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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spiritual Insight Training 2

This past weekend I, once again, excitedly headed to Lily Dale, New York. The first time I did this was when I took Spiritual Insight Training 1. This time 'round, I was immersed in Spiritual Insight Training 2, the second and final prerequisite before attending two years of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy, starting this November.

I'm pleased to say that I was able to pay for SIT 2 by writing an article for Spin-Off magazine and gardening with my friend, Jenna. This felt really good! I now know I was silly to worry...and boy, worry I did...about how the two years of school was going to be paid for. Just as I was panicking, Chris landed a second job (He found out on the 4th of July, no less!) that will allow school to happen for me. Without a doubt, when there is a need, we are provided for.

And speaking of needs-provided-for, I was able to drive with two a mentor for SIT 2 and the 2-year program AND one a fellow classmate, also attending both situations. This is a blessing in and of itself, especially being able to share gas and toll costs for the 7-hour one-way trip and back. Thank you, Marie and Annie.

Fellowships of the Spirit is within easy-peasy walking distance from the heart of the Lily Dale community. Fellowships is where my SIT 2 class took place, but it's at Lily Dale that I stayed. I opted to stay at Angel House, which is not far from the entry gate into the community itself. I hadn't even checked out other places online when I made that decision..."Angel House" popped into my head immediately when I knew I needed a place to stay. I was in the "Goddess Room," splendidly outfitted in rich reds and golds. Do check out their virtual tour of rooms on their site as the rooms are definitely not run-of-the-mill decorated. Another cool thing is that the per room fee is about half of what an average motel is in the area.

We arrived near Lily Dale during the late afternoon on Friday. After supper at a local restaurant (which, of course, included french fries for me!), we checked in to our rooms and headed over to Fellowships for the evening class. A total of 9 folks took SIT 2 this time, with a few of them having come from my own SIT 1 class taken back in May. It was wonderful to see Rev. Elaine and all the staff and mentors, some of the mentors which I met that night for the first time. We began with a round robin introducing ourselves and talking briefly about what happened since we had taken SIT 1. I mentioned that I was now getting past life and medical intuitive information in my readings and that I was soooooo excited that I would be able to attend school come November.

Rev. Elaine then led us in a truly wonderful meditation. This time, rather than choosing to head to the various temples and buildings on the other side, I joined many crossed-over spirits from my family and had a joyous reunion on a beautiful garden patio, surrounded by various plants and fragrant flowers of all colors and sizes. This made me happier than I can possibly express with words. After the meditation, I was reminded just how special it is to be able to feel safe and secure as I meditate with friendly, like-minded, people.

Another highlight of Friday evening was the "walk about." We were asked to stand and mill around each other as music played, looking into the eyes of each person we passed. When the music stopped, we were to give a one or two sentence on-the-spot reading to the person. There was no time to worry about giving such a simply did it. It was grand fun! Then the music started up again and more readings were given to each other, etc.

Additional instruction was given by various people all weekend, including Rev. Don, Rev. Jessie, and Rev. Elaine's husband, Mark. ALL was fabulous. ALL kept me riveted. ALL helped me grow spiritually. I feel so grateful to be able to learn from such wonderful people.

I slept like a baby Friday night and was ready and raring to go Saturday morning. But I didn't go to sleep until I took an evening walk (with flashlight...I've been night blind all my life) and went on the swings at Lily Dale. I've loved to swing all my life and being 53 doesn't keep me from doing so. In fact, I took a walk and went swinging each night I was there. Lily Dale is a wonderful place to walk, with it's streets lined with quaint houses, most of which are homes to psychic mediums. Then there's the abundant, friendly cats that walk the streets and own the night. I had many a chat with various, interesting felines.

The weekend we were at Lily Dale was the last of the summer season, so quite a few people were out and about for the many classes and offerings throughout the community. Of course, they were also there for private readings from the many psychic mediums available, registered and otherwise. I look forward to someday having a private reading with a medium or two...

Saturday at Fellowships was action packed and included meditation, incredible instruction, small group healings, and small group readings. The small group readings, in our case, were comprised of three students with one mentor. At various times we practiced either giving regular readings, and/or past life readings, and/or mediumship readings. In each situation, a student would end up giving at least three readings and sometimes more. The instructor would have us call off numbers so that we didn't always end up with the same people in our small group, but it was funny how often we did end up with one of more of the same people anyways. Since I don't believe in coincidence, I figured that if I was with the same person/people over and over, there was something I was to learn from them or that situation, as there are no mistakes.

I was nervous about the mediumship readings before the weekend began. I wasn't worried about the mediumship readings after I gave my first one. It was as simple as that. I needn't have worried at all.

I'd be remiss if I didn't rave about the food that is served to us at Fellowships. It's reaaalllllyyyyy delicious. Let's just say one doesn't have to worry about going hungry at Fellowships. But I did stay away from the desserts...amazing tho' they looked...because once I started that up, it would be hard to stop... Potatoes? Now that's another story...

On Saturday evening we were entertained by Rev. Jessie, who plays guitar and sings wonderfully, muchly influenced by the repertoire of Pasty Cline. She also gets us up dancing, which gets the blood going, not to mention revving the laughter.

Sunday morning began with meditation, more excellent instruction, more group healings, and more group readings. We had been taught small group healing techniques in SIT 1. Just as in small group readings, the small group healings were comprised of one mentor, and in our case, 3 students. One person sits in the chair at a time, beautiful music is played, and almost as if in an improvisational dance, the other three people are the instruments through which healing is given from the Divine. It is amazing to be part of any aspect of the healing process...either giving the healing or as one receiving the healing.

At one point during the weekend Rev. Don got everything flowing within our bodies, minds, and spirits through some Qigong exercises. Robert Peng is the Qigong Master at Fellowships and Rev. Don has studied with him. What Rev. Don led us to do was a truly wonderful experience. I look forward to learning more about Qigong in the future.

Sunday afternoon brought our SIT 2 class to a close. It was joyful as we held hands in a big circle, singing together, each thankful for sharing our lives for a few, unforgettable days. I look forward to seeing some of my classmates in the near future, as at least a couple of them have also proclaimed that they, too, will be going to school this November.

I wasn't going to be going home 'til the following day and was able to take part in the last of the offerings for the summer season at Lily Dale on Sunday evening. I attended "The Stump," the famous outside venue where registered and visiting mediums give messages to those in attendance. The Stump is an actual, huge, tree stump on which mediums have given readings for many decades. Folks don't get up on The Stump anymore (there's a fence around it) but the readings are still given in front of or near The Stump. Between the tall trees of the old-growth forest and the many spirits past and present who have visited there, the atmosphere all around The Stump feels magical and alive! Next, I scurried down the road to the Healing Temple for a candlelit service, where many healers, all dressed in white, fascilitated healings to those in attendance. It was sooooo beautiful! And finally, I was able to attend a "Home Circle" directed by Rev. John C. White. For $10, Rev. John gave us a two-hour class on mediumship and readings that included a wonderful meditation. It was great!

I ended Sunday evening with a peaceful walk and a nice swing...then to bed and a drive home the next day. It was fun unfolding all that happened at Fellowships and Lily Dale to Chris over these last days. I'm sure more memories will pop up to tell him as time goes on. If any of what I've described above sounds good to you, perhaps you, too, will decide to make the trek to study at Lily Dale and Fellowships of the Spirit at some point. Consider checking out all the websites above. Consider talking to folks at either place. See if this feels like "home" to you, too!


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