the road to fulfilling my "life purpose" and following my blueprint? She said that I already knew the answer to this...that I was, indeed. She saw a wide path in front of me, interestingly free of hills and mountains, meaning that my road would be unencumbered and was there for me to travel freely. Again she stressed I was ready to "receive."

I asked if she saw in my future more Tarot reading? She said that within two months I would not need the cards anymore for my readings that I offer, unless I wanted to use them to open up. I told her I knew my readings were more psychic now than ever, and she agreed. I told her I liked the cards to "hold on to," or vaguely refer to, but I knew the information came from "elsewhere."

Finally, I asked if anyone from the Other Side would like to speak with me? My Ma, Agnes, came through. Please know that I love my Ma dearly, but we didn't always see eye to eye. My Ma said, "Our relationship was my greatest teacher. We offered each other contrast. This contrast spurred me on and I hope spurred you on to greater knowledge. My perspective is brighter and lighter of life because of you." I can tell you that was crying with relief by the end of this. My Ma spoke of "brother." I'm wondering if she was my brother in a past life? I always thought of Ma having a fair amount of male energy. Or, she could have been referring to the fact that my only brother and I are presently estranged. Ma certainly would advocate to put our differences of opinion behind us and to reconcile, which I'm all for doing, but something tells me my brother needs more time.

Tina also advised that I look into the workbooks and CDs of Sharon Klingler. In particular, I shall save up for: "Speaking To Spirit Deluxe Edition," and "Advanced Spirit Communication And Public Mediumship." I am looking forward to studying these with the same friend who recommended Tina to me.

The work of Lisa Williams was also endorsed. I'll start with getting an inter-library loan for her book, "Life Among The Dead."

After the reading, I went online to check e-mail, etc. I never just dump my "junk" mail because time and time again there's something that's definitely not junky in it. This time sealed the deal on continuing that practice: in my junk mail was an e-mail by a Mr. Bella. Well, now I know my fairy Joy Guide is named Bella, not Bells.

Tina Zion is the real deal. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic reading.


  1. Our winters here in western NY are really not so bad anymore. And, please, come visit us in the Dale any time.

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed Tina. She is such a wonderful person. And I so enjoyed your excitement and enthusiasm. Thanks so much for sharing. You made my day!

    I discovered the Dale this summer via Tina's advice. I enjoyed the workshops I took. And Bob, I sure hope you are right about the winters since I will be travelling back and forth this year and next for Fellowship.

  3. I hope to be joining you, Lee, at the Dale...sooner than later. I can't wait to hear all about what you learn, your adventures, and more.