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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Vermont Evening With John Holland

I was so excited when Chris had said for me to buy one ticket so that I could see John Holland, psychic medium. Prior to this, I had read one of John's books, "Psychic Navigator," and was half-way through his newest book, "The Spirit Whisperer." John was to be at the Peace of Mind Emporium in Rutland, Vermont on Saturday, March 27, 2010. To cut down on cost, Chris opted not to go to the event himself, but he did drive me to and from it, and definitely listened to me going on and on about my evening on the drive home.

Actually, I had never seen a psychic medium of John's fame prior to last week. I had seen the famous Past Life Regression therapist, Brian Weiss, as noted in the past post, Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC, but never a psychic medium. Having now done so, I have proclaimed to Chris that I NEED to see John again AND the other psychic mediums who interest me whenever possible. Chris doesn't even flinch or question requests such as this anymore...he knows I'm more than serious. He knows this isn't just a whim of mine. He knows I'm a metaphysical student who is learning all she can. My own favorite saying is, "I spent 30 years becoming a fiber artist. It would be grand to spend another 30 years aiming to become an enlightened fiber artist."

So what made the evening so special? A combination of John Holland's down-to-earth personality and wonderful sense of humor, his amazing psychic gifts, and validation after validation after validation... I regret not having my own notes to draw on...there was SO MUCH...but I wouldn't have wanted to miss anything with my nose in my notes, so I'll only be able to touch on highlights in this post.

The place was packed. I think just about all of the 90 tickets sold. Probably 95% were women. No little children that I could see. Many "families" came together, which I didn't realize until the messages started coming through.

No one came through personally for me but that was OK. My time to hear from crossed over loved ones via a psychic medium will come in the future. Here are some spirits that did come through:

A family lost three of their members only 2 or so months ago...a little 3 year old girl, the girl's auntie, and the auntie's husband. Their snowmobiles broke ice in a lake and all three drowned. John wanted the family to know that the aunt was showing that she had hit her head (perhaps they all hit their heads), as well, prior to drowning. It was so emotional for everyone in the audience. I can't remember all the details of what the spirits said, but I do believe that the mom who lost her little girl also has a son, and John mentioned that there's a good chance she'll have another baby in the future.

A 70+ year old woman lost her brother to a suicide. Because suicide victims don't have enough energy to open the door for communication on their own, another crossed-over sister did so for him and stepped aside so the brother could talk. Once he finished speaking, the sister was quite a hoot. She said to the sister in the audience, "What's up with the broken pearl necklace?" The woman gasped. John said, "The sister is telling you that you need to get the clasp fixed and wear the pearls." The woman said the pearl necklace was their mother's.

In all of John's 20 years of reading for people, he had never encountered a "dwarf"...little person...spirit coming through. But the spirit that night was just that, and the grandfather of a woman in the audience. He may have been little in stature, but he was big on personality. Even when John went on to the next reading, the dwarf spirit walked right in front of him, trying to get his attention again!

Another woman's father came through. He had crossed over more than 25 years ago. John asked, "Did your father drink some kind of "sterling brand" wine? He said he was seeing a bottle with a label that said "sterling" on it. The woman laughed and said, "My father would drink ANYTHING. And his name was Sterling." Oh gosh, I couldn't help but laugh...

I know there were more readings, but those were the highlights. A neat thing was that John had a woman assistant who writes down pertinent info regarding the readings and gives it to the person who was read for. Nice, because surely they wouldn't otherwise remember all that John had relayed from their loved one(s). Geez, I can't remember more than a small % of it all.

It's interesting how spirits "build" on letters or words from previous readings. For instance, if the spirit's name began with "B" or had double B's in the name, then more spirits with those letters often come through. John said he sees this kind of thing all the time.

When John talked about how our beloved pets also cross over and gave examples of past readings, I couldn't stop thinking about my own Standard Poodle, Buns, who shared my life back in the '70s. Knowing that I'll someday see Buns again makes me very, very happy.

This past week I have ordered a few more of John Holland's books that I'll no doubt write about after I read them. Thank goodness for used books that can be purchased online!!!

Have you seen or been to a psychic medium in person? If so, please share your experiences with us. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strength In The Word No

It's taken me a lifetime to learn how to say no and mean it. Even now, I have to keep working on this issue because it's easy to fall back into patterns of yes-yessing and regretting my oh-so-readily-given compliance later. "No" doesn't have to come from a place of negativity. "No" can be born in renewed strength and self confidence. "No" can be healthy on all fronts. "No" can not only serve the person who is saying it, but be in the best and highest interest of all involved.

