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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meditation - Making A Date With Myself And Spirit

I've read the recommendations of multiple authors who have all stated that meditating is highly beneficial for the overall health and well-being of the individual who practices it. For the last few years I have been a dabbler in meditating. I'd try this technique or that technique and get all enthusiastic and determined to meditate. However, before long the days between meditation sessions turned into a week; a week turned into a month; and one month led to several months from one meditation session to the next.

I think there's a few reasons why this lapse between meditating happened for me. In some cases, I either wasn't ready to take in or simply couldn't totally comprehend the instructions of the author/teacher. I'm someone who likes to fully grasp what I'm reading, and let's face it, I found some instructions on meditation rather ambiguous and others downright daunting. Knowing that meditation also has the benefit of further developing my psychic gifts, I'd try again, and again, and again... Another reason for my meditation sessions occurring less regularly than I would have liked, had to do with life itself. Responsibilities regarding work and family led to excuses, which in turn, tended to lead to no meditation time at all. But I think the most challenging reason I wasn't meditating had to do with my opinions regarding myself.

A persistent thought recently hit me like a brick: I AM WORTH IT. I am worth taking time for myself. It is worthwhile for me to meditate. This is not selfish. This is beneficial to all those I come in contact with. A Jenny-who-meditates will become much more pleasant to be around. Meditation will help make my thinking clearer, my body calmer, and my life more joyful.

Today is the 5th day I have made a date with myself and Spirit in meditation. I am finally following the sage advice of many metaphysical authors to meditate at the SAME TIME and SAME PLACE each day, at least as much as possible. I aim not to freak out if I can't make this schedule work now and again...after all flexibility is healthy and essential...BUT, I will endeavor to stick to my decision as much as possible.

On the day I began meditating with strong resolve, I explained to Chris my plan to meditate same time/same place. He thought this would be an excellent practice and fully supported the idea. Then, yesterday he was at the computer in my spinning room...the same room where my altar is set up...the same altar I meditate at (see the past post, My Altar). It was nearing the time to meditate. I mentioned this fact to Chris. When he didn't get up I said, "OK, I'll go in another room to meditate." He apologized and scooted out. Good Chris. Sometimes he can take a hint and sometimes I have to spell it out. Later that day, Chris took me in his arms and said, "I see the old Jenny coming back. Your hair, your eyes, your skin, your's as if you're coming back to life again." Good, loving, observant Chris. My Babes.

My meditation practice is at present about 15-20 minutes long, but with additional prayer, goes as long as I'd like. It's a combo of a few authors' techniques in addition to my own: psychic medium, Lydia Clar, and psychic medium, John Holland. (Ooh btw, I just found out Lydia Clar has written a new book, "Out Of Darkness, Into Light," iUniverse, 2009. I've ordered it sight-unseen. Lydia is THAT good.)

So here's what I do presently: I close my eyes and take a few deeeep vibration-raising breaths, in through nose and out of mouth. I count, breath calmly, and visualize the numbers 3 down to 1. This leads me "deep." From there, I count again from 10 to 1. This leads me "deeper." Then I count up from 1 to 3. This puts me in a "safe place" that I have created...I always visualize the same place. For me this is a room, not unlike my spinning room, but possessing a BIG, overstuffed, red velvet chair and additional padded benches for seating. There are many windows, bringing in beautiful light. My room is filled with shelves of books and beautiful art on the wall that pleases me greatly. A white cat named, Snow, and a gray Greyhound dog named, Seal, accompany me. Once there, I relax and settle into the chair, concentrate on my breathing, and watch as thoughts come and go through my mind. I don't dwell on these thoughts, but instead watch them float on the air away from me. After about 5 minutes, I then concentrate on a symbol of my choosing, seen through my third eye (6th Chakra). The symbol that came to me...that was "given" to me, I believe, by my Angels and Guides...looked like a rose quartz star. (After the meditation session I saw this symbol, I searched the internet looking for this image. It turns out to be "The Flower Of Life"...the Merkaba. It'll be wonderful learning more about this INCREDIBLE symbol.) Now that I have chosen a symbol, I meditate and view through my third eye, that same symbol during each meditation session. When thoughts punctuate my meditation, I simply go back to seeing the symbol to get me back on track. After about 5 minutes or more, I can ask a question of my Angels and Guides or an Ascended Master. If I choose, I can even push a button on the arm of my red velvet chair, which opens a screen. The screen reveals a brilliant Light, and through that Light I have had visitors walk through to be with me awhile. I've visited with my Dad, who likes to come through with Buns, our Standard Poodle. Also, I've seen Joshua, Ayala, and Bella; various types of Guides all. And Aloysius, my Reiki healer Guide. After such visits, they walk back through the Light and I close the screen with the touch of a button. I take a bit of time to contemplate the conversation with my visitor(s), and when ready, I take a deep breath and count backwards from 5 to 1, moving my fingers and toes, and becoming more awake with every number. On the count of 1, I open my eyes and take some deep breaths. From there, I tend to say prayers and protect myself with a cocoon of Light and Love for the day.

Perhaps my meditation practice will change and evolve with time. That is as it should be. But right now, I'm feeling sooooo good to simply be keeping my date with myself and Spirit.

Would LOVE to hear about your thoughts and practices regarding meditation. Thank you.


  1. Nice job!
    the phrase you said "i am worth taking time for myself" struck me more.
    By the way, for me, Meditation really helps to improve one's life and point of view. it also helps in soul healing. i just attended one which i learned from and it was so fun that i can't help myself but to share it. :)

  2. Thank you, Ella! What a neat event you went to. Thanks for sharing the link.