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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Spring '10 Whole Health Expo; Gary McKinstry - Psychic Medium

This past weekend I was delighted to spend my time at The Whole Health Expo in Northampton, Massachusetts. I have been to these Expos twice prior and simply love them. (Please see the past posts: The Beginning Of Clairvoyance And More, and Inner Child). For two full days I attended the classes of my choice. Every single workshop that I attended was wonderful in a variety of ways. Most of the classes dealt with alternative health information. Many of the class offerings concentrated on metaphysical topics. I did all of this, including the ability to be part of a special, AMAZING presentation by psychic medium, Gary McKinstry, for $35. And because I didn't want to miss a single thing by taking time out to eat a formal lunch, I brought a thermos of water and a baggie of unsalted almonds and raisins to keep me hydrated and energized. With events such as this, I actually play better by myself, so whilst Chris drove me there and back each day, I had the days to me, myself, and I.

Before I forget, I should add that there were plenty of vendors to excite and entice. I only bought one thing...a "spirit quartz" from Jerry Marchand Celtic Harp And Crystals. Jerry has a great collection of crystals to choose from and one pretty lavender cluster, that reminded me of a castle in the clouds, became my souvenir from the show. It now resides happily on my personal altar.

Here's the workshops I took on Saturday, April 17th (each workshop was 45 minutes long):
  • "The Golden Chalice of Alchemy," by Brenda Edwards of Quantum Life Management Center.
  • "I am Menraa-Saras 'Alien Magician'...I have returned," by Aaron Singleton of The Way To Balance.
  • "Shamballa Multidimensional Healing," by Phyllis Brooks of Taliloquay.
  • "Top 10 Reasons People Don't Heal," by Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive, of The Way To Balance.
  • "The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage," by Chaya Leia Sylvia, RN, of Purple Rose Healing Arts.
  • "Full Spectrum Reiki," by Diane Tellier of Abundant Wellness Center.
  • "Communicating with Guides and Awakening Spiritual Perception," by Kristin Kirk.
  • "Energy Psychology and Inner Child Work Transform Your Life," by Debra Franklin, LCSW, of Progressive Psychotherapy (btw, this is the same psychotherapist who was featured in my past post, Inner Child, and the workshop was equally profound for me this time 'round).
Here's the workshops I took on Sunday, April 18th (again, each workshop was 45 minutes long, except for that with Gary McKinstry, which was 1 hour 45 minutes):
If you'd like to know more about any specific class I took, I'd be happy to oblige. Just ask in the comment section, please. In any case, what I will finish up this post with is an account of what I experienced in Gary McKinstry's session.

I did not know of Mr. McKinstry's work prior to the Expo. I simply saw that there was a program being given by a psychic medium, and because I know I need to witness the work of many psychic mediums from here on out, I felt compelled to sign up. I settled into the end seat of the second row, in the section to the right of the room (when facing to the front). However, I think it's important to mention that I believe if messages from the Other Side are meant to come to you, it really matters not where you are seated in the room. Front, back, or's all the same to the Spirits. I just try to get up front, if possible, so that I have no problems seeing the speaker.

As I was waiting for the program to begin, to my pleasant surprise, two friends appeared...Shirma and Rye. I used to read Tarot at Shirma's metaphysical shop in Brattleboro, VT, "Kindred Spirits." Shirma said something like, "I knew you would be at this." She was right!

Mrs. McKinstry was present with her husband and introduced him. She appears to be his business manager. Both she and her husband seemed about as down-to-earth as a couple can get and had a lovely rapport between them.

I should mention here that unlike the John Holland event (please see the past post, A Vermont Evening With John Holland), I didn't talk to...well, let's call it trying to "coach" loved ones who had already crossed over. In other words, I didn't telepathically say things like, "Now Dad, you're gonna have to get out in front and make yourself known," etc. Still, I had the sense that all those I love who have crossed over (my Dad, my Ma, my brother Jack, my Aunt Loraine, all grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.) WERE present at the John Holland program, but other Spirits, with pressing issues, needed to get through that night. Soooo, I came to the McKinstry event with no particular expectations and no Spirit coaching. That said, as the program was about to begin, I felt as if my people were lining up around me.

Gary began and gave a brief...and I mean brief, thank goodness...intro on who he is and what he does. Rather than spend a half hour or more going on about himself or a book (if he had written one), he got down to the business at hand quickly. Messages from the Other Side are what we all came for and THAT is just what he did. As a late-blooming psychic myself, I took note. Plug any books, if you have them, AFTER the event, not during. Thank you, Gary, for giving us what we wanted. Oh, and btw, Gary is funny. Surely his sense of humor and audience laughter gave a boost to the vibrations that morning.

