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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Not long ago my friend and teacher, Ravenstar, and I were discussing the topic of memories. She never fails to give me much food for thought. I asked Ravenstar if I could share on the blog what she wrote, and she kindly said yes. Ravenstar, in turn, asked her Guide (who contributed to the discussion) if he would mind me sharing this, and he generously gave the go-ahead, as well. Here's a glimpse into our conversation:

Jenny wrote: Do you think we "lose" some memories that are unnecessary for us to hold on to so as to make room for others? When I know deep down that I don't have to "keep" certain information in my brain, I get rid of it. An example is when I'd cram for a test in school about a subject I could pretty much care less about and once the test was over...even a few days later...the info I crammed in is lost...or certainly can't be retrieved easily. Hmmm. What do you think?

Ravenstar answers: Ohh this is a really interesting topic! Well, although you let go of 'some' of the information you crammed in your mind...what was useful and could be used in future time was most probably saved for another time. When something triggers it, then it can be retrieved.

I believe that if there were no memories, the future would be an empty open space, the Unknown, Infinity...

The single fiery cell, ATOM, (GOD) is composed of billions of conscious human minds. HIS unconscious mind is made up of all conscious knowledge of all times.

I think that all the harp about living in the present is about letting go of past memories and future fantasies. Many mystics, even scientists believe our physical body is a manifestation of your memories and choices (thoughts) you have in consciousness. This is why we haven't changed our appearance since the Cro-Magnon man. True he was a little rough around the edges but really we haven't changed a whole heck of a lot!

I think the knowledge we receive depends upon our curiosity, which of course shapes the questions we ask. It’s a basic principle of scientific research that we only get answers to the questions we ask, and that the way we formulate our questions is important in receiving the kinds of answers we get. Have you noticed that when you're looking for answers in your readings.....the question you pose is of most importance?

Our bodies love questions – especially the ones that resonate deep down inside us. Here lies our deepest cellular memories. Ohh boy we could make this a very long and interesting topic for sure!!!

Words, even codes that are stored deep inside our bodies. Images...visuals...are the building blocks of our personalities, perspectives and how we cope in the world. Our sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch are all created from our experiences and are an essential part of our memories. (Spirits use these to contact us....e.g., your Aunt wore a certain perfume you could smell.....your uncle (a farmer) sends you a visual of a farm, etc.)

Even images that are buried deeply can affect us. That's why they say we have to open our wounds and heal them.....let them go....they serve no purpose other than shortening our life.

Why are we healers Jenny? What is the purpose?! Even the readings you do help to loosen up stuck or frozen emotions, memories, attitudes, lost places in us wanting our attention......and it can be painful ... often, pain moves through our body wanting our attention ... when we listen to its message, it moves on satisfied. Another painful memory gone. I believe God wants our is through us He is learning, being educated.

Thank you, Ravenstar. Any other thoughts on memories would be most welcome. Please leave a comment and share what you think!


  1. From a psychology perspective: Some events need be retained for only a brief time and others for a life time. It is thought that the events with brief retention interval requirements are only stored in the working memory while those with longer retention interval requirements are stored in the long-term memory. When the efforts to bring these stored events to memory are conscious, we speak of this as constituting explicit memory. When the bringing of the stored events to memory seems to occur spontaneously without apparent conscious intent, we speak of this as constituting implicit memory.
    The three phases of the memory process are encoding, storage and retrieval. During the encoding phase, the relevant experience leave some record in the nervous system called the memory trace. In the storage phase, the memory trace is squirreled away and is held for later use. In the retrieval phase, the person "tries to remember" this particular piece of information.
    The working memory is said to have a storage capacity of 7 plus or minus 2. As dictated by the normal decay processes, the survival time of short-term memory is ordinarily very short- in the order of a few seconds-- while the survival time of long-term memory can be for a life-time depending on a memory's depth and breadth of storage for retrieval availability. The survival time of items in short-term memory can be lengthened indefinitely by their being continually re-entered into working memory by maintenance rehearsal. But this maintenance rehearsal can be interfered with by the attention-distracting displacement effects of newly entering items into working memory.
    Stage theory asserts that the more an item is rehearsed in the short-term store the more likely it is to enter into the long-term store. But it turns out that one form of rehearsal, (maintenance rehearsal), does relatively little in the long term.
    Courtesy of Professor Coons, hope that helps and blessed be, Elaine.

  2. Ha! VERY INTERESTING, Elaine! Thank you for sharing the teachings of Professor Coons. So, from what you wrote, it makes sense that since I only rehearsed once for some of my not-so-memorable tests about not-so-memorable topics in college, the info more than likely didn't stand a chance to make it into my long term.

    Recently a friend was trying to retrieve something I had asked about and she said something like, "Ask me when I'm 85 'cause I'll be more likely to remember it then." She based this on how we've been taught selective stuff from the past is remembered with clarity when older, but not necessarily in-between. LOL!

  3. I was just ready to sign-off from the computer tonight when I remembered something that often happens. If someone asks me a question about spinning, knitting, dyeing, etc....I can usually retrieve the info lickety-split and can even see where this info is available in written form...often down to a sentence within a paragraph within a chapter in a book...even if I've not looked in that book for years. Am thinking my intense interest in the subject matter over the years has something to do with it. Per Prof. Coons, I probably "rehearsed" the information over and over and over again. Neat to think about!

  4. Jenny, I really enjoyed this post and the insights and thoughts reflected. Thanks to Ravenstar for sharing as well!

  5. Thank you, Heather! I'll let Ravenstar know!