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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tarot Study: The Lovers~6, The Chariot~7, And Strength~8

This is the third installment featuring my write-ups of a Tarot study that I did on Aeclectic Tarot using the Robin Wood deck back in '07. Please see the first post regarding this study: Tarot Study: The Fool~0, The Magician~1, And The High Priestess~2. The second post can be found here: Tarot Study: The Empress~3, The Emperor~4, And The Heirophant~5. And please remember, my viewpoints may have, tho' not necessarily, changed since that time.

May 12, 2007 ~ The Lovers(6)
Such a beautiful rendition of "The Lovers" by Robin. Two becoming one and yet not losing their own personal identity and worth. Each person contributing in the ways that suit them best, coming together and being stronger for the union.

'course this could be said of two people in love, or two people who work together, or two ideas that when joined make for an even better idea...OR it could even be the uniting of more than two people, such as in a sports team. An example: I'm an avid fan of the NBA Detroit Pistons (once a Detroit sports fan, always a Detroit sports fan). The make-up of that particular team in the last few years and currently is not one of singular superstars who make or break the team, depending on what kind of game they're having. The current Pistons team is one of respect and yes, love for each other; each member being able to contribute their own talents for the good of all. A team member on the Pistons this year isn't (Please note: This was written by me in '07) the winner of the NBA's MVP (Most Valuable Player) award...the whole team is one big, MVP. Alas, there's no award per se for MVT...Most Valuable Team...UNLESS they get into and win the finals! Go Pistons! But I digress...

So many lovely symbols tucked into this card...the sun and moon, an apple tree and oak joined as one, well-tended and plowed fields and a homestead, butterflies and birds, hills and mountains...all positive and showing the possibilities that love and unity can bring.

When this card appears in a spread upright, I can't help but smile and think of good things.

May 14, 2007 ~ The Chariot(7)
Robin Wood's "Chariot" has a way of being where the action is in my spreads dealing with my husband. Not surprising, since my husband is a jazz musician and ethnomusicologist. Plus, my husband's demeanor is not unlike Robin's depiction of the man in the driver's seat AND, although not a blonde, wears his hair long. Still, it's almost uncanny how often the Chariot appears in my husband's spreads!

I've heard from other Tarot readers and enthusiasts that Robin's card is often their favorite "Chariot." It's rich with symbolism, like all her cards, and generally not unpleasant in overall feel. That said, a ride on that Chariot would and/or could be the ride of a lifetime, considering the guy holds no reins on those feisty, perhaps unpredictable, unicorns as they travel amongst the clouds. The eyes of the unicorns have an other-worldly quality to them...seeing what I can't see...yet. Maybe the unicorns are taking us to places we've not yet discovered, earthly or otherwise. No matter what, I'm often reminded to leave my fears and inhibitions at home as I enjoy the ride.

Often I'm drawn to the yin-yang symbol, making me question whether balance is needed or already in place.

And usually most noticeable to me is the *starry, starry night* cloth enveloping the driver. This is a guy not fearful, but instead at home with the cosmos and its secrets. One can sometimes learn just as much being in the passenger seat, instead of always being the driver.

May 15, 2007 ~ Strength(8)
Strength is a card that was artistically drawn not unlike other decks, as Robin pointed out in her book. She felt that the image of a woman at ease (and very much in control) with a lion was powerful, not to mention poignant, in meaning, and indeed, I'd have to agree. Both the woman and the lion are bold, brave and courageous: The woman is strong for even getting near to a lion, let alone caressing it and laying her hand under his chin. The lion is strong because he'd have to control his basic urges of dominance, aggressiveness and forceful nature to even allow such a union between he and the woman to take place. They both win in this relationship!

Robin set the Strength card at 8, rather than 11 as in some other decks. I particularly appreciated her explanation of this, equating the 8 with the infinity symbol...strength that IS infinite in scope. Since reading this, it's not failed to come to my attention in a reading.

Trust is a word that rings out when I see this card in a reading. Or lack thereof, depending on where the card turns up in the spread or if it's reversed. A lion and a woman would have to each have the utmost of trust in each other for the scene in the card to occur.

The lion is not depicted as weak or mealy-mouthed, however. Nor has the woman taken over as the powerful dominator. Each can keep their unique, personal qualities intact...there is no need for sacrificing them. Instead, a RESPECT has formed between them for each other. They appreciate and applaud each other's personalities but know that if unchecked aggressiveness from either gets unleashed, the relationship will be irretrievably damaged (let alone the horrible injury to life and limb!)

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