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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Message From Grandma Mayer

A few weeks ago I was again in attendance at the Sunday service at TNSA. I wasn't feeling all that well and unfortunately felt ill with the flu that evening and the whole week afterward. Still, I'm so glad that I was present for what turned out to be a very important message from my maternal Grandma, brought to me via visiting minister, Rev. Charlotte Gordon.

Come to find out, Rev. Gordon had been a past president of TNSA. Charlotte had not long ago been at Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp, and their website mentioned that, "Charlotte has held development circles and classes for over 35 years and has served churches from Maine to Virginia. Charlotte is a retired registered nurse and lives in Greenfield, MA with her cat Lady Love."

Please note that Grandma Mayer had come through via another reverend/medium not long prior, as was explained in this past post: Grandma and Grandpa Mayer. I was so very pleased that Grandma felt comfortable to communicate with me again.

Rev. Charlotte began my message by saying that an Angel was present who had been with me since I was a baby. As I type this I hear the name, "Joshua," my beloved Angel/Protector. Then Rev. Charlotte saw my Grandma lighting a candle for me in a Roman Catholic church. Grandma said, "You are on the right path." This was rather surprising to me coming from Grandma Mayer (a staunch Catholic in life), and very, very welcome news. Especially welcome because in meditation the day prior I was met by my Ma and Dad. My Ma (one of Grandma's daughters) was oddly not happy to see me. I questioned Dad and he told me not to worry about it; to "Let it be." I said to Ma, "Ma, you don't have to stay. We can meet another time,"... at which she grumbled and left. I was hurt but knew Ma is grappling with me not being a devout Catholic as an adult, which she tried so hard to make me into when she was alive. Dad said that Ma would come around eventually. Anyways, neat that Ma's own mother is applauding my present path.

Grandma Mayer went on to say that I shouldn't pay attention to "them." Apparently I have a few folks beyond Ma who are having a hard time with my path. Oh well. Grandma will no doubt work on them...

Rev. Charlotte said she saw a peace dove over me and felt peace all around me. Nice.

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