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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Pendulum Reading

I was chatting with my very psychic friend, Lee, today and remembered that she had done a reading for me over a year ago. She used her pendulum during the reading. Here is what she wrote to me after the reading:

Pendulum Work Re: Jenny and St. Teresa of Avila
1/23/09 10:46 pm to 12:20 am

This information is confirmed to be for Jenny's best and highest good. St. Teresa is important to Jenny in this lifetime. They have never been incarnated together before; they've never had any connection before this lifetime. They made a contract together before Jenny's birth in this lifetime; it is part of her life plan. Jenny did not choose St. Teresa. St.Teresa chose Jenny.

Jenny prayed to St.Teresa as a child. She saw St. Teresa in her dreams; not in physical reality; not like an apparition. There were 2 visitations in her dreams. These visitations were not so St. Teresa could give her a message. They were in response to her prayers; her desire to see and be like St. Teresa. The visitations were meant to validate her prayers and her connection.

The first visitation happened when you were 8 years old and the 2 visitations were 11 months apart. These visitations were not blocked out; it was simply like a child forgetting a dream upon awakening. You did not verbalize or tell anyone about these experiences. They were not stressful or fear inducing in any way. They were comforting, like a child's innocence and faith. They were not the reason for her sleeping problems nor did they come during the time of your sleeping problems. They came before. They were a totally separate event with no correlation.

Your sleeping problems were fear induced. It had to do with an interaction between you and one of your brothers, not a physical exchange but a verbal exchange. You were not angry at your brother; your brother was angry at you. (I physically feel tension in my chest and a clenching in my abdomen). He did not physically hurt you, he emotionally hurt you (I feel lots of inner tension physically). He did not mean to intimidate, threaten or hurt you. It was never intended. He was not of his right mind and something was said to you in anger. Anger directed at you but for nothing that was your fault. That induced fear and you took it to heart although you had no responsibility in this (not your fault). No one else witnessed this exchange. Your parents never knew of this exchange, nor did other family members. You never told anyone; you were too fearful to tell. You couldn't tell anyone. You were traumatized by by this incident and blocked it out almost immediately. It was this one incident that caused the sleeping problems. You did not replay this incident in your dreams; however, you were working thru the emotion of fear in your dream state. That is why you were afraid to sleep.

Confirm again St. Teresa is one of your spirit guides. Confirms that she is one of Sonia Choquette's guides also. St. Teresa is one of your protector guides.

Pendulum work re: previous information. Trying to confirm.
1/24/09 8:07 am to 9:48 am
Re: Fear incident with brother.

Your brother did not talk about death; he talked about evil, about the devil. He did not call you evil; this was not directed at you. He was having a psychotic break and you witnessed it. There was so much negative emotion and anger as he spoke. He was not angry at you; he was hallucinating at the time; he did not recognize you as his sister. He saw you as part of his hallucination. (I physically feel clenching in my stomach and tightness in my chest, tremendous fear that you felt). You could not control the situation; you did not understand the situation and therefore internalized the situation that it was you and you were the cause. It was too much to handle so you mentally blocked it out. (I physically feel a lot of stomach discomfort, tight clenching). Primal fear kicked in; fear for your safety. Your mind blocked it out but the repression of these feelings/emotions has caused physical digestive problems (I am physically feeling cramping, nausea, irritable bowel) which still to some extent affect you today. This issue is not resolved but can be resolved. You can resolve these issues on your own. I am not to know how; not my concern; but you will know how for your best and highest good.

There is nothing more I need to tell you about this incident with your brother. I do not have his name right; it has to do with a nickname or a pet name you called him. Still hear D like Dan Don Den. His birth name was different than what you called him.

(At this point I was thinking of St.Teresa connection again and asked about you seeing auras, etc.). Auras, gift of sight is new to you. You did not possess psychic abilities as a child or while growing up. You possessed deep rooted faith in angels and guardians; the power of prayer.

Something else needs to be said to Jenny. Nothing else with your brother, nothing else about St. Teresa; nothing about developing psychic gifts. It has to do with her mom. It has to do with what her mom said to Jenny about her son. It had nothing to do with Jenny. It was her mom externalizing her own feelings of being unappreciated, of struggling her whole life and being misunderstood.

She didn't mean to hurt you; she loved you. (I feel physical tremendous pressure in my head, chest is heavy and tight, feeling deep sadness, depression, bad headaches). These feelings are not me but your mom's; your mom suffered from deep long lasting depression, severe mood swings, outbursts, explosions of anger, not anxiety, not bi-polar. She never sought help or treatment because she didn't realize or know that this is what she had. She wasn't in denial; it was just how she was and she didn't know any different.

She was not in control of this and it was not her fault. It was a physiological, chemical imbalance that she had her whole life. So her negative behavior was never directed at her children or loved ones intentionally; she honestly had no control. Because of this, your mother struggled tremendously in her life. (I physically feel so much pain in my head, so much sadness, fatigue.)
She did not show affection well. It's not like she didn't know how; it's like she was unable, physically unable, mentally/emotionally unable. She is telling me this and making me feel this. There is so much pain; she wishes things were different. She loved you tremendously and deeply saddened that she couldn't show it. Your father could see your mom's struggle. He knew her struggle and could see right thru it. He loved her and was the only person in her lifetime that could see thru everything and love her regardless of her actions. He had unconditional love for her that she needed. She wanted/needed unconditional love from her children and wanted to express unconditional love to her children but her actions and behavior prevented that from happening.

This is important ---- She wants you to know that she tried her best, to the best of her abilities, the best she knew how. The unconditional love was always there for you. In her heart and soul she loved you tremendously. (I am physically crying now; they are not my tears but hers.) (My heart physically hurts, not mine...this is her) Her tears and heartache are for you, Jenny, because you incorporated into your life that there was something wrong with you, you were to blame, you were unlovable. You took this on yourself as your responsibility. It was not you; it never was about you. It was about her and her struggles and she wants you to know that. She is desperate to have you know that. This is why she prompted you to tell me the most hurtful thing she said to you. This is why I had an immediate physical reaction to it when you told me and I said "Ouch" on the phone. (I physically felt like a blow to the chest; my heart hurt. I couldn't breathe; my throat constricted. These were not my feelings or yours; they were your mom's I was feeling at that time and also now as I write this.)

Your mom is responsible for you telling me that incident because your mom wanted you to understand, to release that negativity and fear and to move on and know you are loved. You always were and always will be loved.


  1. This is so fascinating. I am seriously going to look into having some past life work done in hopes that it will shed light on some issues I have now.
    Thank you for sharing this.It is funny how we carry stuff from childhood in present life and never realize the issues it causes. Much has to do with the fact that we do no know our own bodies and the makeup of them. Also most are unaware of the stuff that sits out on other their other planes and that most dis- ease forms out there and manifests into the physical being. It has been some of my work to learn to be able to look at those other planes and to see this. I still need more work at that. I also utilize a pendulum for that.
    Here is a (hug) because I know you need has been a long day.

  2. Thank you, dear Ed. Hugs right back atcha.