Right off the bat, Mr. McKinstry looked my way. He settled in on Shirma, next to me, but I had a hunch... He talked about a woman...not young (which he humorously qualified as being 70's-80-ish)...with fluid in her chest area. He put his hands on his chest. Shirma couldn't think of anyone who she could relate to regarding this, but I sure could. I said, "Um, my Ma died of congestive heart failure." I didn't tell him this, but Ma had died at age 80 in 1995. Gary said, "Boy, she sure has an attitude!" I started to laugh. Yep, that would be her. He said, "She's got her hands on her hips. What 'house' is she going on about?" That would be mine. He said, "Well, do NOT sell the house." That's just what we've been contemplating. For the record, Ma never owned a house once I was born. They had owned a house briefly early on, after WWII, but had to let it go. Gary said, the woman (my Ma) is with her sister. I KNEW the "sister" was Aunt Loraine, tho' they were sisters-in-law. I had been feeling that ever since Aunt Loraine crossed over this past fall (see the past posts In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine, More Revelation...The Hard Way, Prayer Shawl, Letting Go. Letting God., and Yesterday's ADC), she and my Ma were in cahoots, trying fervently to get my attention. Gary then said, "I have a tall gentleman here." He literally floored me by saying, "Jack is showing me a pile of books." Jack was my oldest brother who died of a brain tumor in 1998. Jack and I shared a love of learning; a LOVE of books. Gary continued, "Jack says NY is fine. Not the Carolinas." Chris and I have been contemplating moving to NY...specifically NYC...but also I'll be attending school at Lily Dale, in upstate NY. Now as for the Carolinas, I had been thinking maybe warmer weather would suit Chris and I better. Guess not, eh? LOL!! And for the record, Chris has reminded me not to discount the wonderful possibility of keeping the house in Vermont AND having a place in NY. Gary mentioned that Jack said that my husband was "very talented, but needed to up his ego and self esteem." SO TRUE. Gary added that Jack was very nice; very polite. He was! Gary continued, "They're showing me a house with old...50's style furnishings...lamps and stuff..." Um, that would be my house. I have many of the sentimental items of my childhood in my home. It's those things that mean something to me because they remind me of the people I love. Next, Gary said, "I have a man here. John. He's short. Balding." I couldn't place who he was right at the time, but moments later, once Gary had moved on to another reading for a person, I remembered who it Uncle John Ilk. Uncle John was married to my Ma's oldest sister, Marie. Uncle John crossed over when I was very little so I don't remember him well. I do know that Ma always said Uncle John loved me, not having children of his own. I have to say, I didn't expect Uncle John to come to this "party" but I sure am glad he did!

By the end of Gary's messages from my crossed over loved ones, I had all to do to hold my tears from pouring down my face. I was overwhelmed with joy and awe. I KNEW there were others of my loved ones waiting to get through, but hey, this couldn't be the "Jenny Bakriges' Show." I felt my Dad was there, but had stepped back because I regularly talk to him anyways. Aunt Loraine was there, but wisely knowing just who I needed to hear from, gently "pushed" my Ma and Jack to come forward. And as for Uncle John, I remember being told that he was exuberant, so surely he stepped forward on his own accord.

The rest of Gary McKinstry's program was action-packed and EXCELLENT. He often gets full names, as opposed to just beginning letters of names. He also accurately describes cause of death, and believe me, not just your average causes of death either. Hands down, I can recommend Gary McKinstry as an incredible psychic medium. I want to save up for a psychic AND further mediumship reading with him. I also can see myself studying with him in the not-so-distant future.

Thank you, Gary, for priceless messages that I'll never, ever forget!

Oh...almost forgot...when messages were coming through for someone else in the audience, Gary asked, "Who is 'Red?'" This meant nothing to the person he was relaying messages to, but I had an Uncle Red...a brother of Ma. I have a feeling...

Another almost forgot...I won a door prize at the Expo. Yep. I walked past the registration desk at the end of the day on Saturday and felt a "nudge" to ask the attendant about the door prize winners for that day, which weren't posted anywhere yet. She looked through the pile of winning registrations and sure enough, there was my name. I chose "The Healer's Kit" from Taliloquay, one of many nice gifts that the vendors donated. It's a little box containing three flower and gem essences: "Deep Release," "Healers," and "Diamond Light." Each contains essences, all detailed in an accompanying flyer, that aid a healer. According to Phyllis of Taliloquay, "Deep Release" is for cleansing the old blockages; emotional baggage; life patterns that no longer suit us; and for spiritual growth. "Healer" enhances one's own healing capabilities; opens heart to pass on healing (as in Reiki, etc.); and connects to Higher Self and spiritual guidance. "Diamond Light" helps the body to integrate the high powered energies now available to humanity for our evolution; and is also good for students' initiations to Reiki, etc. When I went to Phyllis' booth at the Expo to personally thank her for the door prize, she said, "I figured the prize would go to who it should go to." Well, that would be me! Thank you, Phyllis!


  1. And i am absolutely floored...great stuff there ma

  2. I knew you'd like it, Al! Thanks for commenting.