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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Fork In The Road

Back in 1981 I was at a creative fork in the road. I had begun knitting in earnest but also was still taking various classes such as stained glass and bobbin lace making. I considered our extra cash back then (which was often hovering at zero) and decided that I'd go farther in my goal to 'inhale' knitting if I stuck pretty much to it alone and left other creative paths untrodden or in the dust. That way, any extra pennies in my pocket could go towards buying books for a personal knitting library...which Elizabeth Zimmermann said was a wise thing to do, so of course I saved my panty-drawer-pennies and bought knitting books. BTW, that was when I began shopping for clothes in used/thrift stores so I wouldn't piddle any monies away on retail clothing. In about 1983 I justified learning to spin because it fed my knitting. Soon after I justified learning to dye because it, too, fed my knitting. Anyways, I'm at that fork in the road again. I've got a bunch of interests in the metaphysical field and could go a number of ways study-wise. I'm choosing astrology. No more messing about. It's time to get serious. Astrology is my 'knitting' of 2013 and beyond. I've already begun my personal astrology library and something tells me EZ is giving me a satisfied nod of approval.

Am further pondering that it took me 30 years to write and have published a spinning/dyeing/knitting book in 2010. If I think of 2013 as my astrology-starting-point and I'm now soon to be 55 years old...and if I'm keeping to my life's 'pattern,'...the line of probability is that I'll have some sort of astrology-based book published by the time I'm 85 years old. Hmmmm. LOL!

And a final, added note: A few years back I wrote a letter to Barbara Walker about my book and how she had inspired me to turn the TV off and use my time wisely to study that which interested me. I've teased friends that I'm the Barbara Walker of spinning (tho' I'm NOT proclaiming to be legendary, and I'm certainly not popular or as well known as she is) because Barbara and my interests are VERY similar, considering Barbara created her own Tarot deck and more. Barbara kindly wrote back to me. That letter is a treasure of mine. 


  1. Jenny, your beautiful spirit will lead you to the perfect path for you. Isn't it exciting when we have the revelation of where we want to go next? Wishing you love and blessings!

  2. Thank you, dear Nancy! May Love and Light surround you and your family, during this beautiful holiday season and always! Bright Blessings, Jenny xoxoxo

  3. Somehow your Tarot and Astrology are going to tie. You are the Barbara Walker of Spinning in my book! Looking forward to your sharing your astrology studies. Blessings.

  4. Ah, good to know, Patti! I can see that happening, indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your keen insight!!! And more thanks, my friend, for your kind, thoughtful, words. To be considered anywhere near, let alone in the camp of Barbara Walker is high praise, indeed! Wishing for you Many Blessings, Peace, and Abundance during this holiday season and beyond,
    Jenny xoxoxo