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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Going Back To School

I'm seriously considering going back to school for an online Master's degree in Parapsychic Science at AIHT. And my lofty dreams don't end there...perhaps that Master's will lead to a PhD in the same discipline. I ordered a catalog from this school over a year ago and my interest in their particular program has not waned, despite having done some research on other such schools. Today I called AIHT and will be talking with an adviser soon.

Chris has been very supportive as we head towards a decision, siting that I don't need to give up what I inhaled in the fiber arts field at all. Instead, he suggested I consider to think ahead about the Master's thesis and PhD dissertation...perhaps incorporating what I learn in the degree programs with study of sacred textiles and the spirituality/religion/philosophy behind them, textiles that were inspired and channeled from the Other Side, prayer shawls, textiles associated with healing, learning about various regions and cultures where textiles go hand in hand with their spiritual practices, etc. The possibilities are exciting!!!!

Additionally, we've been talking about me taking related workshops from instructors and places I'm interested in. In particular, Sylvia Browne has a hypnosis workshop leading to a certificate that I'd like to strongly consider. Also, I KNOW that there will be various classes at Lily Dale that I'll not want to miss. I plan to keep an eye out for workshops lead by many of the authors whose books I've been devouring over these last couple of years.

That old saying, "When a door closes, a window opens," never felt better nor more correct. I've recently ended my three year run of writing on my first blog, "Spinning Spider Jenny." The timing seemed perfect for such an ending...the blog had served its purpose of helping me write a book and share what I've learned over the last thirty years. I experienced no sadness from this ending; only relief and joy. Also, Chris and I jointly decided it was time for me to stop teaching spinning in person. Instead, we're beginning the research needed to produce downloadable spinning and dyeing instruction that will be available for sale online in the future. The thought of working hand-in-hand with Chris on this project makes me very happy.

The future is bright! I'm going back to school!! Yippeeee!!!


  1. Hi Jeannine, I'm a complete beginner and just found your blog. I will come this way again as I am recognising a kindred spirit!
    Shanti, Morvah

  2. Hello and welcome, Morvah! Thank you for your kind comment. Do, please, come back again!