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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Astrology Self-Study!

After more recent internet research I have decided that the online metaphysical schools are NOT for me (see past post, Pros and Cons of Schools/Programs). No need to go into more pros and cons as what I found were a whole lotta cons. Sigh. If you find any such school or program that looks good to you, please let me know. I'm always open to checking things out.

At this point, my plans are to eventually take some of the offerings at Lily Dale and the Fellowships of the Spirit (located in same area as Lily Dale). As I wait until the two-part "Spiritual Insight" training taught by Elaine Thomas is held in spring 2010 (part one is being held May 14-16 or May 21-23; part two is scheduled for June 11-13), I have become antsy to begin some sort of in-depth studies on my own. 'course this is in addition to whatever new (usually used) book I've cracked into that catches my fancy...

I've always been interested in astrology (even as a kid), knowing that there was soooo much more beyond the Sun horoscope featured in newspapers. You, too? Does "As above, so below" ring true for you? A few years ago I plowed through the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology," by Gerwick-Brodeur and Lenard...not a bad introduction really, albeit the rotten title. Then one summer I read most of "Alan Oken's Complete Astrology," by, yes, Alan Oken. This was also quite good tho' not the easiest of reading, and I remember fondly reading quotes to Chris out of the book as we basked in the sun next to a local lake.

But what I was on the lookout for astrology-wise was a self-study book or group of books that were highly recommended by well-known astrologers AND user-friendly. In a used bookstore, I found the first three in a series of astrology books by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers that fit the bill. The first title is "The Only Way To Learn Astrology; Vol. 1: Basic Principles." I'm glad I wasn't too turned off by the rather pompous title. Just inside the cover were praises for the series by respected astrologers such as Robert Hand and Steven Forrest, amongst others, and for good reason.

After working through several chapters of "The Only Way...," I can say I really, really, like it! The information is clear and the quizzes at the end of the chapters are great to check what I've learned. I'm finding that it's helpful to memorize some of the info in order to make it more second-nature, and to give me a good foundation. Sure, as a kid I memorized stuff for tests, but this time it's because I want to, not because I have to.

So, into a bag I keep this first book of March and McEvers, tools (pen, pencil, compass, protractor, ruler), and plenty of paper. The bag travels with me and has already provide hours of enjoyment and study at the various libraries I find myself in of late.

For those of you looking for good online astrology sources, do check out: Astrodienst and Astrotheme. Both have tons of free information, including free horoscopes that are based not just on your Sun sign, but on your entire chart. You just need to plug in your birthdate, where you were born, and the accurate time of your birth. One offering at Astrodienst I did pay for a few years back was Robert Pelletier's "Personal Portrait"...well-worth the price and something I find myself referring to again and again.


  1. I'm sorry those classes are not working out for you but I have a feeling you are finding your way just fine :) I had forgotten about the Astrodienst site we used to check and that you paid for a tremendous amount of info. Perhaps I look mine up again and actually read it. Perhaps.