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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A New Guide

Over the last month or so I've been feeling...knowing...anticipating...a new Guide coming to help me. With school ready to begin for me soon - Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy: First Year Program, I had the distinct feeling that someone on the Other Side was going to step in to be with me all of the way, especially regarding mediumship and readings.

I wrote this to my friend and teacher, Janice of The Healing Room, in an e-mail not long ago and asked her if she could get more information regarding my gut feeling about a new Guide coming to help me. Yes, indeed she could tell me more, mentioning that this was a Guide I knew. Janice wrote, "He reminds me of Hagrid (tall and bearded, he holds a lamp) from Harry Potter. Large, but with a love and kindness that is truly overwhelming." At the very same moment I read this, a picture of who was to be my new Guide flooded my third eye. More on this in a bit...

Janice went on to say,
"You're being made ready for something, that's for sure. It seems that mediumship may be part of this, certainly you're being asked to step out of your comfort zones--clear indication it's grown too small for you there and you need to stretch......ohh my goodness, that's so cool!""Learning to control your primal nature and raise your conscious awareness is important. Anyone who wants to become a medium must free themselves from their visions, from their ideals, from their truths.....they must stop thinking of their work, of their sacrifice. Everything that is 'theirs' must cease. BUT to enable one to do this they must know the Self. To shift one's consciousness to higher realms, one must first know the Self. All development, in nature as well as in human life, is a process of maturation that goes through various stages. It is the Self that must perform The Twelve Labors of Hercules which are not acquired at once. The web of fate is the zodiac...what you must do is concentrate on how you might raise 'your' net and transform it into your spiritual pattern. This is done through meditation and visualization. Your spiritual pattern will attract guides, spirit guides and especially those who have passed on...all energy, all communication will pass through this net to you."

"Jenny, it does seem you were in the spinning business (spinning spider) for a reason. I was guided to a book I haven't looked at in ages...'Light from the Other Side,' by Elizabeth d'Esperance  " says that mediums have been known to speak of a 'cobwebby' sensation, like very find threads when a spirit is about to materialize. Elizabeth wrote, 'My first impression is of being covered with spider webs. It seemed that I could feel fine threads being drawn out of the pores of my skin.' She learned to become aware of this cobwebby feeling and let it (spirits) come through."

So who is my new Guide? I wrote Janice back and said, "As you described who was at your right side, I KNEW who it was who is to be my next Guide. AND, when I told Chris about this, he said, "Yesterday as I was talking to Gary and Richard (friends of ours), I was trying to think of his name because Richard's wife worked at Bennington College in the library, right at the time we lived on campus (in the mid-80s)." Chris went on to say, "I was frustrated because I couldn't remember his name." Well, this all came out of Chris when I told him that who you saw was none other than Ken. Ken was a BIG love of a man who was an anthropology professor at Bennington College when we lived and worked there. Our David was just a little boy back then, and at the end of our 3 year stay at the college, Alexander had been born. Ken also lived on campus, used to keep a big garden, had two little dachshunds (one whose name was Candy), and grew amazing tropical flowers in his apartment. Ken was SO NICE to us! He'd give us jars of dilly beans and other produce that he prepared from what he grew in his garden. He is known for his extensive work with an indigenous tribe in South America."

I went on in my e-mail to Janice to send her links to various sites that feature Ken and his work. I have omitted Ken's last name and these links in order to protect his privacy...yes, I know he has crossed over, but still feel the need to do this. When Janice saw pics of who I was talking about she said, "Yup! That's him!! He's much younger in the spiritual world LOL!"

I have since met up with Ken in meditation and when I'm doing readings. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful spirit by my side from here on out. I keep hearing, "I'm his project."


  1. this is such a great story! what a blessing to have a personal friend who has since crossed over become your guide! *and hagrid is maybe my favorite character from HP!!* you are an inspiration, spinning and spiritually!! we seem to be on a similar path, the spinning, young children, then a shift to the spiritual. i am very young myself, only 24 years, but i also hope that in the future i am able to learn at a great center for knowledge, like you are now. i am very interested in all things psychic, tarot and right now i want to be an energy healer, but if that will actually happen in the future, of course i can't predict!! ;)

    khatarynah (a.t.) excite (.com)))

  2. Hello misfitknits! What a wonderful gift of a comment you have left me! Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm and drive for all you do and all you trust that you will do is lovely! Wishing you nothing but the very best!!!