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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Reading In Between The Olympics; Rob's Thoughts On A Dream I Had

With the Winter Olympics presently on TV...set in Canada, no less (a country I've loved ever since we lived in Toronto during 3 years of the '90s)...I'm not getting much done work-wise in the evenings. But uncommonly lengthy and luxurious lounging on the couch with Chris is taking place as we watch folks fly through the air on skis and snowboards, and skate their way to gold on ice. Last night as we watched the ice dancing finals, Chloe our cat made her way to us from the back of the couch, mountain-lion-style down our shoulders, to my lap, with just a paw on Chris. Chris looked at me; then looked at the ice dancers; then looked at Chloe and said, "I'm watching ice dancing with a cat's paw on me." Let's just say Chris would have never guessed this scenario would have happened to him in a million years.

In between watching all this Olympic glory, there are plenty of commercials. We simply turn off the sound at that point, and sometimes even a bit of reading gets done. Because an interlibrary loan book came in for me from the library, I've put all other reading on hold and have immersed myself in the said library book. It is "Memories of the Afterlife," by Michael Newton, and believe me, it's excellent. I have read two other Michael Newton books, "Journey of Souls," and "Destiny of Souls," but it's been awhile since I read them and I had forgotten just how GOOD Dr. Newton's books are. In fact, I think a reread of those first two books is in order because now I believe I'll get even more out of them.

What makes "Memories of the Afterlife," so good is that past life and life-between-lives regression therapists who are members of the Newton Institute, having been trained by either Dr. Newton or Newton Institute-sanctioned instructors, have written about sessions that they have conducted. Each chapter of the book features a different session and they're all amazing. What's particularly cool for me is that I have had sessions with two different regression therapists who have each written a chapter: Trish Casimira and Tina Zion. Trish also co-edited the book. You can read about the past life session I had with Trish in the past posts: Past Life Regression Part 1, Past Life Regression Part 2, Past Life Regression Part 3, and Past Life Regression Part 4. You can read about the psychic reading I had with Tina in the past post, A Psychic Reading For Me. Both of these regression therapists can do life-between-lives therapy but I've not had the chance to do this yet...someday! In fact, a future goal for me is to get trained as a past life and life-between-lives therapist myself.

Another book that arrived recently, this time via mail as a used book, is "The Law of Attraction ~ The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham," by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I bought this book because it was recommended reading by Tina Zion. But when it came, I distinctly heard, "Chris needs to read this first." I said telepathically, "Chris? Really?" "Yes Chris," is what I heard. Well, it was interesting telling Chris this revelation and I did so carefully and in as non-threatening a way as possible. He said, "OK," and that night began reading. Good sign that he keeps on reading. I can't tell you how the book is yet, but if Chris is any indication, it's at the very least compelling reading.


Not long ago I had the following dream. I wrote it up on Facebook. Friend, Rob, saw what I wrote and commented. Look for his comments in purple italics below. Thank you, dear Rob.

I had one nightmare after another last night. In the last one, I readily took on illnesses, like various cancers, in order to see what I looked like with them. Then I drew a self portrait, so I wouldn't forget how I looked with these diseases. Is it any wonder that Chris woke up with me clinging to him for dear life?!

What I found curious was the self-portrait you drew because you didn't want to "forget" your own face... as if you knew there would come a time you couldn't even recall this particular "you".

This could refer to preparations for the next life, or it could be a memory of another life your unconscious is searching for.

The illnesses just mean decay, the process of "coming apart" or to put it another way, the loss of this recognizable you.

Terror, the nightmare aspect is almost always not knowing how or when we will quit this life or what we will find next... if anything.

We have deep existential "holes" in our worlds where the rational mind cannot trespass, where only our souls, in cryptic dreams, can wander.

Do not fear the darkness, anymore than you fear the warm summer night, or closing your eyes to nap, or mist on mountains.

To not see is to be able to wonder, and to be surprised.

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