When something or someone is not working or is not a positive influence anymore in my life, I find that the best thing for me, if possible, is to walk away from the person/situation. I become ill when I take on what others are thinking and feeling, negating my own thoughts and feelings. For years Chris would ask me, "Why are you internalizing their issues; their pain; their hangups?" Well, there's that whole empath thingy that I am: See past posts, Empathy Help!!!, On Being An Animal Empath, and Learning To Believe In Yourself.

Sometimes this walking away is extremely painful, such as when the person you leave behind is a friend or family member. But if saying no in these circumstances comes from a place of love, and if I remain open to the situation changing for the better, knowing that I'd be willing to renew the relationship should the situation become healthy again, then saying "no" is good for all concerned. Infusing some needed "airspace" around unhealthy muck can help breathe goodness back into it, or at the very least keeps the muck from expanding.

Chris gave me a good talkin' to several nights ago. On the subject of my waayyyy too frequent headaches and stomach upsets (see the post: Herbal Tinctures And Infusions), he said that me, myself, and I let this happen. At first I argued with him, but then knew he was correct. Chris said I gave up my power and needed to take back what was rightfully mine. He asked me to envision a spigot from my head to the rest of my body. I was to visualize turning off the spigot when negativity from others creeped in. I was to shout NO! For the last five days, when a headache or stomach ache tried to take hold, I did just that...I said, "NO, NO, NO!" Guess what, the pain went away, due to the personal strength of saying no and reclaiming my own power. Well, and I'd be remiss not to add that I received A Whole Lot of help from my Angels and Guides.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Herbal Tinctures And Infusions

Those who have known me a long time know that I had suffered from migraines for years, and stomach problems for several of those years. The migraines cleared up after my past life regression session with Trish Casimira: Past Life Regression Part 2. But I still get low-level, frustrating, headaches that are caused by any combination of the following: stress, perimenopause, sinus inflammation, allergies, and simply thinking too hard. And then there were those times that my stomach felt like battery acid was churning inside it.

My usual go-to remedy over many years involved popping Excedrins or Excedrin-Migraines, but this was not until straight Tylenol, and Advil, and whatever-ol/il proved useless. I tried various prescription drugs but they made me dizzy and nauseous and just-plain-weird. I worried about aspirin because my Ma had suffered from the same maladies as me and burned holes in her stomach from excessive aspirin use. Yes, Excedrin has aspirin in it, but I figured it wasn't as bad as the straight stuff. No doubt I was wrong. It would take 3 Excedrins at once to alleviate even a bit of pain in my head and those babies sitting in my stomach wreaked havoc.

Always on the lookout for safe alternatives to address my health issues, I was drawn to the books of Susun Weed. In particular, I got a used Amazon copy of "New Menopausal Years ~ The Wise Woman Way." I followed that up with another used copy of her, "Healing Wise." I also got out a book I already owned, "Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal ~ A Guide To Living Life With Energy, Health, and Vitality." EXCELLENT books, all three.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I purposely did NOT write exactly how much of anything I use (especially regarding tinctures), nor how many times I use it in a day...or week...etc. It is important that you research any herbs for their benefits and cautions before ingesting. Do your own homework, please.

Anyways, here's my regimen these days: I make an infusion of dried stinging nettle leaves, dried oatstraw, and dried raspberry leaves...all purchased at our handy-dandy Brattleboro Food Co-op. An infusion is a STRONG brew that's been steeping a lot longer than a regular cuppa tea. How long? Depends whether you're brewing leaves, roots, or whatever. For my blend, I wait at least 4 hours for steeping, but often it's overnight. Friend, Maureen, had given me this neat little teapot that has a mesh insert, perfect for lots of plant material. I fill the insert 'til full, pour boiling water over it 'til the pot is full, and get two mugs of infusion.

The benefits? Per Rosemary Gladstar...
Nettle leaves: superior tonic herb; Chinese "long life" herb...vitamin factory-rich in iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium and more; activates the metabolism by strengthening and toning the entire system; great for kid's growing pains; an excellent reproductive tonic for men or women; alleviates PMS and menopausal symptoms; strengthens weak kidneys; excellent for liver problems, allergies, and hay fever.

