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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Gaggle Of Dreams

Here's some dreams I've recorded since mid-summer. Some of these were beyond weird. Please note that I've kept the rather graphic and "colorful" language in it, just as I dreamed it, for authenticity's sake. However, no full last names will be given of anyone I dreamed about...after all, it's not necessarily their fault that I dreamed about them! ...or was it?...LOL!

All through this dream I kept trying to psychically read someone and kept waiting for just the right moment to do so. 'twas frustrating because the conditions never did become quite right.

Chris and I were living in a loft-like, open-concept space with neat, artsy-fartsy furniture. He had a scroll, no less, and was reading to me ALL my faults, including telling me what a bad eater I am. I protested and said, "Hey, this isn't fair. Isn't there anything I do right? Are you telling me I don't have good points?" He just smiled back at me and said that my positive stuff was a "given." End of dream.

I worked at a place that seemed a combination of Sam's Outdoor Outfitters and The Inn at Sawmill Farm. The boss was a combo of the one at Sawmill, the blowhard boss I worked for as a teen at Franklin Simon's retail clothing shop in Detroit, Michigan, and the "skimmer" boss (the woman used to skim money off her employee's wages and was actually prosecuted for doing so...and btw, we employees never saw a dime of that money) that I worked for just out of high school at Hickory Farms in Detroit, Michigan. The "combo" boss in the dream was trying to fire people because the place wasn't doing well financially. She used the fact that I had to take care of some emergencies and was not able to complete my regular duties as a way to fire me. She was sitting in the kitchen-like setting as she fired me. Chris was with me, trying to keep me from getting too upset and getting sick. As I walked out with him, I noticed an open window right where my now ex-boss was. I couldn't help myself and said loudly, "Fucking bitch." Chris rolled his eyes and looked at me with pity...grinning that I had gotten in the last word.

NOT your average dream...almost like a dream within a dream. Spirits from the Other Side informed me to tell Chris that he needed rest. They said to tell him to, "Have fun with his music and at the piano." They said that, fun, etc...informed his music, not just practicing and playing.

I was working in a beauty parlor. I was praised for how nicely I kept the shop by the other hairstylists. BUT, I had no training whatsoever in cutting and styling hair. My first customer went OK because it was just a trim on long, straight hair. The second client had me freaked out because she had short, curly hair and was trying to decide if she wanted a color job. I told another stylist that I had no idea how to deal with any of this and admitted I had no experience. It looked as if the stylist was going to help me with the customer, but then I woke up...end of dream.

Nightmare! It became apparent that Chris loved and was having an affair with Sonia C., of all people. He was doing so right under my proverbial nose! I saw myself, laying on a bed, with Chris in the middle and Sonia on the other side of him. I called her a "bitch" and let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she would not "win." I kept thinking how weird it was that he was even attracted to her because she was so much taller than he.

Convoluted dream. Began when Chris and I were at a warehouse-like place and found we had to sleep on the floor next to an old neighbor (Susie) of ours. I found a bubble mat and slept between Susie and Chris. Next thing I knew I was traveling and was in an airport. Apparently I was handicapped, in a wheelchair. Throughout this dream I was reminded to remain positive and cordial. I came to a complicated airport machine, with many copies of paperwork needing to be put through. A woman began helping me but soon moved on when she realized that I needed help for all of the process. I kept yelling, "Will someone help me please!", but everyone ignored me. Some workers at the airport stared at me but ignored my plea. I screamed that I would miss my plane, even though I knew that I had plenty of time. Still, no one came to help.

I dreamed that Chris and I were looking at a beehive and admiring the bees. Next time we went to the hive the bees were all gone; no honey or anything. We knew a terrible illness had wiped them all out.

I was in a small, Catholic church with my Ma and Dad sitting in the pew on either side of me. The time period seemed to be the late '60s or early '70s. My girlfriend from when I was in grade school, Margaret, was in the back of the church, looking like she did back then, but I knew she wouldn't talk to me, just like she won't now! A popular 1950's kitschy tune was playing throughout the dream. When mass was over, my friend, Regina, walked with us to our car.

A woman I knew back in Great Barrington, Massachusetts was feeding a rabbit a chocolate Eskimo Pie. I got all upset because chocolate and ice cream are not good for rabbits and may even be poisonous.

I was teaching a class on how to make a hamburger patty, thinking to myself, "This is what things have come to...Look what I'm teaching and I don't even eat hamburger!"

I was looking at myself, face-to-face. One side of me said, "It would be sooo easy to drift down the river and leave everything behind. Soooo easy..." The other side of me screamed, "NO, NO, NO!" I woke up feeling stronger than I thought I was.

I was with a group of people and I looked down to my hand to see my Ma's engagement ring, which I always wear, literally explode. I held the broken pieces in the palm of my hand, bewildered, showing them to the people milling about me.


  1. The second to last dream: You're seeing a reflection of yourself, a different side of you, a different perspective. A part of you seems to want to go in a different life direction- maybe switch professions, start something new. The other wants to cling to the familiar.

    Last dream: Rings have to do with things such as emotional wellness, commitment, and loyalty. To see it shatter may mean that you're going through an emotionally tough time, and/or your loyalties are being called into question.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! Interesting!!! Me thinks what you came up with is very spot on.