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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Vermont Evening With John Holland

I was so excited when Chris had said for me to buy one ticket so that I could see John Holland, psychic medium. Prior to this, I had read one of John's books, "Psychic Navigator," and was half-way through his newest book, "The Spirit Whisperer." John was to be at the Peace of Mind Emporium in Rutland, Vermont on Saturday, March 27, 2010. To cut down on cost, Chris opted not to go to the event himself, but he did drive me to and from it, and definitely listened to me going on and on about my evening on the drive home.

Actually, I had never seen a psychic medium of John's fame prior to last week. I had seen the famous Past Life Regression therapist, Brian Weiss, as noted in the past post, Brian Weiss 1-Day Workshop In NYC, but never a psychic medium. Having now done so, I have proclaimed to Chris that I NEED to see John again AND the other psychic mediums who interest me whenever possible. Chris doesn't even flinch or question requests such as this anymore...he knows I'm more than serious. He knows this isn't just a whim of mine. He knows I'm a metaphysical student who is learning all she can. My own favorite saying is, "I spent 30 years becoming a fiber artist. It would be grand to spend another 30 years aiming to become an enlightened fiber artist."

So what made the evening so special? A combination of John Holland's down-to-earth personality and wonderful sense of humor, his amazing psychic gifts, and validation after validation after validation... I regret not having my own notes to draw on...there was SO MUCH...but I wouldn't have wanted to miss anything with my nose in my notes, so I'll only be able to touch on highlights in this post.

The place was packed. I think just about all of the 90 tickets sold. Probably 95% were women. No little children that I could see. Many "families" came together, which I didn't realize until the messages started coming through.

No one came through personally for me but that was OK. My time to hear from crossed over loved ones via a psychic medium will come in the future. Here are some spirits that did come through:

A family lost three of their members only 2 or so months ago...a little 3 year old girl, the girl's auntie, and the auntie's husband. Their snowmobiles broke ice in a lake and all three drowned. John wanted the family to know that the aunt was showing that she had hit her head (perhaps they all hit their heads), as well, prior to drowning. It was so emotional for everyone in the audience. I can't remember all the details of what the spirits said, but I do believe that the mom who lost her little girl also has a son, and John mentioned that there's a good chance she'll have another baby in the future.

A 70+ year old woman lost her brother to a suicide. Because suicide victims don't have enough energy to open the door for communication on their own, another crossed-over sister did so for him and stepped aside so the brother could talk. Once he finished speaking, the sister was quite a hoot. She said to the sister in the audience, "What's up with the broken pearl necklace?" The woman gasped. John said, "The sister is telling you that you need to get the clasp fixed and wear the pearls." The woman said the pearl necklace was their mother's.

In all of John's 20 years of reading for people, he had never encountered a "dwarf"...little person...spirit coming through. But the spirit that night was just that, and the grandfather of a woman in the audience. He may have been little in stature, but he was big on personality. Even when John went on to the next reading, the dwarf spirit walked right in front of him, trying to get his attention again!

Another woman's father came through. He had crossed over more than 25 years ago. John asked, "Did your father drink some kind of "sterling brand" wine? He said he was seeing a bottle with a label that said "sterling" on it. The woman laughed and said, "My father would drink ANYTHING. And his name was Sterling." Oh gosh, I couldn't help but laugh...

I know there were more readings, but those were the highlights. A neat thing was that John had a woman assistant who writes down pertinent info regarding the readings and gives it to the person who was read for. Nice, because surely they wouldn't otherwise remember all that John had relayed from their loved one(s). Geez, I can't remember more than a small % of it all.

It's interesting how spirits "build" on letters or words from previous readings. For instance, if the spirit's name began with "B" or had double B's in the name, then more spirits with those letters often come through. John said he sees this kind of thing all the time.

When John talked about how our beloved pets also cross over and gave examples of past readings, I couldn't stop thinking about my own Standard Poodle, Buns, who shared my life back in the '70s. Knowing that I'll someday see Buns again makes me very, very happy.

This past week I have ordered a few more of John Holland's books that I'll no doubt write about after I read them. Thank goodness for used books that can be purchased online!!!

Have you seen or been to a psychic medium in person? If so, please share your experiences with us. Thanks!

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