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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Energy Emanating From Objects

This morning Chris and I were discussing favorite and some not-so-favorite presents we each received at Christmas as kids. Chris brought up a store-bought, red, wool sweater with fancy buttons given to him by his grandmother. I asked him if he liked it. Chris said, "No." On questioning him why, he said, "It was the lack of positive energy coming off it. Dull. Lifeless." Interesting answer.

On thinking, I too, can remember otherwise perfectly nice presents that resonated with me the same way. It didn't necessarily have to do with liking or not liking the person who gave the present. But I do think that objects, presents included, can pick up and resonate with positive energy, or negative energy, or any other type of energy. Kids, in particular, still in possession of and capable of utilizing their keen intuition and 6th sense (if they've been lucky enough not to have that intuitive nature squashed out by "well meaning" adults), can "feel" the vibes from objects. For instance, if grandma bought the sweater just because she had to get something, and not out of love and joy, who is to say that grandma's ambivalence, even unto negativity, doesn't remain in the object? Interesting to ponder.

And come to think about it, high price or popular worth had little to nothing to do with me loving a present. To this day I have "little" things I continue treasure because I know...because I still can feel... the loving intention behind the gift.

Taking this further is the topic of psychometry. From psychometry is "The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it." When I went to see Brian Weiss speak this past year (see post: Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC) he had us do a psychometry exercise that was fascinating.

On a somewhat different note, I explained to Chris how I tend to love what many people would consider passe or old-fashioned. For instance, as an adult I love writing with cartridge pens...the very same kind of Sheaffer pen than I used as a kid in the '60s (pre-ballpoint). And then there's the wind-up clock that I purchased for us this battery, no electricity. Such items evoke wonderful childhood memories for me. Just using them brings me joy and warmth. I wonder if long after I've crossed over someone will get those same warm feelings when they touch my favorite pen or clock?

On this New Year's Eve, may all that surround you give you joy and warmth. Wishing you Peace and Love for 2010 and beyond.

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