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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Different Church Visits

Chris and I have been doing a tad of traveling of late, allowing me to check out two Spiritualist churches that I hadn't previously been to. He and I both thought it would be a good idea to compare and contrast what goes on at these churches.

The first church I visited is one of two Spiritualist churches in the entire state of Vermont. The Vision of Light Church of Spiritualism and Healing is located in VERY rural Hartland, VT. The service is held on Sunday morning, 10 am, in the small, main room of the Legion Post. As I arrived, a few folks were scurrying about setting out flyers, a candle and angel statue near the pulpit area, and setting the coffee on. The chairs were set in a circle around the room. Counting me, there were about 10 who were eventually present before the proceedings began. The folks were truly kind and welcoming, with a few of them separately coming over to say hello to me. Spiffy new books of songs and prayers were handed out to each of us. A woman playing guitar sang the opening song alone. This same woman gave the sermon, but she was not introduced as a reverend, although that doesn't mean she necessarily wasn't. Another woman recited an absolutely wonderful poem called, "The Invitation," which was written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. A YouTube clip of the poem is worth taking time to watch:

There were two fancy chairs where two members gave healings. Everyone, including me, had a turn to go for a healing. The last portion of the service was reserved for readings. No one led the readings as I've seen at TNSA. Instead, the floor was open for anyone to give a reading who wanted to. A woman named Kelly read for me. She said that a Druid was behind me and was a guide. She also talked about how I had Crow/Raven energy around me. The crow was "picking" at things that don't belong in my second chakra.

I very much enjoyed this rural service, and I couldn't immediately pinpoint why I doubted I'd go back again. After further thinking, I believe it's because I prefer a larger, more churchy, church setting. And while the Spiritualist churches in general (noting that I've not been to a whole lot of them as I've formed this initial pre-opinion) don't seem to be steeped in heavy ritual per se, at least not as the Catholic church that I was brought up in does, I think I do like things a little more formal all the way around than what this church setting in a tiny Legion hall has to offer. Still, please know that all the people involved in this church are kind, sincere, and friendly, and I was grateful for their warm welcome.

This past Sunday found us in NYC, visiting our oldest son, David, and celebrating his 30th birthday! It's hard for me to believe we're the parents of a 30 year old, but his birth certificate reinforces that 30 years have, indeed, gone by. We arrived in Brooklyn mid-afternoon on Sunday, where our son has an apartment. Not long after arriving, we all hopped on a subway train and headed to Murray Hill, 114 East 35th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenue in Manhattan. The church is called the Spiritualist Church of New York City. The service was not to start until 6pm, so we had time to grab some dinner at a diner. The Greek spinach pie that Chris and I both ordered was rather woeful...I mean, how can someone make spinach pie that looks great but has no taste?...but I digress... After dinner, David and Chris walked me to the door of the church which WAS very churchy...the opposite of what I experienced in Vermont...pews, an altar, etc. They took a long walk and I attended the service. There was a gentleman playing piano artfully AND skillfully as the church filled with well over 50 people from obviously diverse cultures and backgrounds. Where I wasn't sure who or if anyone was a reverend in the VT church, we were introduced to several reverends in the NYC church. One reverend introduced the two reverends who were presiding over the service. Another reverend was in the back of the church (she came forward with announcements at the end of the service). The presiding reverends were both in black garments with white was all quite formal! The service itself was comprised of a sermon, a healing...this time a group healing in the form of a meditation...and a few readings were given to individuals in the congregation at the end. I was not one of the people who got read. The pianist played songs and we sang from the same spiffy hymnals that were at the VT church. I've taken note that it would be good if someone or a group of folks with at least somewhat decent voices would lead the actual singing, because it leaves much to be desired if no one is in charge at all. After this service, refreshments were supposed to be served but I'm not sure how there was time to do so, because everything was running a bit late and the seance was going to begin soon. Yes, a seance! Unfortunately, I didn't have $20 in cash that would allow me to attend the hour-long seance, but it's really cool that this is offered each and every Sunday. It looked like quite a few folks showed up just for the seance, because a group of them plopped down near me at the end of the service. I told Chris I would definitely like to go to the seance next time we're in town.

Now something I need to add here is what I saw, almost from the beginning of entering the Spiritualist church in NYC. I saw auras and spirits not unlike I did when I attended a conference at a church in Connecticut. For that past post, please go to Another Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Experience. For one thing, I saw an angel behind the reverend who gave the sermon, and one or two other spirits. Then I saw what I believe to be this same angel stand behind the other reverend who gave the meditation. The auras around these reverends were HUGE and even made the pulpit glow white as snow. I saw more auras around the other reverends, as well. I could feel the high vibrations in the room throughout. 'twas wonderful!!!!!

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