Oatstraw (green milky tops, seeds, stalks): among the best of the nerve tonic herbs; superior cardiac tonic; for those who are overworked, anxious, stressed; good for irritated and inflamed nerve endings; used for nervous system disorders, depression, low sexual vitality and urinary incontinence; helps for damage with myelin sheath (covers and protects nerve fibers; soothes irritation from nicotine and other chemical withdrawals; rich in silica, calcium, chromium, and magnesium.

Red Raspberry leaves: highly nourishing reproductive tonic; rich source of iron, niacin, and manganese; invaluable to treat diarrhea, helps reduce excessive menstruation.

Then there's the tinctures (also procured at the Brattleboro Food Co-op). A tincture is (according to Rosemary Gladstar): concentrated liquid extracts of herbs; very potent; taken by the dropperfu and most often diluted in warm water or juice. Most tinctures are made with alcohol (80 to 100 proof vodka, gin, or brandy) as the primary solvent or extractent, but can be made with vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar instead.

The tinctures I have chosen to take are as follows. Benefits as per Susun Weed:
Wild yam (from whole rhizomes): an anti-inflammatory; improves digestion; strengthens liver and gallbladder; treats nausea, lowers blood pressure; improves circulation; calms nerves; prevents incontinence; moderates hot flashes; high in cobalt, zinc, and manganese.

Dandelion (leaves, roots, flowers): rich in plant hormones; nourisher to liver; eases digestive distress; eases hot flashes; helps prevent diabetes.

Motherwort (leaves and flowering tops): eases stressed nerves; relieves anxiety; relieves faintness and severity of hot flashes; reduces water retention; eliminates menstrual cramps; strengthens heart; lifts depression; relieves congestion in respiratory passages; full of minerals and alkaloids. (caution: Do not use daily if you bleed heavily or are "easily habituated to substances that make you feel really good.")

And when I'm actually experiencing a headache, I use a combo of...
St. John's Wort (fresh flowering and budding tops): Susun Weed calls this "bottled sunshine." Sedates headaches; helps relieve SAD (seasonal affective disorder); with grief; physical pain of depression.

...and Skullcap (flowering herb): sedates headaches; relieves sensitive skin; sleep inducing, but not habit forming; eases pain of broken bones; a source of vitamin C and copper.

I'm hoping to be able to make my own herbal tinctures come summer, especially using the dandelions from our yard. My Grandpa Leopold, who was born in Austria, had it right when he would collect fresh dandy greens for salads and more. It's more than smart NOT to eradicate your weeds with poisonous chemicals.

I'm also using homeopathic meds (excellent because there are no side effects from these and they can be used in conjunction with the herbal remedies), but I'll save that discussion for a future post.

Are YOU using herbal remedies? If so, please let us know about their benefits; pro's and con's; your thoughts on them; etc. Thanks!

Oh...something funny that happened the other day...I was browsing the health-care aisles of our co-op, looking for something to help me with the aggravating nail fungus that I can't seem to completely get rid of. Apparently 25% of the population has the same problem. I've tried a variety of products, including a tea tree oil solution that ate up all the skin around my nails. Enough of that!!! Anyways, as I was looking around, an employee asked if she could help me. I told her about my problem. Talk about Spirit putting someone in front of me who would be able to help! She asked if I ever tried Black Walnut tincture? I said that no, I hadn't heard of that as a remedy. She said she used it herself and got rid of the fungus completely. Woo-hoo, what better tincture for a natural dyer who already has strong and lasting admiration for black walnut. Well, that night I put some drops on my toes. To say my toes looked gross...all brown and nasty...would be an understatement. I showed Chris and he said, "Never a dull moment with you, my New Wave gal." LOL!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Pendulum Reading

I was chatting with my very psychic friend, Lee, today and remembered that she had done a reading for me over a year ago. She used her pendulum during the reading. Here is what she wrote to me after the reading:

Pendulum Work Re: Jenny and St. Teresa of Avila
1/23/09 10:46 pm to 12:20 am

This information is confirmed to be for Jenny's best and highest good. St. Teresa is important to Jenny in this lifetime. They have never been incarnated together before; they've never had any connection before this lifetime. They made a contract together before Jenny's birth in this lifetime; it is part of her life plan. Jenny did not choose St. Teresa. St.Teresa chose Jenny.

Jenny prayed to St.Teresa as a child. She saw St. Teresa in her dreams; not in physical reality; not like an apparition. There were 2 visitations in her dreams. These visitations were not so St. Teresa could give her a message. They were in response to her prayers; her desire to see and be like St. Teresa. The visitations were meant to validate her prayers and her connection.

