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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A War No One Showed Up For

Today a friend on Facebook mentioned a Polish saying that translates in English to mean, "Not my circus, not my monkey." Simple, but profound. How often we take on other people's stuff. How often other people want us to take on their stuff. How often I've given my stuff to others to help ease my own burden. It happens all the time. It's part of life on the earth plane. The positive difference that can prevent any of this from falling into the 'unhealthy' category, is to be aware and attentive; to be mindful. Not easy, but worth working towards. Living in the now. Learning from and blessing both light and shadow experiences. Daily meditation, without a doubt, helps immensely. I've asked myself how on earth I functioned without a regular meditation practice in my life. Thank goodness for excellent Guides! 

The Polish phrase got me thinking about, once again, how we don't have to show up for every argument that comes our way. We can walk away. We can say 'no.' On a bigger scale, what if a war was planned...and make no mistake, wars ARE planned...and no one showed up? If this happened, the disappointment to the organizers would perhaps stop them from planning a future war. What a difference THAT would make in our world, eh?!     


  1. Beautifully said, Jenny. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  2. You're such a kind and lovely woman, Nancy. Thank you for commenting on this post and for being a regular reader of the blog. I so appreciate YOU. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xoxo