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Monday, September 24, 2012

Seasons Changing

A few days ago we slid quietly into autumn here in southern Vermont. As if gently whispered, summer said farewell whilst the maple and beech leaves fell with greater purpose in our adjoining forest. Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. So many fond memories are attached to this colorful season...jumping into piles of leaves that my Dad had just raked, tramping through a forest path strewn with yellow leaves in order to spend time at a friend's house, and HALLOWEEN...oh most fabulous Halloween...a holiday I shall forever love as it brews and bubbles all sorts of magic even in my 54 year old mind.

I've felt close to ALL of the seasons all of my life. A book that was passed down from my brothers that I still have to this day is "The Bumper Book," edited by Watty Piper and published in the 1940's. Below are pics from pages which I've loved and took in so deeply that I feel I've carried them in my heart throughout all of my life. How can one explain the sheer excitement about traveling through the seasons year after year?! Of being not only part of the seasonal changes, but being the change, as well! Even as a little girl I somehow realized that I had a choice on how I reacted to the changing of the seasons. I could celebrate the seasons and their associated weather patterns, or curse them. I could honor the light AND shadow side of the seasons, or disregard them as something not connected to me at all. I could be joyful about the holidays tucked into each season, or be disgusted that my schedule had been disrupted and that I had to take part in the festivities. Our happiness is directly connected to our choices.

The seasons speak to me of simple pleasures at their best. Changing seasons feel to me like such a miracle, such a blessing. May this autumn bring you joy, laughter, and delight. Go on...jump in that pile of leaves!!!! And do set out a pumpkin or two for me, please!
The Garden Year

The Garden Year

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