The first visitation happened when you were 8 years old and the 2 visitations were 11 months apart. These visitations were not blocked out; it was simply like a child forgetting a dream upon awakening. You did not verbalize or tell anyone about these experiences. They were not stressful or fear inducing in any way. They were comforting, like a child's innocence and faith. They were not the reason for her sleeping problems nor did they come during the time of your sleeping problems. They came before. They were a totally separate event with no correlation.

Your sleeping problems were fear induced. It had to do with an interaction between you and one of your brothers, not a physical exchange but a verbal exchange. You were not angry at your brother; your brother was angry at you. (I physically feel tension in my chest and a clenching in my abdomen). He did not physically hurt you, he emotionally hurt you (I feel lots of inner tension physically). He did not mean to intimidate, threaten or hurt you. It was never intended. He was not of his right mind and something was said to you in anger. Anger directed at you but for nothing that was your fault. That induced fear and you took it to heart although you had no responsibility in this (not your fault). No one else witnessed this exchange. Your parents never knew of this exchange, nor did other family members. You never told anyone; you were too fearful to tell. You couldn't tell anyone. You were traumatized by by this incident and blocked it out almost immediately. It was this one incident that caused the sleeping problems. You did not replay this incident in your dreams; however, you were working thru the emotion of fear in your dream state. That is why you were afraid to sleep.

Confirm again St. Teresa is one of your spirit guides. Confirms that she is one of Sonia Choquette's guides also. St. Teresa is one of your protector guides.

Pendulum work re: previous information. Trying to confirm.
1/24/09 8:07 am to 9:48 am
Re: Fear incident with brother.

Your brother did not talk about death; he talked about evil, about the devil. He did not call you evil; this was not directed at you. He was having a psychotic break and you witnessed it. There was so much negative emotion and anger as he spoke. He was not angry at you; he was hallucinating at the time; he did not recognize you as his sister. He saw you as part of his hallucination. (I physically feel clenching in my stomach and tightness in my chest, tremendous fear that you felt). You could not control the situation; you did not understand the situation and therefore internalized the situation that it was you and you were the cause. It was too much to handle so you mentally blocked it out. (I physically feel a lot of stomach discomfort, tight clenching). Primal fear kicked in; fear for your safety. Your mind blocked it out but the repression of these feelings/emotions has caused physical digestive problems (I am physically feeling cramping, nausea, irritable bowel) which still to some extent affect you today. This issue is not resolved but can be resolved. You can resolve these issues on your own. I am not to know how; not my concern; but you will know how for your best and highest good.

There is nothing more I need to tell you about this incident with your brother. I do not have his name right; it has to do with a nickname or a pet name you called him. Still hear D like Dan Don Den. His birth name was different than what you called him.

(At this point I was thinking of St.Teresa connection again and asked about you seeing auras, etc.). Auras, gift of sight is new to you. You did not possess psychic abilities as a child or while growing up. You possessed deep rooted faith in angels and guardians; the power of prayer.

Something else needs to be said to Jenny. Nothing else with your brother, nothing else about St. Teresa; nothing about developing psychic gifts. It has to do with her mom. It has to do with what her mom said to Jenny about her son. It had nothing to do with Jenny. It was her mom externalizing her own feelings of being unappreciated, of struggling her whole life and being misunderstood.

She didn't mean to hurt you; she loved you. (I feel physical tremendous pressure in my head, chest is heavy and tight, feeling deep sadness, depression, bad headaches). These feelings are not me but your mom's; your mom suffered from deep long lasting depression, severe mood swings, outbursts, explosions of anger, not anxiety, not bi-polar. She never sought help or treatment because she didn't realize or know that this is what she had. She wasn't in denial; it was just how she was and she didn't know any different.

She was not in control of this and it was not her fault. It was a physiological, chemical imbalance that she had her whole life. So her negative behavior was never directed at her children or loved ones intentionally; she honestly had no control. Because of this, your mother struggled tremendously in her life. (I physically feel so much pain in my head, so much sadness, fatigue.)
She did not show affection well. It's not like she didn't know how; it's like she was unable, physically unable, mentally/emotionally unable. She is telling me this and making me feel this. There is so much pain; she wishes things were different. She loved you tremendously and deeply saddened that she couldn't show it. Your father could see your mom's struggle. He knew her struggle and could see right thru it. He loved her and was the only person in her lifetime that could see thru everything and love her regardless of her actions. He had unconditional love for her that she needed. She wanted/needed unconditional love from her children and wanted to express unconditional love to her children but her actions and behavior prevented that from happening.

