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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eye-Opening Books

What makes us choose one book to read over another? What causes us to hold back on a book recommendation by a friend at one point and feel an urgent tug to read that very same book at a later date? I often think of the author of a book as a "teacher"...a teacher of my choosing. Consider the Buddhist Proverb, "When the student is ready, the master appears."

A few years ago my friend, Jenna, suggested STRONGLY that I read, "Agartha - A Journey To The Stars," by Meridith L.Young-Sowers. I read about 30 or so pages and knew that I wasn't ready for the book yet. Months that turned into years went by and I never went back to the book...until...

Last week, I mentioned to Jenna that she should consider reading a book I couldn't put down, "Growing Up Psychic - From Skeptic To Believer," by Michael Bodine (more on this book in a bit). Jenna replied, "I'll read that book if you'll read 'Agartha.'" Jenna plays hard ball, to say the least. I had just finished reading, "Born Knowing," John Holland (more on this book in a bit, too). I asked myself, "Hmmmm...what do I need to read next?" I heard, "Agartha!" OK, OK already. I began reading "Agartha" and about 30 pages later I found myself dialing Jenna's phone number around 9:00 pm. I was so excited I couldn't speak fast enough. I said, "You know, 'Agartha?' Well, I'm ready for it now!" Jenna said, "You've grown and changed over these last years, and that's why you're ready." Then Jenna said, "And btw, calling me at 1:00 am to say you've finished the book does NOT constitute an emergency." LOL! Well, I didn't finish "Agartha" that night and after a 4-hour reading session yesterday (that felt more like 10 minutes), I'm about halfway through with "Agartha" at present. It's not exactly easy reading, but I'm SO READY and very, very excited to be reading this book.

What's "Agartha" about? It tells the story, which began in the early 1980's, of how Meredith found herself as a channeler of multidimensional beings who go by the name of Mentor. Agartha is the name they gave Meredith. When Meredith asked Mentor how information is communicated to her, this is what was channeled: "We do not use language per se. We use brain waves which are telepathically processed. Your need of a particular language is very basic and presents many difficulties even in communicating with others of your same planet. We communicate with Agartha telepathically. We do not feed her the words, we feed her the thoughts, and then she puts them in her own words."

As I have mentioned, I'm only half done with the book but can't recommend it enough. I found my copy in a used goods store for $1...a bargain for something that is priceless, if you ask me. In the past post, Meditation - Making A Date With Myself And Spirit, I talked about finally making a commitment to meditating daily, same time/same place. In that post I discussed the techniques that I've been using thus far. In "Agartha," there are more meditation techniques that Mentor has given that I'm itching to try. For instance, when you're in need of meditation but have only a tad of time, you can do a "momentary meditation," wherever and whenever. This meditation could be done at work, at school, at home, etc. It's comprised of the following: "...stop whatever you're doing and close your eyes, or if this is not possible, gaze at a solid object. Say to yourself, as you visualize energy flowing from head to feet, flowing out through your feet:"

There is purpose to my existence,
I live, I love,
I work, I die, I am refreshed and begin my life anew.

Another suggestion that Mentor relayed had to do with putting yourself in a state of calm prior to sleeping. Mentor said, "In meditation into sleep you are striving to see and feel a sense of tranquility and to realize, on a conscious level, that your body and mind are under control and are functioning according to their intended purpose. As you are falling asleep, see the calmness of your favorite scene: the ocean, the mountains, whatever immediately presents itself as a place of rejuvenation and peace. Experience the scene, either by remembering how it felt the last time you were in such a place (running your fingers through the sand or crunching through the snow) or by imagining how it would feel if you were there. See yourself as calm, tranquil and fulfilled. All worry has fallen from you and you are totally unencumbered. Feel the confidence of being peaceful and knowing that your life is under control and functioning according to plan. This image is important to present to your conscious mind even if you do not really feel that your life is under control." Mentor continued, "This type of meditation is different from the lengthy meditation and the momentary meditation, for these two types of meditation strive to put you in touch with your higher self and the Universal Connection. Meditating into sleep puts you in touch with your own bodily energies, and allows you to control these energies which you normally do not."

WOW is all I can say about this book and Mentor's teachings. See if "Agartha" doesn't set your bells to ringing, too!

Now as for Michael Bodine's book, "Growing Up Psychic - From Skeptic To Believer," (which I had recommended to Jenna) it was simply wonderful. Michael is the younger brother of Echo Bodine, who I talk about in these past posts, Beginning Healing, A Tarot Reader Prepares For A Tarot Reading, Inner Child, Echo's Healing Pen Pals, and Protection. Obviously, I LOVE Echo's books, but I was unprepared for how utterly moved I was regarding Michael's book. It's FUNNY and sad, all a the same time. But most of all it hit me as being extremely honest. I feel that a wide range of folks with a wide range of interests would all find Michael's book a worthwhile read. I had ordered it on interlibrary loan from Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, Vermont. Instead of getting this newly released book from another library, Brooks purchased their own copy. YAY! Maybe your local library will do the same if you but ask! I may need to own my own copy of Michael's book down the line...

And finally, there's some backtracking I've been doing with John Holland's book offerings. After finishing his newest book, "The Spirit Whisperer," and loving it, I ordered and read a used copy of John's, "Born Knowing," which is equally compelling. The story of John's life, highlighted with psychic readings he did for others, is told beautifully in this book. And if that weren't enough, I think that chapter 20 - Fine Tuning Your Awareness - is worth more than the price of admission alone.

Well, I could go on and on about books that get me all excited. I'd like to know what metaphysical, healing, etc. books you've been reading that YOU highly recommend? Please comment and let us know why you like a book. We all win when we discover a book that teaches what we need, especially when we're ready for it. Thanks!


  1. 'Agartha' sounds wonderful! Thanks for this recommendation. I will certainly be looking this up. It puts me in mind of a book I was introduced to recently - Beneficial Law of Attraction by Hope Bradford. It's wisdom taken from channeled messages from Kuan Yin and it's all about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I've learned quite a lot from this book even though this is a subject I've studied for quite some time. I highly recommend it to anyone following a spiritually motivated path.

    Thanks again for speaking of 'Agartha'. Happy reading!

  2. Hi Molly! Thanks so much for commenting. Sounds like you'll really enjoy reading "Agartha." Thank you for your book recommendation, too. I will definitely look into it.