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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Distance Healing And Phone Reading From Lee

My friend Lee...or as Alexander calls her "Ma's Psychic Friend" attending school at Lily Dale, where I, too, aspire to go to. Recently she gifted me a wonderful phone reading which I'd like to share here.

Prior to the reading, Lee scheduled a distance healing for me. We decided on a time and my only requirement was that I rest and relax. After the healing, Lee phoned me and told me what she saw/felt. Beautiful indigo and purple surrounded me, giving way to light lavender and waves of light yellow. A talented handspinner herself, earlier she was looking through some of her unspun fibers and noticed a roving of the same colors she saw during the healing. She was told that the fibers were for me. For Jenny? Yes, for Jenny. The colors are significant for me at this time. Lee will be sending them to me. Gee thanks, Lee!

As Lee did the healing, I saw bubbles rising from my body. They were iridescent.

Here's some of the notes I took as Lee spoke to me ~
-Head/crown energy; ears: opening up.
-Back of neck: she felt her right thumb and forefinger push up a bit here; went left over forehead.
-A lot of tension between shoulder blades and neck.
-Some tension at small of back, though not that bad.
-Lee knelt and held my hands; knees, legs.
-Did some Light energy work on front and sides of face and throat.
-Drawn to shoulder blades again.
-Heart chakra and behind: color change to blue, yellow, and green. Darker colors here.
-Slight heaviness in heart; holding a lot there. Going through grief (missing my brother and a friend), loss; big weight; turned dark then slightly lighter green to blue. Gradual healing; must work through and let go. OK to move on.
-Left brain vibration. Left brain working overtime; over-analyzing; imbalance.
-Needs to spin for balance; not for work. As hard as spinning presently is for me, it's something I need to do; will center me and balance everything going on.
-Three sides to me:
1) wife/mother/outside world/friend: Hamster on wheel. Headaches caused by overdriven left brain.
2) intuitive: Good to zero in on. Lot of progress. Whoa with the "gotta do". No need to put pressure on self. Slow down. You're not going to lose it. In right place at right time. Flow. Don't push. Beware of picking up boulders and putting them in front of me; beware of setting up my own obstacles; building my own barriers. Pushing too hard. Easier and gently. Step back and breathe. Stop worrying what you need to study; you'll know.
3) spinner: Huge issue and hard. Don't force. Called to do more and more for fun. Playful feeling; do for love of it again. Consider spindling again; no pressure. Take time out and play with spindle; allow little bits at a time. Sit and breathe. Wheel is fine but spindle may work better for me now in life. Put spindle next to computer; kitchen counter. Will help center me.
-Whirlwind and chaos. Reconnect at heart and soul level. Childlike wonder. Book work will have turning point in March and GREAT release in May.
-Too serious. Need joyfulness. You go girl. Take wide perspective.
-Reading for others comes naturally. Gives inner peace. Doing not because you need to read but because you like to. You are healing people already via these readings; by what you do. Inner calling.

Thank YOU so much, Lee.

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