This is important ---- She wants you to know that she tried her best, to the best of her abilities, the best she knew how. The unconditional love was always there for you. In her heart and soul she loved you tremendously. (I am physically crying now; they are not my tears but hers.) (My heart physically hurts, not mine...this is her) Her tears and heartache are for you, Jenny, because you incorporated into your life that there was something wrong with you, you were to blame, you were unlovable. You took this on yourself as your responsibility. It was not you; it never was about you. It was about her and her struggles and she wants you to know that. She is desperate to have you know that. This is why she prompted you to tell me the most hurtful thing she said to you. This is why I had an immediate physical reaction to it when you told me and I said "Ouch" on the phone. (I physically felt like a blow to the chest; my heart hurt. I couldn't breathe; my throat constricted. These were not my feelings or yours; they were your mom's I was feeling at that time and also now as I write this.)

Your mom is responsible for you telling me that incident because your mom wanted you to understand, to release that negativity and fear and to move on and know you are loved. You always were and always will be loved.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chris' Question

Last night Chris asked a question that was similar to questions that would have come out of my own mouth. He asked, "If money and other obstacles were not in the way, what are two things that would make your life better right now?" After I got over my surprise at him asking such a question...after all, this is a man who can't answer my questions of what are his favorite colors or his favorite foods...I answered...

Without a moment's hesitation, I proclaimed we'd need to go for a long, extended trip to Paris, coupled with months of rest in the south of France; with lots of reading, drinking of wine, and eating bread and cheese. Chris said, "You feel we need a trip?" I replied, "Yes and a verrryyyy long trip, indeed." "OK," Chris went on..."What else?"

I told him I'd want to be wherever we should be so that his dreams could go forward. He frowned and said, "No, that doesn't work. I'm not sure exactly of what I should be doing, so stick to you." Then he, uncharacteristically, answered for me. Chris said, "You need to be studying full-time at Lily Dale." I said, "Yep, that about says it all." We left it there, knowing that the conversation was far from over.

This morning I asked, "So what universities are around Lily Dale?" And when Chris responded, I said, "Do any of them have music programs?" He said, "Yes." And I smiled and said, "So how IS the music scene in Buffalo?"

I think Pandora's Box has clearly been opened.

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Waking Up Psychic"

I've entered my 5th year of guiding what began as a true lightbulb moment: the seed idea of a fiber arts book was planted...segueing to the writing of a spinning and natural dyeing book inspired by the works of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen...skipping to the publishing and eventual printing of, "Spinning Around." Schoolhouse Press has helped to take my dream to reality and I'm very grateful that they thought the project worthy to do so. The end of this journey is finally in sight and hopefully in no more than a few months, actual copies of the book will be in the hands of whoever wants them.

Over these years I've been asked, "So what will your next book be?" Usually my response to such a question is an astonished wrinkled brow, caused by my eyes widening and gaping at whoever asked this question. My mind, on such occasions, would sarcastically think, "You have GOT to be kidding."

Friend, Jenna, would look knowingly at me and say something like, "Oh ya, you're going to write another book but it won't be strictly in the fiber arts." She'd go on to say, on more than one occasion, that I'd be developing a Tarot deck and accompanying book with a spinning and dyeing theme. Hmmm..neat idea... And then there are those books with a strictly metaphysical bend that apparently are waiting for my authorship. Hmmm. Then just recently, my friend, Betty, an editor in the publishing world herself, said blending a psychic theme with a fiber arts theme would have a genuine readership "out there." Hmmm.

In the wee hours of this morning I had another lightbulb moment, somewhere in the mists between a sleeping dream and a day dream. The title of my next book...and I can hardly believe I'm even thinking about this, let alone typing it...will be, "Waking Up Psychic." For that's what has happened to me in my middle age. I woke up psychic. And something tells me this story is far from over. Just like when I wrote blog posts for "Spinning Spider Jenny," this next book already has its roots tangled up with blog posts; this time the posts making up the very blog you're reading now, "The Spiritual Spider."

Here's a question: What would YOU do if you woke up psychic? Some folks answering might say that they'd freak out. I can tell you this whole waking-up-psychic-thingy has made for some interesting moments where "freak out" might prove the best labeling. Just ask Chris. But not long after stumbling into the psychic world, I realized I had been given a blessing; a gift...or more accurately, gifts. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I plan to make the most of what has been bestowed on me; to celebrate it. What better than a writer to write about such happenings? Hmmm. Indeed...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No One Died. Nothing Burned Down. Blessings All Around.

