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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water As A Spirit Conduit

Yesterday some interesting stuff happened to Chris and I. I was washing my hair, which I do the old-fashioned way in the sink, and I heard distinctly, "Jen, coopkoo, COOPKOO, JEN!!!..." Head under water, I loudly said, "Chris? What? I'm washing my hair." I then heard Chris coming down from upstairs, not exactly in alarm, but puzzled. I said to him, "Did you just yell "Jen and coopkoo" at me? He said, "No, I was upstairs on the computer." Without skipping a beat I asked, "Were you thinking of me a bit ago?" Chris said, "Jen, I'm always thinking of you." I said, "Well your thoughts or someone just spoke to me." For the record, Chris often calls me "cuckoo," and it gets slanged into "coopkoo."

Later that evening, Chris said, "You know how our fish tank gets loud when the water is down a bit?" I said yes, knowing this is because the two filters in our 55 gallon tank splash loudly when the tank is not totally full. Chris went on to say, "Well, I keep hearing...and this may sound weird...a whole soccer game being played out as I hear the water splashing." He continued, "Yeah, I hear the announcer, and when goals are scored, and the cheering of the crowd." I said, "You know, I've read from more than one metaphysical author, Sylvia Browne included, how water and electricity are conduits for spirits to communicate with us." Apparently, the spirits find it easier to use water and/or electricity to show us they are around and to get our attention. The more we notice this, the more spirits use it as a means of communication.

So this morning I was telling Chris how a teacher saw a golden aura around our Alexander, youngest son living in Japan. Alex is an assistant language teacher in Mobara City, Chiba, Japan. The teacher who saw the aura told another teacher, and then the teacher that was told let Alex know. Just as I was relaying all of this to Chris, the electricity went out for a second or two. Raising my eyebrows I said, "Case in point."

Oh, and btw, our wind-up clock (yes, I know it's not electrical, but it IS mechanical) keeps either stopping even tho' it's well-wound and/or the alarm goes off now and again...when the alarm has not been set. I'm going to start recording what time it is when this happens and then look up what meaning(s) the numbers may have for us.

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