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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little Boxes

I was swinging on swings in a park today, waiting for Chris to pick me up in Montague, plans for the day having gone very awry. Shortly before I discovered the swings, I was unexpectedly faced with having to make an important decision. I'm happy to say that I listened to that small, quiet voice intuition. Oh the many times over the years I have second-guessed myself when my intuition whispered its wisdom! Oh the many times I had pushed my inner voice aside, blocking out its guidance! Not today. Today I heard it. Today I stood in my own truth.

As I was swinging this tune popped into my head. It's interesting how tunes show up right when I need them. It's comforting how often the lyrics provide an answer for me when I ask, "Why?"

No boxes. No thank you.


  1. When the voice speaks, it's best to listen to it! Good to see you at Rhinebeck.

  2. Hello Anne! What a delight to have heard among the Rhinebeck masses your kind voice addressing a spinning spider! It was lovely seeing you. Wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST on your upcoming move!

  3. I loved Little Boxes, Jenny! A couple of days after listening to it, I found these very intersting quotes....

    "We are failing in schools of education because we're not helping teachers to shed the role of teachers and become human beings and to realize they are guides. To the extent in which they recognize this, so will they be successful in the classroom because a kid can recognize a guide."


    "....the essence of our educational system is to make everybody like everybody else.....As individuals we must not be satisfied with just becoming like everybody else. We must fight the system.
    Dr. Leo Buscaglia, Living, Loving and Learning

    ravenstar xoxo

  4. Glad you liked the tune, Ravenstar! Neat quotes by Dr. Buscaglia. Thank you for sharing. I've encountered other quotes by him that I like, as well. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to give one or more of his books a read-through...