It all began when Chris and I were watching the Olympics one evening and I said to him, "Do you smell that?" He said, "No. What?" I said, "It smells like burnt toast." This was around 9 pm or so. I have started to pay close attention to what I'm smelling these days from a metaphysical standpoint...clairscent giftedness, to be exact...which seems to be getting more intense by the day. For one thing, my father (who crossed over in '83) has been around me quite a bit these days. I can tell by his tell-tale cigarette smoke presence, strongly wafting in our house where no one has ever smoked. So even though Chris couldn't smell the "burnt toast," and I wasn't sure what to make of it yet, I knew enough to take note.

In the middle of that night we woke up to our downstairs smoke alarm blaring. This time both of us smelled burnt toast in the extreme. There was a snowstorm raging outside, but Chris threw on a coat and shoveled the area around our boiler exhaust pipe so that it was as clear of snow as possible. I checked every nook and cranny within the house, but found nothing amiss. I felt walls in order to see if they were hot. When Chris came in, I told him we should get a boiler expert AND an electrician in to check things out, just to be on the safe side. Why did I smell the burnt toast earlier that evening? A warning? Hmmm.

The boiler and electricity experts came over and gave us the all clear. Neither expert knew for sure what really happened though there was a whole lotta guessing going on. The best we could figure was that the boiler's exhaust pipe was clogged for a bit. We did order two new smoke/CO combo detectors (we only had two smoke detectors), so maybe this is something we were being nudged to take care of. Hmmm.

The next exciting event occured a few days later. I woke up and said boldly, "We're going to the movies." Now this isn't too unusual except that I usually say, "Would you like to go to the movies today?" Or I might proclaim, "I'd love to see a movie!" Chris responded immediately to my bold statement and said, "Sounds good. Find out if that flick about Tolstoy is at Images Theater." I said, "I think it's gone already from there, but I'll check." I checked and it was still on. Now please note that if the movie was playing anywhere else, we would have had to take an expressway to get there. Not so with Images...we could take the back roads.

It was Sunday and we opted to go to an afternoon showing. After driving about a half hour, the car began to make clicking noises (which eventually escalated to thunderous clacking) prior to the break down. We decided to turn around and head home. Chris said, "Hmmm, maybe the transmission." I said, "Nope." Chris said, "Could be something with the front brakes." I said, "Nope." Chris said, "Maybe the noise is something dragging below." I said, "Nope." Let it be known I know NOTHING about cars (obviously, neither does Chris). I then quietly did a reading on the car. I've never done a reading on anything inanimate. I said (before all hell broke loose), "What exactly is the axle?" And then I said, "And tell me about a tie rod (now I don't know the difference between a tie rod from A Rod)". And I finished by saying, "By the way, chances are there's a crack in one or the other." Also, I smelled something acrid and felt a burning in my throat. Chris smelled nor felt nothing. A taddy bit later we were lopsided by the side of the road. Thank GOD we were not on an expressway, because we would have easily veered into oncoming traffic, going at a much higher speed than on the back road we were on.

Chris later confessed to me that he had planned, upon waking, to go to Acton, Massachusetts that day, where a jam session was to take place. When I said we were going to a movie, he didn't think twice about not saying yes. If he had gone to Acton, he would have been on a major expressway when the tire began to come off.

When we got out to check the car, all the lug nuts on our front left tire were off. The tire was nearly sideways. A truck with two very nice folks and their two beagles stopped right away. We have no cell phone and even though they did, it wouldn't work amidst the mountains. Another truck stopped and went to get us a tow truck guy. The tow guy shook his head in disbelief as he saw all the lug nuts gone. He "stole" three lug nuts from the other tires and we crippled home, $100 lighter in our checkbook.

The next day, we slooowwwllly crippled the car on the back roads to our Brattleboro Suburu fix-it shop. An actual crack was never found, but my guides who spoke to me did get the problem area correct. Another $550 and we were back on the road by the following day.

We still owe the boiler man and the electrician $$. Add it all up, multiply by 100, and we still would have gotten off pretty darn cheap...considering our lives are priceless.

As we came out of our car towards the house, we saw that the entire gutter on one side of the house was on the ground. Chris and I smiled at each other. No one died. Nothing burned down. Blessings all around.