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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yesterday's ADC

Yesterday evening I was finishing up John Holland's, "The Spirit Whisperer." I had asked the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, VT to get it on interlibrary loan for me, but since it was so newly published, they opted to buy a copy for the library instead. Nice! The book is SO GOOD, I have decided I need it in my own collection and have sent for a used copy on Amazon.

Within "The Spirit Whisperer" John talks about ADC's, which are After Death Communications. He said that spirits will do their best to make sure you get their messages by any means. So the next time you find yourself asking if you just saw or heard something and tried to say it was just coincidence, think again.

So anyways, last night I was sitting on the couch reading and waiting for Chris to return from work. It was around 7 pm and dusk was setting in quickly. Chloe, most excellent black cat, was asleep upstairs on my futon in the spinning room. Next thing you know, I hear a bird's call. A LOUD, CONTINUOUS, BIRD'S CALL. Not a little chirp, but definitely from a bigger bird. I thought, "What the heck...?" It sounded as if the bird was actually right in our front vestibule. I put the book down and slowly walked to the front of the house, wondering how a bird could have gotten into the house. I looked around the vestibule, but the bird's call had stopped. I peeked out the front window. There by my garage dye studio door was a package. How strange that I hadn't heard the UPS guy deliver it. I went into the studio, opened the door to outside, and as I bent to pick up the package, heard the same bird's call, now in the distance, as if to say, "Good. You heard me. Don't want to be leaving that package outside all night now, do ya?!"

I brought the unexpected package in and saw that it was from my cousin, Jan, in Minnesota. Jan is one of Aunt Loraine's daughters. Most of my relatives are in/from MN, where my Ma, Dad, and brothers were all born. Me? I'm a Detroiter. Please see the past posts: In Memoriam To Aunt Loraine, More Revelation...The Hard Way, and Prayer Shawl.

Inside the package was a note from Jan saying that the beautiful crystal dish was her mother's and is a gift to me. In addition, Jan had included a letter from my Ma to Aunt Loraine, dated February of 1979. I read the letter...a beautiful letter with my Ma's exquisite handwriting. I always boasted about my Dad's gorgeous handwriting, but Ma had lovely penmanship, as well. Tears tumbled out as I read how Ma had told Aunt Loraine that no, I wasn't pursuing going into the airlines anymore...Ma wrote that that was just a "whim" of mine...but instead Jeannine was concentrating on finishing school. It hinted that Ma was actually proud of me going to university, something she never expressed outright to me...EVER... This was such an incredible gift to me; the gorgeous dish from my beloved aunt AND the letter from Ma.

I'll call my cousin, Jan, this weekend to thank her, when I can do so without fear of sobbing in her ear.

An ADC? As they say in Minnesota, YOU BETCHA!!!!! Aunt Loraine, an only child, used to tell me that she considered my Ma her sister. I could just see Ma and Aunt Loraine pulling this one off together!


  1. Hi Jenn,
    I totally feel that spirits do contact us all the time. More people would be aware of this if they learned to quiet the inner chatter that usually blocks out these types of communication. Ego is another factor that gets in the way.
    How absolutely phenomenal that you heard that and went out to find that package. It reminds me of how I got my "special" feather. Same thing...very loud bird until I went to look and found a feather stuck in the screen on the back door. Mystical, Magical Life...I love it!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, dear Ed. Keeping you and Dave in my thoughts.