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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Morning Reiki Healing And Reading

Today I received the bright blessing of a distance Reiki healing and reading from friend, Patti. Here's what Patti wrote:

When sending your Reiki your name "Spinning Jenny" kept coming forward, not just your name.

First thing that came through was a stiffness in your hips. I started at your head, and your hips came to the forefront. So, energy was sent there first!

When I was allowed to go back to your head, the message came across that your head is full. That's it. Full. I know your head is full of new ideas and plans.

You do come across as balanced and full of love.

Something interesting appeared - it was as if your sacral chakra exploded! I interpret that you are full of fire, and ready to move on to your new passions.

Can hardly wait to see your new book!


Here's how I responded back to Patti:

Hi Patti,
Thank you SO MUCH for the Reiki healing and reading. All of it made sense to me. I have been stiff in me ol' joints, hips included. Like you, I generally thumb my nose at these aches, but this morning I "noted" their insistence.

And as for a "full head"...well, can't deny that...I tend to push the poor thing to its limits! I've been thinking I want to start a business called "Spinning Spider Jenny," focusing in on Tarot bags and the like. So "Spinning Jenny" coming to you makes full sense...reclaiming the fiber arts in a personal way after working on the book for 4+ years. Then, there's the good news that the book lay out is going full speed ahead. And yes, enthusiasm is my middle name, coupled well with passion, so hence the sacral chakra explosion...oh that, and some particularly nice *passion* with my piano man after he came back from gigging in Ohio. And let's add that I'm taking my first class at Lily Dale in close to a week's time.

Thank YOU for my healing AND reading!!!!! I'm so glad we have met, Patti.


Thank you, Patti. You're a real peach!


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  2. Reiki healing through our friends is a good way to relive our body of all those negative energy that impedes our development. It's great that you found a friend like Patti who shares the same passion as Reiki as you do.

    Aches in some parts of our body are manifestations of pent up energies that we have in our bodies. It is necessary to release that negativity to achieve a state of wellness. Similar Reiki practitioners, Theta healing helps the body by helping it connect to the source of all things positive- the creator. Theta healing allows a steady exchange of energy that can rejuvenate the spirit. Ergo, Theta healing cures the body through a deeper spiritual connection.

    Hope you'd be able to finish your book soon. Thanks!

  3. Hello Thomas,
    Thank you for your comments and link. How does Theta healing differ from Reiki? How are you involved in it?
    Bright Blessings,