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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I really love Facebook. This is an interesting statement from a person who fought all advice to even sign up for it a few years back. Friends would suggest I do so and I would balk and say something akin to not wanting to get involved in social, online chatting. A virtual 'time-eater,' I proclaimed. Friends... the kind of friends who weren't going to give up easily, and clearly weren't going to take 'no' for an answer...would emphatically insist that I'd love Facebook. They lured me in by saying it's a great way to stay in touch with my youngest son and daughter-in-law in Japan. They said that I'd get to meet up with long lost classmates and childhood friends. And let's not forget the free advertising for the readings I facilitate and my book, "Spinning Around." Finally, one morning I received a phone call from a friend who said that I needed to join Facebook that day. No more excuses. That's all there was to it. So I finally listened and did so. OK, OK...they all were spot-on correct. I love Facebook. 

I'm a quote geek and Facebook happens to be a place I like to indulge this geeky-ness. I'm also a ponderer and enjoy putting up on my wall whatever catches my fancy. I like reading what others are pondering about, too! Below is a post I put up this evening. BTW, it coincides with my reading the book, "Teaching Meditation To Children: The Practical Guide to the Use and Benefits of Meditation Techniques," by David Fontana and Ingrid Slack. 

Something I did today got me wondering...what if everyone took some time to meditate on their lunch break or at some point midway through their work/school schedule? I found myself alone in the classroom I was subbing in during my lunch break and, taking advantage of the peace, meditated for about 15-20 minutes. This made all the difference to the quality of my afternoon. So, I repeat, what IF everybody did the same? What if it was encouraged all around the world for adults and children alike? What if? Indeed, why not?

Facebook. It's a good place to exchange ideas and promote positive, life-affirming change...if one so chooses to do so...

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